We met with Eric Brown, Rodriguez, and several people from the ROV and tech team, including the CIO of Washoe County.

The full video of Edward Solomon’s proof of the machines stealing our votes is below.

The meeting started and went amicably, yet nothing has been done thus far. We showed them how crazy the voting rolls are and how impossible they are to be correct.

We showed a few examples, such as our Washoe County School Board District E having more registered voters than the entire population of Carson City, Nevada! We have more registered voters than the whole population of Carson City in our little district E!

It’s also worth mentioning County Commission District 4 has more registered voters than the entire population of Carson City, plus another approximate 12,000 people!

So for rough math, the County says you have to be 18 to vote. We’re told that 21.3% of Washoe County is under 18, so if you have an approximate population of 90,000 people in district 4, that would mean there are around 70,000 people ELIGIBLE to be voters. So when you look at the 2020 Hartung/Baker race, you’ll see we have almost 70,000 registered voters! That means nearly every eligible adult is registered to vote!

We then showed them from THEIR OWN data that they show around 304,000 registered voters for the 2020 election and around 308,000 registered voters today. BUT! They added around 104,000 registered voters from then until now and removed around 56,000 voters from then until now. Simple question, why don’t they now report over 340,000 registered voters? Where are the other 40,000 or so registered voters? Where are their votes?

Crickets. They had no answers. These are their numbers, their data!

We then explained how we believe from our canvasses and national data that our voter rolls should reflect around 150-170,000 registered voters. We then explained all the dead people, people voting from lots, businesses, P.O.Boxes, people who live out of state are still registered to vote, etc.

They made it clear they really don’t want to clean the rolls. They are afraid it will disenfranchise or target people! What the hell do you think those illegal voters on the rolls are doing to legal voters!

We then furnished Eric Brown with three copies from the election guru and 20-year election veteran of Washoe County, Tracey Hilton Thomas, and her plea for help after she observed all the rules and regulations that were compromised disastrously in the 2020 election. She sent it to all the commissioners and even met with Eric Brown, yet it’s been over a year later, and nothing seems to be addressed.

We then brought on the brilliant Edward Solomon, who proves within a shadow of a doubt that the voting machines in Nevada in at least Clark and Washoe County have a predetermined outcome of 63% instead of 1 full vote for every Trump vote!

The video is below. He and I challenge anyone to find any mathematician, anyone on the planet, to prove us wrong.

He also invites Dominion voting machine company to sue him and prove that he’s wrong.

One thing you will notice about these machines is what most people consider a bug or a hacking vulnerability is actually a feature. It’s called weighted scale voting! It allows people to set a percentage of a vote instead of a full vote to be counted.

So, in theory, this is not a hack. This could simply be a feature, and anyone with admin access could potentially set the percentage of each vote the admin desired. If you watch the video, you can see how these machines could have disenfranchised every single voter regardless of party in the state of Nevada.

Again, by all means, find anyone on the planet who can disprove his math and conclusions.

Nevada, you must wake up, stop believing these propaganda pieces calling the election fraud “The Big Lie.” The big lie is “The Big Lie,” it’s real, and it’s what they are doing to our Country!

How will the county commissioners and Registrar of Voters address these issues?

So far, it appears they will do nothing and use these same rolls, machines, and election processes in the 2022 primaries!

So you must ask yourself, are these people criminals or just that stupid?

They are given an opportunity right now to remedy the situation.

They can clean the rolls, add full transparency to the election counts from start to finish, add Commissioner Herman Election Integrity Resolution to the 3/22 agenda and pass it!

After watching the video, ask yourself, why in the hell would anyone who wants a fair election use them?

Ask yourself, why won’t the Registrar of Voters clean the rolls if they want fair elections?

Ask yourself, how in the world can they add around 200,000 registered voters in the past three years or so when our population has only risen according to the Census around 1.6%.

Ask yourself, do you really believe these people and the media who perpetuate the propaganda calling us stupid and conspiracy theorists when their own data is completely mathematically impossible.

Want a simple example? One for the road?

Say 50% of the population for rough math is registered to vote, we have less than 500,000 people total in Washoe County, but for easy math, say we have 500,000 people if you divide that in half (50%), what do you get? That’s right, 250,000.

So how in the hell do we have 252,000 votes cast in 2020? That would mean every single voter voted…

Video here:

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