We started a recall against Commissioner Chair Vaughn Hartung; we quickly exposed that the votes he is reported to have received are very, very wrong.

50 of the first 80 doors who supposedly voted for him did not.

Our canvass shows a 52% error in the voter rolls.

The reported population in 2020 was around 90,000; after you remove the nearly 20,000 people under 18, you end up with nearly 70,000 eligible to vote. They show almost 68,000 registered voters! This is impossible.

Another thing that is impossible is that Vaughn Hartung won his election against Democrat Marie Baker. We can prove this from our team’s deep dive into the facts that Marie Baker won!

It’s simple; district 4 voter rolls are trash. Their active voters reported are trash, and Hartung did not win his election. He lost, but they say he won.

Is this why the recall was rescinded? Are they trying to keep this under wraps as well?

We’re not allowed to see the counting of ballots, the ballots themselves, the thumb drives that were used in the machines, the totals from the thumb drive to the EMS machine, etc. We simply have to take their word for it.

We can also prove Alexis Hill DID NOT win, and we can prove Robert Lingenfelter-Lucey wants nothing to do with any election reforms that make our elections better for ALL legal voters.

Take a look at their latest action:

4-12-22 BCC Meeting

#19 Recommendation to retroactively approve purchases not to exceed [$5,000,000.00] through the period ending June 30, 2022 from My Next Career Path temporary staffing in support of the COVID-19 response efforts and the COVID-19 vaccination events.
Passed by block vote

Passed by unanimous block vote… why in the world do we need to spend $5,000,000 with a temp agency out of Vegas to work our Washoe County elections for?

We have 4,000 acknowledged local volunteers! Why use temp workers?

#26 Recommendation to approve the acceptance of the State General Fund appropriation referenced in Assembly Bill (AB) 321, from the Secretary of State, Governor’s Office of Finance in the amounts of [$690,237.52] for postage, ballot stock, and postcards; [$71,257.50] for ballot drop boxes, fire suppression kits, and envelope sorters; [$159,000.00] for ballot sorters for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of AB 321. No match required. The award period is retroactive from March 2022 through June 30, 2022. Any remaining balance of the appropriation must not be committed for expenditure after June 30, 2022, and any remaining funds not spent in accordance with AB 321 must be reverted back to the State General Fund on or before December 31, 2022. If approved, direct the Comptroller’s Department to make the necessary budget amendments.


Look what our tax dollars go to, sending ballots to every dog, cat, vacant piece of land, etc.; Baker Carter Commission says this is the greatest way to commit election fraud!

These are just two of the dozens of items passed yesterday.

Are you starting to see now why they don’t want any election reforms that allow transparency or more trust for all legal voters?

How can we trust our elections or them representing us when they shouldn’t even be in those seats, and those seats allow them to stay in power over us!

Stay tuned, many things are in the works.


Look at what they sent every “voter.”

Notice how, if it’s sent a vacant lot, a dead person, etc., this does nothing to clean the rolls?

Notice, who will send it back if no one is there?

Notice how, if you moved, how would you receive this?

Notice if no change is to be made, nothing is to be done?

Notice if they wanted this to be effective they would say UNLESS you fill this out, you won’t be able to vote! Imagine that! We’d have a legit voter roll!

Notice how this here is just one more example of their incompetence on our dime?

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