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Is it crazy to think our leaders are lying to us?

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Yes. 83% of ALL Americans believe we have election issues, and they’re right. We do.

Yet, it’s important we vote. If we don’t, they’ll no longer need to cheat. They’ll just take what they want fair and square. Remember this if you remember none of the following.

It is important that you know what we’ve uncovered: how their cheating is working against us ALL.

Please read this entirely as well as the links and attachments.

It’s beyond critical that everyone digests this and understands what’s happening.

It may take you a day or week to get through it all. I know we’re all busy, have A.D.D, etc., but you must share and get through it ASAP.

This is information everyone needs to know, but it MUST NOT keep anyone from voting.

I’ll do my best to keep it simple but cover the basics. If I covered everything we’ve done and are doing, it would truly require a series of lengthy books.

Know that we must show up and vote in a specific manner, which I’ll address later here.

In the meantime, let’s take the long journey into where it started and where we’re currently at.

In 2020, We saw the pandemic occur, and in March, record numbers of ballots were ordered across the country.
States implemented vote-by-mail schemes under the guise of safety, social distancing, etc.

States created new laws leading up to the elections that were liberty-killing and going against our very constitutions.

Here in Nevada, under the cover of night and under the COVID pretense, they created AB 321.

One of many unconstitutional provisions, in my opinion, and in the opinion of many legal scholars far more educated than me, is their sending the mail-in ballot to basically everyone with a name, even though they deny that.

AB321 additionally allows people to collect as many ballots as they want for others and drop them off at voting locations.

Think 2000 Mules, but legal…

We were warned by the Carter Baker Report, other first world countries, and even third world countries, that mail-in ballots are the easiest way to cheat in elections.

Additionally, we went from a voting Day to a 6 week voting period.

We were warned by so many that using mass mail-in ballots was going to be completely untrustworthy.

On 11/3, we saw many candidates winning across the country, even in our own county, and then… the election reporting stopped. The people who were winning suddenly started losing, and then they lost.

Mysterious pallets of ballots appeared across the country in the dark of night. Counting was being done in secret. Essentially, all the election laws were cast into the wind. Here’s a song about it for your entertainment.

Laws to protect us were dismissed or not followed. We were told by the media, who were calling our elections for the first time, and by our politicians, that there was nothing to see here.

We saw law enforcement and hired security stand down. Politicians and the media were parroting the same talking points. We were told that there was nothing to see. But even Bill Barr says….

We saw our citizens banned from voting locations, locked out for 10 days, and then told who won the elections with no observation from the public.

We all knew something was happening that was not right.

We saw it go from bad to worse until, on January 6th, we saw the politicians certify the votes.

No one came to our rescue. No one did enough to prevent this crime — this treason, at worst, from happening.

So, in January of ’21, the team and I entered the arena to find out what the hell happened in Nevada.

Know that I never planned on being in the spotlight. I never guessed it would be God and us doing all the heavy lifting.

In truth, I never wanted to do this. It’s my wife’s fault, but I’ll save that for another letter 🙂
I’m sure if she’s honest, she probably regrets it now. It never should have had to be us.
BTW, where the hell were the 3 letter agencies running to our rescue? Mar-a-Lago? But I digress…

Early in ’21, my good friend Bobby Piton started running the data we collected. We quickly saw a ton of red flags. We saw Washoe County’s population grow annually by 1.5% or so between 2020-2021, yet we had 177,646 new voter registrations? How in the world does that happen?

We found our voter rolls were at least 30% in error. We then started digging deeper. Through electronic voter roll canvassing and thorough door-to-door canvassing, we discovered our rolls were closer to 42% in error.

I can never thank enough our incredible team of volunteers on the ground. You know who you are. Love you.

Why does it matter if the voter rolls are in error?

It could allow nefarious people to digitally vote for their candidates or cast fake ballots for them that then appear as legitimate votes.

Every illegal vote negates every legal vote.

This is bad. This is why we must turn out to vote. We must overcome ENOUGH of the FAKE votes so we can prevent America from falling to communism — and worse. (On a side not you should see what is happening now with our rolls, but thats for another letter)

Our next move was to bring on my brilliant one-in-eight-billion friend, Edward Solomon.

Edward is a child prodigy. He never got a fancy piece of paper and has no degree. Instead, he tried to impress a girl and got in trouble.

So, he never got a piece of paper saying he’s smart; but he did get a piece of paper saying he broke the law.

Even without the “smart” paper, Edward is still mathematically smarter than 8 billion others.

He sees things that most of us would never comprehend, let alone a supercomputer’s algorithm flipping our votes.

