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Think our elections are legitimate? Think again.



Never mind all the proof we have of how they rig elections.

Never mind the fact we can prove there is no chain of custody on most any ballots counted.

Never mind we can show the internet is hooked up to the machines that we’re told are not.

Never mind we didn’t even have a registrar of voters conduct our election.

Never mind the people conducting our elections literally broke every regulation, law, statute, etc., during our election; let’s just give you a taste of what we’re talking about before we expose it all.

Here is the assistant registrar of voters and, we guess, the 2nd assistant registrar of voters?

Here they say they are equal, yet our registrar of voters has been missing since March 8th, and officially resigned recently.

Remind me again how you conduct an election without a registrar of voters?

Here Jaime Rodriguez the Government Affairs officer and equal to assistant ROV clearly should cause anyone to NOT trust anything she says. She’s running our elections? Remind us of her qualifications? Remind us again how we can have an election and it be certified without an ROV….

But I digress…

Here, Carmen and Rodriguez Admit they broke the court orders during the election by not allowing us to see them tabulate the votes, and they admit to tabulating the votes again behind closed doors for the Recount.

Washoe County Court Order

Clark County Court Order

Here Carmen admits they closed the doors and kept us from observing during the ELECTION and RECOUNT!

Behind the closed doors—the operator from the machine company with the head of IT, as well as Jamie Rodriguez—you can see them thru the cracks, and you can see Heather Carmen, the assistant registrar voters, violating the court order and NRSs keeping everyone out. This is an absolute part of the election process.

This is where they count our votes and tell us who the “winner” is!

Behind these doors is absolutely where they can switch your vote to someone you didn’t vote for—this is where they can do it on a county scale to steal an entire election.

Why are we kept from observation of this room and activities during the election and recount?

I say they are guilty until proven innocent in rigging our votes there behind closed doors! Why am I so bold in saying such? If they have nothing to hide, why not open the doors?

There’s ZERO personal identification on the ballots, so why not allow us to see what they’re doing?

It’s because they are stealing our freedoms behind these doors!

If you think working two jobs to pay for food, gas, and rent is because of Russia, you’d be wrong. It’s because of rigged elections. Placed leaders, not elected, enact America-killing policies through placed politicians who are selling you out to their benefit.

Our elections are everything. Without constitutional elections, your vote counts for nothing, and they, who steal it, prosper while you struggle to pay for necessities.

We have to call these people out, we have to say enough, we stop playing their rigged games, we take it all back!

Your family is counting on you to stand up and say enough. Will you?

We’ll prove the elections are corrupt, and we’ll prove Gilbert won the Governor race in a landslide.

We’ll prove many others that supposedly lost won big league as well.

We’ll prove this, God willing, through our incredible team if we are granted our day in court next week or the following.

Do not be scared to speak out, they slander me and my team daily in the press, yet here we are. If I’m-we’re wrong, why is the $30,000 bounty to prove us wrong still undefeated?

It’s simple, we’re right, they’re wrong, they have everything to lose in their minds, but really, they are a pawn in the crooked game of chess that is destroying them and theirs. We offer the truth and solutions to the problem.

These compliant fools are probably willingly selling their futures and families out for a small amount of money? However, the damage they cause with their simple brains for simple money, if continued, could destroy them and theirs as well.

If we’re right, and some of the smartest people on the planet say we are, anyone helping to steal our votes truly are idiots destroying our Country for pennies, not realizing they will be destroyed by their actions as well.

Our solution is simple, in God’s hands, we expose the 100% truth and facts we have to the incompetence-corruption-fraud in our elections, then with a God-fearing constitutional judge rule in favor of righting the wrongs. We then bring in free and fair elections for all. If we do this, ALL, regardless of party and their families, will benefit.

Bottom line, if we are granted our day in court to present our evidence to a God-fearing constitutional judge in the next week or two, we all win. We have 100% proof. Will it be heard?

It’s up to God and us.

Do not be silent; speak out now, join the truth, do not be scared; if you are, you and your family lose it all. We now have the chance to expose it all and fix it.

Will you stay quiet or stand up for yourself and your family?


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

P.S. Watch 45+ Minutes of Witness Footage that includes more than just what is posted above, here:

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