Recently the RGJ did a story on “Beadles and the team,” saying we are wrong about the wacky Washoe numbers. Really?

SO… riddle us this, from the County’s own data, from three different furnished disks, how do we have 308,000 registered voters today?

We had 304,000 on 11/3/2020. Yet they added 104,000 voters from then until now and removed 56,000 voters of the 104,000 from then until now, but it’s only gone up by 4,000 registered voters? So, where are the nearly 40,000 active voters that should be on the rolls? Where the hell are their votes?

That’s almost 40,000 registered voters that don’t appear anywhere, where are they and where are all their votes?

Explain to us how the ROV added around 200,000 new registered voters in the past 3 years or so but the population has only increased by around 1.6%?

Explain to us how CRT promoter in Chief of WCSD Schools Angie Taylors district E has more registered voters than the ENTIRE population of Carson City!

Explain to us how in womanizer Vaugn Hartungs district 4 has more registered voters than the ENTIRE population of Carson City plus another 12,000 people!

Explain to us why the ROV refuses to clean the voter rolls?

Explain to us how the ROV can HIT PAUSE DURING AN ELECTION, flip 10,000’s of thousands of inactive voters to active in less than 15 minutes? (Imagine how many votes that could be, if someone nefarious voted these “voters” while flipped to active, then flipped the voters back to inactive.)

If we have bloated voter rolls, the public would never know. Guess what? Our rolls are 2-week old dead roadkill bloat on the side of the road.

Has anyone ever asked how it’s possible to have EVERY precinct in Washoe county show a 63% vote for every Trump vote when using a voting machine? You know that’s mathematically impossible, right? Where is the other ~37% of our vote? Did it go to Biden?

Explain to us how a complete unknown Alexis Hill beat a sitting loved, County Commissioner, Marsha Berkbigler, or how Vaughn Hartung supposedly beat Marie Baker all in 2020.

Has anyone asked Robert Lingenfelter also known as Bob Lucey what he meant when he threatened Marsha Berkbigler and told her he will make sure she is never re-elected?

Has anyone looked to see how the election system in Washoe works?
County Commissioners appoint a county manager, who typically appoints the Registrar of Voters, who all work for and can be fired by the wait for it…the COUNTY COMMISSIONERS!

So who runs our elections? Have you looked into the 4 County Commissioners? Herman is our mighty mouse and is incredible, but what about the other 4? After all the proof, evidence of voter and election fraud—they continue to ignore, lie, mock or use propaganda to call us conspiracy theorists or try to discredit us with their one-way media system.

How come when Beadles sat down with Eric Brown and the ROV team, they had no answers behind closed doors for these gross issues?

Then they use the newspaper, tv, etc to try to make us look like we’re wrong.

People, we’re being lied to. Follow the truth at operationsunlight.com.

Show up at the County Commissioners meeting this 3/22 at 10 am.

Meet us there.

Until then, stay up to date here:


Wake, Get Involved.

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