We put Edward to work in Nevada, and what he found is still undisputed: even with a $30,000 challenge to try and prove him wrong.

Over 30 PHDs tried.

All of them admitted that Edward was right.

They were mostly all cowards. They worked at UNR, UNLV, and elsewhere but refused to go on the record for fear of being targeted as election deniers. They knew that the truth was there, but if they publicly admitted that, their jobs might not be.

3 brave, brilliant on paper souls did speak up, however, in the Gilbert contest, but that’s for later.

Edward quickly found that both Washoe and Clark County voted the same. Every precinct in both counties voted identically. That is mathematically impossible.

Edward found the error and then reversed it (restored it) to show who really won. He proved that candidates ranging from local school boards to the president won in “error”.

Error is a nice word for, let’s face it: it was fraud.

Does this mean everyone in the County and State was in on this?
Absolutely not. But a few had to be.

I digress again.

So, we went from 42% to then as much as 50% of our voter rolls were found to be in error. Then we found a formula — an algorithm that predetermines election results used at an EMS level (Election Management System). This is the brain behind the elections.

We then found around 40,000 missing voters from the county’s own data.

Mind you, all we’ve been using this entire time is the county’s own data.

In finding the nearly 40,000 missing voters, we also couldn’t find the votes that they potentially cast.

See the real problem here? 265,196 voters….

This means on 11/3/2020, we either had 346,477 registered voters, OR we had 265,196 Registered voters.

Again, where are the other nearly 40,000 registered voters, AND where are their votes?

Wait for it, it is HIGHLY more likely we had ONLY 265,196 registered voters on 11/3/2020, AND when you take into account their reported 83.02% voter turnout, that means the most votes we could have had on 11/3/20 would have been 220,165!

So, where are the missing 32,398 missing votes?

I know math gets confusing for many of us, but basically, if the team is right, the County reported far more votes than they actually received.

There are ONLY 252,563 total votes when you minus the missing voters and potentially their votes; the most votes we could have is 220,165!

Where are the missing 32,398 missing votes?

See the problem?

They report 252,563 votes in the 2020 election, but only 220,165 votes may have been possible due to these missing voters!

This is huge!

Also, they have never once emailed, called, or sent us smoke signals saying we’re wrong or even addressing the issue.

They simply use the press to speak in half-truths and try to discredit us: hoping you are dumb enough to believe them.

(It’s sad and funny at the same time, these so-called “fact-checkers” have zero PHDs in Algebra, Calculus, or neural networks, but they’re the “fact-checkers,” It’s so incredibly sad)

Again, “Nothing to see here,” we’re told. Even though it’s potentially enough to flip the entire Presidential race just in Washoe County, they just tell us to move along.

Throughout this time, we’re canvassing so-called “voters.” We’re walking the neighborhoods, knocking on doors, and using digital means to canvass as well. We quickly found out the voter rolls, via these canvasses, were absolute garbage. As I mentioned earlier, this is a big problem.

Throughout the canvassing, working with our team, and interviewing people, we compiled a list of voters’ concerns as well as concerns the team found along the way.

We put together a 95-point election integrity petition.
View Here:

This would address most of the issues in Washoe with its elections and make them free and fair for all registered voters.

Our team and around 300 people went to the board of county commissioners meetings several times with this information. None of the Commissioners, other than Jeanne Herman, wanted anything to do with it.

Seeing the public’s desire for the resolution, Washoe County Commissioner Jeanne Herman drafted her own election integrity resolution. She put the resolution forward, but the county manipulated the document so it could not be on the agenda for the day it was scheduled to be voted on.

Our team and hundreds of supporters had gone to two board meetings in support of Herman’s resolution.

Once the county finally put the resolution back on the agenda for a vote, the press had plenty of time to try and paint the supporters and drafter of it as crazy. Prior to this, there was never any meaningful opposition to Herman’s resolution. It finally got placed back on the agenda, but the day it was to be voted on, Soros had arranged for an “army” to be flown/driven/ bussed into Reno to oppose it.

Many were paid $60 an hour to speak in opposition to Herman’s resolution. During public comment, a group of fat, purple-haired white women were calling Herman supporters racist. The speakers’ friends flipped off a black gentleman in the audience simply for saying that those women didn’t speak for him. He wanted election integrity.

It’s absurd to think that making the elections safer and harder to cheat on would be considered racist.

Its absurd for morbidly obese white women or any person for that matter to call people wanting fair and free elections racist, and then flip off a black man!

They say minorities can’t get an ID and thus it’s racist.

I think that’s the most racist thing one can say.

