State seats

For Governor

Joey Gilbert

Nevada needs a fighter, Nevada needs Joey Gilbert. Prepared to lead and serve Nevada from day one. Father, World-ranked professional prizefighter, Veteran Trial attorney, Visionary entrepreneur, Community leader.

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For Lieutenant governor

Tony Grady

Recent changes in Nevada that have frustrated all of us compelled Tony to once again, stand up and lead. His voice, leadership and passion for America are desperately missing from the Nevada landscape.

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For Secretary of State

Jim Marchant

Jim Marchant has been a leader and innovator in the computer software, Internet, and telecommunication industries beginning in 1984. He has founded and served as CEO and President of numerous technology companies.

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For Senator

Sam brown

Now, duty to a purpose, far greater than one man, has convinced me that it is time to enter service again. Join with me as we restore power to the American people through leaders who serve the interests of ALL Americans.

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For Attorney General

sigal chattah

Sigal has seen what happens when Nevadans’ rights are not respected. She dedicated her life to the pursuit of justice on behalf of all Nevadans, demanding the rights of all people be protected.

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Washoe county Seats

For Washoe County Clerk

Kenji otto

Ensure and enforce accountability, so there is accuracy in all aspects of each task, each office, and each department. Eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse with all purchases made by government officials using taxpayer dollars. (We must value the taxpayer dollar and ensure every penny is spent prudently.)

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For Commissioner District 2

Mike Clark

Tired of the Washoe County Leaders not listening to their constituents. It’s time Commissioners actually work for the people they represent.

After working as County Assessor for 2 terms, I have understood that calling and will continue to fight for the people I represent.

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For Commissioner District 4

Tracey Hilton-Thomas

I was employed with Washoe County’s Technology Services Department from 1998-2015, and service on the Washoe County Employee Association affords me the institutional knowledge other candidates do not have.

I’ve served 20+ years in Washoe County’s elections and on the…

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For Commissioner District 5

Jeanne Herman

Commissioner Herman has four grown daughters, six grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. Commissioner Herman has a strong belief in the U.S. constitution, God and has a deep love for her country. She finds great joy uniting her neighbors, colleagues and friends to bring positive change to our community.

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Washoe county School Board Seats

For District B

Cathy Kennedy-Reyes

Cathy Kennedy-Reyes is a fighter for her two children and she’ll be one for yours. After 21 years of service as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, she and her spouse, made the brave choice to hang up their gun belts and retire to become full-time parents to their two children.

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For District C

Melanie Sutton

First and foremost, I am a devoted wife and mother. Having been born and raised in a small farm town where my grandparents owned a ranch, my siblings and I worked on the ranch while growing. Consequently, I am most at home in the countryside.

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For District D

Edgar Hitti

I graduated with a Masters degree in Engineering from UNR in the late 90’s. To me, grade school education is not only about learning math and reading basics, but also where love of country and community is taught.

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For District E

Bev Stenehjem

Hello, my name is Bev Stenehjem, I’m a Christian, Mom, Grandma, and super advocate for our kids and I am the best candidate to replace radical Angie Taylor in the Washoe County School District (WCSD) School Board Recall.

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