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Supreme Court Case Files

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October 16th 2023
September 21st 2023
September 18th 2023
September 15th 2023
September 7th 2023
August 15th 2023

This case is about a corrupt county and broken elections – it’s that simple. Rather than rehashing what you can find in hundreds of posts here, I’ll make this a brief and resourceful post for you.

For over two years, myself and an incredible team of amazing and brilliant people have helped expose countless issues and crimes in our election system. The County, Legislature, SOS, AG, etc., all refuse to address the violations meaningfully or at all. With the exception of a few incredible County Commissioners – Herman and Clark – the others in office who support our efforts are far from vocal, but they know we are right.

The purpose of this post is to give you access to the public records from this case so you can read it for yourself and determine what is real or what is a “conspiracy theory.”

The press, defense, and defendants have used the local media to paint this case as the “rantings of a conspiracy theorist,” “frivolous,” and many more colorful terms and phrases.

We the people know our elections are broken, and we know the people who should do something in office refuse to.

In this case, I aim to remove the ROV, County Manager, and Chair of the County Commission from office. I expose how everything from our voter records to an algorithm flipping our votes, to our results being “counted” in secret behind closed doors – things we all must trust for the outcomes of our elections. I demonstrate, document, and explain how nearly every election law and my court orders were broken. The case has 146 exhibits and 3 thumb drives with video, photo, and data evidence as well. I have submitted 15 motions, responses, etc., and am now on judge number 5.

Instead of answering the hundreds of emails and text messages looking for these documents, I’ve put them all in one place for you. The media has just cut and pasted certain parts; here, you will find the public records unmolested. The exhibits, however, are at the courthouse; you will need to go there to get copies, as is your right to do so if you choose. The filings are below and up to date as of 8/28/23. Currently, we are awaiting the court’s ruling on my opposition to dismiss and my change of venue motion. Once those rulings come in, they will be added here as well. Think of this like our Constitution – a living document that only works if you use it.

Folks, it’s time to get off the fence and get involved while you still have a fence to sit on. It’s time to trust in God, stop caring about what people think about you, and do what’s right – not what’s easy. Get involved. One day we will have to answer to God for what we do or do not do. Share this with three people and tell them each to share with three people.

Start by reading my Opposition To The Defense’s Motion to Dismiss. Then read my Response To Their Opposition to Compel Citations. Read on from there; it will give you an excellent insight into what this case is all about and why the media and the county are so desperate to keep you from knowing the truth about what this case is really about.

Remember, folks, the first step in overthrowing a lie is to stop going along with it. Peacefully get involved and refuse to stay quiet.

My filings:


The District Attorney filings:




Read the District Attorney’s Original Motion for Sanctions from CV23-01283. What kind of DA does this? It will tell you much about the office that is supposed to be looking out for us, versus looking out for the people who allegedly caused these issues.

This is the blueprint for all counties across the US to use. Get involved today; tomorrow is too late.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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