They are basically saying minorities are too stupid to get an ID to vote.

Yet they require everyone to have a vaccine passport, and an ID to get into the DNC, and/or board a train, plane, or bus!

See the blatant hypocrisy?

It’s absurd when statistically, most voters want fairer elections AND voter ID.

Don’t take it from me; hear it for yourself from Mr. Davis here.

The reason people in power and their buddies don’t want ID’s is that it makes it easier to cheat if no one is required to show proof they are a legit voter!

There are already no names on the ballots. If you go a step further and say you no longer need an ID to vote, imagine what that means. (Oh wait, that’s what they do in Nevada already…..but I’m sure they’ll again say nothing to see, move along. I guess that’s one more reason we’re ranked worst in the nation for elections).

Illegals, out-of-staters, multiple votes by the same person, etc., could be easily introduced into our elections. Remember, every illegal vote negates yours.

Needless to say, all of the commissioner’s except Herman, voted the proposal down.

I could write an entire letter about how, in my opinion, this was completely manipulated. We have emails from commissioners showing them inviting many liberal groups. We have proof that Soros and crew showed up. We saw how Vaughn Hot Dog moved public comment around so the Soros people could speak first. Overall, the entire opposition appeared to have been coordinated against We The People by our so-called public servants.

Needless to say, all the commissioners except Jeanne Herman voted it down.

I guess 83% of all Americans who believe our elections have issues, along with most Nevadans who want more free and fair elections, are crazy?

It appears that the commissioners and their pals (other than Herman) could care less about the majority.

We then moved on, temporarily. We went for lawsuits.

But before we talk about the lawsuits, let’s discuss a bit about our findings and how they were never properly addressed.

During this process and before the Board of County Commissioners shot down Herman, we met with the county.

In attendance at this meeting were: County Manager Eric Brown, Jaime Rodriguez (then the government affairs officer), the ROV tech team, Edward Solomon, Aaron Beadles, and myself.

In this meeting, we showed how there is a mathematically impossible formula for flipping votes in every single precinct in both Washoe and Clark counties. In other words, both counties in all the combined precincts voted identically, this is impossible. Solomon found and showed the way it was done.

For 30 minutes, we showed how it was being done, and we also briefly addressed the voter roll issues.

They made no commitment to change anything but only said that they would get back to us.

They never did.

Instead, at the commissioner meeting where they shot down the Herman resolution, they basically called me crazy after everyone left.

Please watch the 30-minute presentation we did for them, and count the lies they say in the video above.

30 PHDs have said we’re right. Hell, even a judge said we could be right, yet the commissioners have made no changes. We have to ask ourselves who these people really think they work for.

Let’s talk about recounts and how they appear to prove our theories further.

I was talked into coming to a school board meeting by friends, family, and concerned parents. What I saw was atrocious: the school board focusing on censuring the one guy, Jeff Church, who is actually trying to help the kids.

These board members, led by Angie Taylor, sat there expressionless as these extremely concerned parents asked the members to focus on the kids and do right by them.

As if we were zoo animals, Angie Taylor would remove her mask and insert what appeared to be a peanut in her mouth. She would pull down the mask, insert the peanut, and pull the mask back up. On and on it went, expressionless, with her mouthful of nuts, looking at us as zoo animals. I lost my crap and called these people out for what they are: horrible leaders.

It had zero effect on them, but they like to point to it and brand me as some crazy right-wing nut. The Truth is, I’m not angry; I’m upset at what they’re doing to our kids. I’m a Constitutionalist, not a right winger, but just like the media, they attack the messenger and not the message. Needless to say, it was my first meeting, and I was thrown out. Imagine that. I’m told thats never been done before?

The parents and community told me they wanted Taylor recalled. They wanted someone else to take the helm and get the schools back on track, so we launched a recall.

We quickly confirmed further that the voter rolls were trash, as we had previously found. In other words, the people the county says live in these homes and previously voted in the election did not.

To successfully recall Taylor, we would have needed 25% of the voters who voted in her 2020 election.

We quickly found this would be impossible. Due to the errors in the rolls and in the reported voting, it would equate to us needing a signature from 1 out of every 2 people who voted in her election. Many homes were empty, didn’t vote, didn’t live there any longer, don’t answer the door, etc. It was literally impossible.

When you look at the numbers they showed us, you’ll quickly realize they don’t make sense. We dug in deeper and found an algorithm was also used in Taylor’s race. Someone really wanted her in as School Board Trustee. We have a $30,000 challenge, still undefeated, showing the same as well.

(The Washoe County School district brings in somewhere between 800 million and 1.4 billion a year. Nothing to see here I’m sure, right?)

Between the voter rolls and vote totals being utter trash from our findings, there is additionally an algorithm flipping votes. The math and formula confirmed this, but what made it ironclad aside from 2+2=4 was the people we spoke to.

Out of the 10s of thousands of doors we knocked, we literally found two supporters of hers!


Not 200, not 2,000 not 20,000, 2.

That’s right 2 supporters.

So obviously, she didn’t win, and obviously, it’s impossible to recall someone when the numbers are just this wrong. It’s impossible to recall someone when a tremendous amount of the votes appear fake, as well as the voters.

So how in the world can we find all these fake voters to sign the recall?

Needless to say, Taylor is still the school board trustee and is now running for Assembly at the same time! Hopefully, whoever rigged it for her last time doesn’t do it again, this time against Carmen Ortiz.

Carmen is incredible. Taylor is not. We must vote for Carmen Ortiz, not Angela Taylor.

At basically the same time as the Angela Taylor recall, I was approached by some women who told me what horrible things county commissioner Vaughn Hartung had done to them.

We quickly decided to recall him as well. What we immediately noticed was there were far fewer voters than what was reported by the official county statements. Additionally, the voter rolls were hot garbage, and the people who were said to have voted for Hartung we couldn’t find.

We found huge issues within the senior care facilities, in which these seniors were supposed to have voted for Hartung. We saw, in many cases, it was impossible.

The seniors were unable to speak and write, were dead, had moved, and/or were in comas.

It was horrible.

These people had been greatly taken advantage of, and their votes were stolen.

Two of the original signers of the recall decided to back out. They didn’t like what I was saying about Commissioner Vaughn Hotdog.

They backed out, and the recall died, but we had even more confirming proof. The voter rolls were garbage, the votes reported were greatly in error, and it was an impossibility that 96% of all eligible voters in his district were registered to vote. Think about that for a second. Out of an eligible 100 voters able to vote, 96 were registered! Again, totally impossible. It used to be 42-58% of eligible voters were registered pre-ERIC.

So according to Solomon, someone flipped the votes for Hotdog against Marie Baker, the Democrat. We have a $30,000 contest to prove him wrong; it’s still undefeated. Hotdog didn’t win. He was selected by some algorithm and not by We The People’s votes.

Why do I call this Weirdo Vaughn Hotdog? Read for yourself in the court doc. Yea, this is our county Commissioner chair — this is just one woman we’re told he’s done similar to or far worse to several other women, but that’s for another letter.

So back to the lawsuits….

Two class action lawsuits of sorts were filed. One was against Clark County, one against Washoe County. Both were strategic. They were basically motions to stop the elections and then give a list of items the people wanted. The reason for the motion to stop the elections was to get it to the top of the docket. We wanted to get it to the front of the line, so to speak.

Obviously, we’d have loved to do them sooner, but we had to wait for the counties to release their plans on how the elections would be run.

Once we saw the plans and how utter lacking they are/were, we turned to legal recourse.

We got to the front of the line, but knowing the motion to stop the elections was unlikely to succeed, it would then put the requested items in front of the judge, the county, and our attorneys in “our” day in court.

The judge, as suspected, would punt and not bother with addressing the people’s wants. Instead, one by one, he just kicked them all out.

All of this was likely to happen based on the judge’s past Nevandan legal experiences, where justice seems to evade We The People and only work in favor of the few, but I digress.

Having a good idea, this would happen, we literally had a strategy, like in business when you ask for the sky, the stars, and the moon, but really only want a blimp that flies in the sky.

We got our blimp.

The court orders, for the first time I’m aware of, allowed for real meaningful observation that was never previously defined by any real metrics.

In Clark County, they kicked us all out for 10-14 days and then told us who won. They did the same in Washoe for hours. With the court orders, this would be illegal, as it is already per the NRS provisions.

Regardless, we set up essentially a sting operation in Nevada.

In Clark and Washoe, we had people inside and outside the registrar of voters, at every polling location, and in many, many other locations.

We observed, documented, and created affidavits using the Secretary of State’s own forms and submitted them to our attorneys.

We additionally submitted them to the secretary of state, attorney general, county ROVs, county commissioners, and more.

The attorneys drafted these pleadings showing all the egregious issues such as:

And so much more.

Yet, even when all this was documented and shared via photos, videos, affidavits, and attorneys’ letters, they still certified the election!

They literally broke almost every NRS provision in the election section of 293, as well as our court orders.

Still, no justice.

So even with breaking the law, the court orders, etc., they still certified the election!

Then what happened?

Well, aside from their certifying this fraud, my brilliant 1-in-8-billion-friend, Edward Solomon saw huge issues.

He literally said that the barn was on fire.

The so-called justice system doesn’t deem him fit to be an expert, let alone a whistleblower because he doesn’t have a fancy piece of paper saying he’s smart.

So regardless of the fact that the barn is on fire and he’s pointing it out, they call it hearsay….

Edward dropped out of college because they were trying to dumb him down, and he was smarter than his teachers by light years.

Similar to the kid with the 300 IQ whose parents pulled him out of college but I digress.

Edward found the issue, but he’s not a certified PhD, he doesnt have that “I’m smart” piece of paper. He additionally has a criminal record as he made a mistake trying to impress a girl in 2015 and received a felony.

He did his time, got out, and decided he had enough of doing things people don’t comprehend and went to help kids by installing swing sets.

Simple work, huge rewards.

He’s mocked for it.

Regardless, he found the problem. He found an algorithm flipping votes within our elections here in Nevada.

We quickly assembled a team of three bona fide on-paper experts to look over Edward’s work. They all agreed that the algorithm was there, that Edward found it, and it’s flipping votes.

They quickly did their own independent research into Clark County’s own data and arrived at the same conclusion: there is a serious issue.

They certified the election on 7/21/22. We didn’t get the county data until 7/24/22, and to be compliant with Nevada law, Gilbert would have to file a contest on around 7/26/22 and be ready that day to present the entire contest and case in court.

That was/IS absurd. Washoe still hadn’t released its data and how could one be ready to go to court and have everything proper in 5 days from the certification!?


So there was a loophole. If Joey Gilbert did a recount, he then would have 5 days after the finish of the recount to contest the election.

So that’s what they did.

Gilbert’s team bought the $191,000 recount, knowing it would use the same broken election system to count the votes in the same broken way to then give us an even worse outcome. However, it would also buy him time to do the contest.

They requested a hand recount which is arguably allowed but the request was utterly dismissed. Worse yet, it wasn’t even addressed!

The recount was filed and literally the next morning with 10 minutes’ notice to Gilbert, the ROV’s were recounting the Gilbert ballots!

Insane! Where was the transparency? Where was the hand count? Where was the notice? Obviously, their staff knew the night before, but NOT the candidate paying for it or his team! They then used the same system to recount the same ballots!

Even more absurd?

In Washoe County, they charged $84,000 for around 100,000 ballots to be recounted!

They charged the same amount regardless of whether 10 candidates all wanted a recount or 1 candidate.

Meaning if 10 candidates wanted a recount, and their race was only 5,000 votes, it would still be $84,000 for them!

So 10 candidates would be $840,000 just in Washoe County!

The entire recount cost around $191,000 for all 17 counties. Clark County was around $54,000, if I remember correctly, with approximately 300-400,000 votes.

The recount was done in 2 days. Yes, the recount took 2 days and not 6 weeks as our election took. They said the cost was $9,000!

So it appears Washoe charged upfront $84,000 a piece to keep all the candidates out because that’s an amount of money most can’t afford, but then only charged $9,000 for the same broken RE-count!

Of course, if the candidate didn’t file the recount during that small moment in time, they could never do it again with the hope of being rightfully placed on the ballot!

That meant the other 9 candidates were out of luck.

We also saw what took 6 weeks during the election could be done in approximately 2 shifts with a skeleton crew!

Folks, we’re being played!

Quick question. If you need 6 weeks to run an election but could do it in 1-2 shifts with a handful of people, why do you need 6 weeks?

I think any rational person would say it’s because they needed that time to cheat.

Do you agree?

So now let’s talk about the contest

Links to Download all Documents are at The Bottom of this Letter — Or Click Me

Enter Craig Mueller and associates.

Hold on. First, I have to tell you; that it is next to impossible to find any competent attorneys in Nevada or most states that want to touch, let’s face it, election fraud.

Most are in fear of being sanctioned, losing business, being libeled, and slandered by the media.

Most are just like the University PHDs who are too cowardly to say we’re right for fear of losing their job.

Even though we are.

It’s sad. They are literally selling out their own families for 30 silver pieces.

Now here enters Craig Mueller and team. They approached Joey to handle the contest. 

They said they were in it for We The People.

They and Joey’s team jumped on a video call, and all agreed to move forward.

The approach was simple. Using the experts, we would show the huge error happening within Clark county and then show how much Joey really won by.

Easy-peasy, right?

For whatever reason, Craig decided to file the contest without the team seeing the final draft. So in the contest he filed, it only showed the error and not how to restore the election pre-error to Joey’s real vote totals.

That’s right.

He went against what we all agreed upon for whatever reason and then didn’t let Joey’s team see the draft he, Craig, personally filed in Carson City.

He stated that “We need to get on the beach.” Craig felt he could show any reasonable judge that if he can flip a coin 900 times and it always lands on heads, there’s something wrong with the coin.

Essentially, there is an algorithm running our elections, flipping votes. The experts found it. They were then able to predict the exact vote totals for every single precinct in Clark county.

That is impossible.

But it happened.

Essentially every single precinct they found in Clark and now in Washoe uses an algorithm in which they can predict exactly what each vote total in each precinct would be.

Obviously, Craig makes a point.

Any judge should stop right there and say, “Ok, so there’s an algorithm flipping our votes on a massive scale, turning our elections into selections?”

Then when Craig would say yes, the Judge in this fairy tale would then do the right thing, as would the defense, and get to the bottom of it.

That’s not at all what happened. Nor what everyone agreed to present.

Instead, the defense, AND Craig, and the experts disqualified Edward Solomon as he doesn’t have a “formal PHD” degree. The defense then tried to tie Edward to each of the 3 independent experts, and then use Ed’s lack of Ph.D. to discredit their findings.
The Judge then granted a motion for summary judgment against Gilbert because he said

“That The Math Calculations Whether They Are Correct For The Purpose Of This Assuming That They Are Correct I Agree With Mr. Williams Argument That Is Not Enough…”

Meaning just because the election is rigged, since Craig didn’t show how rigged it was (doing the DOJ’s job) the case is dismissed.

Watch the full hearing here.

In this, you will see Craig is very unprepared at best. The defense basically mocks the fact that the elections are rigged, and the Judge takes the easy way out.

If you look at the defense and what they say, and then look at how Edward refutes them, it shows that no one there seemed to care about doing the right thing.

In fact, the two experts on the defense side, as well as the defense attorney, never really meaningfully address the math or the algorithm that’s being used. Instead, they hung their hat on saying that since Gilbert didn’t do the DOJ’s job, the Judge needed to dismiss the contest.

That’s basically what happened.

But what’s more is what the press and so-called experts say about all methods of voting should be the same is really common sense.

Meaning, in the expert reports and Solomons’s findings is that most people vote the same regardless of how they vote.

Further meaning if YOU were going to vote for Billy Bob whatever, would you change your vote based on how you voted?

Elaborating further, if you were going to vote for Billy Bob would it matter if you voted by machine or mail-in ballot?

Of course not, you’d vote for Billy Bob however you could.

The defense says this common sense approach is wrong. Do you agree?

The reason this matters is one of the main arguments from the defense against Gilbert’s experts.

So they don’t address the math meaningfully and then dismiss that Billy Bob gets 70% of the election day vote but 30% of the mail-in vote as an example.

See the problem?

Worst yet!? What many don’t know is that Joey’s team begged Craig and his team to add all the findings we have of all the corruption in the elections as well as restore the election pre-algorithm vote flip.

He refused to do either.


He kept saying, “We just need to get on the beach,” and, “Let’s just focus on the math.”

Every attorney we talked to said two things.
Craig really screwed Joey.
The Judge has no balls to do the right thing.

Share the court docs and the hearing video with your attorneys, and see what they say.

Needless to say, We The People, were in a bad place. Craig focused just on the fraud, not on the restoration.

Since this MSJ (Motion for Summary Judgment) hearing, the experts have focused on the restoration, and using traditional math can show that Joey and We The People had our votes stolen.


Want to know something crazy? Gilbert and team were never told about the motion for summary judgment hearing! Instead, I got a call from Rob with 360 News telling us about it. He then told us the time and sent us the link!

That’s how we even found out about it!

Crazy right? Why? I could elaborate so much more about how Gilbert’s legal team did-does some things that makes every attorney and person we discuss with say, WTF and worse.

But I digress…..that’s for another letter.

We The People, have several options forward.

They can keep the contest going.

There are ways to extend it, they can bring forward new cases in different courts, jurisdictions, and others, etc.

But none will get Gilbert back on the ballot in time.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that this is far bigger than Gilbert.

This happened across the state and to many candidates. Solomon proved this, and the other experts can as well.

Further, it’s worth mentioning that Lombardo did NOT do this.

He’s not out there stuffing ballots or writing code, but others are.

Joey had to contest Lombardo and not the ROV, due to NRS requirements, so it’s a really bad spot for us all.

This has to be repaired. Our votes must count as we cast them.

Another very important issue that came up was we didn’t receive the Clark County data until 7/24. We didn’t receive the Washoe County data until 8/2 and 8/26!

After, just before or during when the data was sent by Washoe they then gutted the entire ROV office!

All the ballots gone and all the equipment gone…where?

All the ballots gone and all the equipment gone…where?

Who knows? How do we subpoena?

Where is the chain of custody?

We have a sitting county commissioner who says all the ballots were removed by one person, in one vehicle, and driven off into the sunset.


Does anyone find this suspicious?

Why is this the Washoe ROV’s second remodel just this year?

What the hell are they doing there?

Regardless – after we received the data, we found both that in Clark and Washoe, in every precinct, both the largest counties voted the same. The same algorithm was used against both counties.

Now, let’s just say neither county knew and, they’re innocent.
Why wouldn’t they address our questions?
Why count our votes in secret?
Why break almost every NRS requirement in the elections section of the book?
Why break our court orders?
Why doesn’t the Secretary of State jump in?

Another BIG LIE but exposed.

If you read the incredible Tracey Hilton Thomas’ email to all the officials in early 21 about the 2020 election, you’ll see. These people don’t care.

Nearly 20 years of working the elections in Washoe, her entire whistle-blower email was disregarded and NEVER addressed.

Commissioners NOW LIE and say they never received it when we absolutely can prove they did!

Even now, they say they have; WTH have they done? Zero…..

If you read through the depositions of the Clark County ROV, the Deputy of Elections for the secretary of State both agree that if there is an algorithm of sorts in place, that is very concerning. 

What have they done to address it?

The experts have shown it’s there, even while the media says there’s no evidence.

No evidence?

There are hundreds of pages of evidence! What they leave out is that there is no evidence of Gilbert’s team restoring the election!

Doing the DOJ’s job!

They would be right as Craig Muller decided, for whatever reason, to just to focus on the fraud, not the restoration.

BUT! Now we can prove both!

We The People, have options. It’s far from over. The media is misleading us at best!

I can sit here and talk about UFOs, big foot, ch1ld p0rn, you name it, and no one in the media would care. They’re a joke, working against us!

We point out the truth about our elections, and we — and I are attacked nonstop.


Where did investigative journalism go?

I think we all know. They’re being paid and controlled to push the hidden hand’s narrative.

If we’re crazy, why not show us the ballots?

Why not count the ballots in front of us?

Why not require ID to vote?

Why pass crazy election laws in the dark of night?

Why not address the algorithm?

Instead, they attack us.


It’s simple.

We’re a threat to how they steal their power and money through our elections.

I know I left out a gazillion things here, but I felt it was important to at least get this out before the ballots get mailed, and they again have 6 weeks to steal our voices.

Click the links, read the documents, ask questions, but get involved. Regardless of party, get involved.

We’re losing our country through the thefts of our elections!

  • Corrupt Media
  • Crazy Inflation
  • Home rents, prices
  • Immigrants being taken care of, our homeless, vets, etc.
  • Education system on fire
  • Healthcare in the crapper
  • Seniors being used as door mats

It’s all due to stolen elections. That’s what they don’t want you to know.

Failed policies by selected politicians.

Want to know something else that’s crazy?

You can’t recall a judge in Nevada!

The supreme court made it illegal to recall a judge in Nevada!

Do you see a conflict of interest?

We could get the signatures needed in a day to recall Judge Wilson if it were legal!

How can only 2 judges in the entire of state of Nevada be the only judges to hear statewide election cases?

Look at both their records. What have they done for We The People?
Both Wilson and Russell need to be fired and replaced.
For all the people who say, Beadles, you’re crazy, all the election cases have lost due to lack of evidence.
That’s the problem. The evidence seldom, if ever gets presented!
These cowardice judges throw the cases out for “lack of standing” or some loophole, so the case gets kicked out, and on appeal, you can only appeal based on what was presented!

So if you didn’t get to present anything, if you didn’t get your day in court, what the hell can you show in the appeal?

This is a systematic problem.

Lack of standing has been abused in election cases. It makes zero sense. If these people bringing the cases forward “have no standing”, who does?

We need brave, constitutional judges; without them, we are in a really bad place.

There are a few unconventional options we’re working on but that again is for another letter.

In the meantime, what can you do?

Get involved: walk, knock on doors, make calls, text people, observe the election process, share articles & information, and vote in person with your mail-in ballot.

Do this:

On Election Day, fill out your mail-in ballot with a BLUE BALLPOINT PEN, and take it to the ROV at: 1001 East 9th Street. (Or your County’s ROV or County Clerk MAIN Office)

Hand it to them, and make sure they SCAN it. REVIEW THE SCREEN to verify that you have NOT already voted. If the system confirms you have NOT already voted, great, hand them the ballot.

If the system says you have already previously voted (and you are positive that you did NOT vote), call the sheriff. Make a police report. Someone has stolen your voter identity if the system says you already voted (when you have not).

Additionally, run for office! Apply for city, county, state, and FED jobs!

They pay far better than most!

Volunteer and join us in observing our elections, or work them!

Do not think this will simply fix itself. It won’t! We all have to do our part.

This is too important to leave to others; you must help yourself.

How do we repair our elections? It’s simple!

We go back in time and do what they did.

Delete the voter rolls, and get rid of all machines and third-party voter agencies.

We vote in person on election day by paper ballot, with an ID, in our own precincts. The residents of the precinct work the elections, and the votes are counted in that precinct, in front of everyone, and then reported to the Secretary of State by that precinct.

We’ll have our elections finalized 2 hours after the polls close! Not a six-week process with zero trust! One day, total trust!

Military and indefinitely confined can still use mail-in ballots.

Our voices are far too important to lose or trust others to “vote for us.”

Our families depend on us. We can show up for an hour every 2 years to ensure our voices are heard, right?

Anyone against this is wanting the rig to stay in place. They want the cheat to stay. It’s that simple.

Voting, as I mentioned, will save millions and be trustworthy, transparent, and legit. Who would be against it? We know. Cheaters!

If the machines are so great, then WHY:

  • Are they always going down?
  • Do they take far longer than hand counting?
  • Are they constantly being shown in error?
  • Cost way more than volunteer hand count by precinct?

Most who are informed don’t trust them, and they are far more expensive than hand counting, wayyyyyyyyy more expensive!

So, no trustworthiness, way more money, and way more time. Why use them?

Simple, the people are either uninformed or want the cheat to stay.

Here’s something sad and eye-opening for you. A huge majority of Republicans say they won’t vote this general election. When asked why they say because they voted for Gilbert, and he didn’t win.

So if the majority doesn’t want to vote, what does that tell you? Who really won?

I know their frustration, but we still must turn out and vote and bring as many with us as possible. Our voices are far too important. If we don’t vote, they won’t need to cheat!

They’ll just take it all as we do nothing!

That is NOT an option!

We are a young country, envied by many who want to destroy us. If you pick up a history book and read about other countries that fell into communism or worse, we’re on that very road.

If we stay on this road, you’ll lose your voice, media, guns, personal belongings, and more. You’ll become a government subject, not a citizen.

This is not hyperbole. For the love of God, look into Venezuela, Argentina, and others. We’re on the same road: a beautiful, incredible land, taken over by stolen elections and devolving now to Third World status.

This is not an exaggeration. Any idiot pushing communism or totalitarianism never bothered to look into how they all played out! It was awful for all. Only a small few win. These idiot servants ushering in this communism will be one of the first that the people at the top get rid of.

This is history, folks. Communism only works for the few – not the many. The idiots pushing it will fall to it as well.

Free lunches have huge bills at the end with communism.

Get involved, and don’t be scared of being called names.

Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. Do not delay.

Get involved!

Still don’t know how?

Respond back to this email, and I’ll discuss it further.

Still don’t believe our elections are rigged?

Don’t take it from me, take it from Biden himself, here!

It truly is David vs. Goliath, but if we all do our part, it ends. We win!

God bless,



Get involved. We are far from done. Lawsuits are being written, and more are on the way.
We have a real chance if we continue to put in the work and trust in God.
AND AGAIN, For the love of God and your kids, grandkids, and self, get involved. Don’t leave it to a handful of people to peacefully fight for you and your families, when you alone could make the difference! Yes, YOU COULD! Get involved today!

Email me @ robertbeadles (at)

Some passing gems:

Even through all these gems, between God and us getting involved, we will win.
It’s simple, share this with 3 people.

All of you call out the fraud, and this will end in a week.

Again, for election day, do this in every County in Nevada:

On Election Day, fill out your mail-in ballot with a BLUE BALLPOINT PEN, and take it to the ROV at: 1001 East 9th Street. (Or your County’s ROV or County Clerk MAIN Office)

Hand it to them, and make sure they SCAN it. REVIEW THE SCREEN to verify that you have NOT already voted. If the system confirms you have NOT already voted, great, hand them the ballot.

If the system says you have already previously voted (and you are positive that you did NOT vote), call the sheriff. Make a police report. Someone has stolen your voter identity if the system says you already voted (when you have not).


Make November count, legitimately.

Email me @ RobertBeadles (at) if you want further info or to get involved!

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.


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