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Concerned moms, dads, grandparents have been begging for the abuse of their kids to stop.

The poisoning of the children’s bodies and minds is beyond unconstitutional and immoral we say, they say we’re wrong.

So riddle us this Angela Taylor (WCSD School Board Chair District E) why are children, parents, grandparents, and teachers forwarding us their assignments and training materials that show CRT (by any name) is being taught to our children and teachers?

What in the world is this all about? What’s up with the hole in the chair? What in the world is she making them do with their hands and arms? Is she making the kids worship or mimic Shiva? Look it up. Is this your kid’s teacher? What the hell are they doing with our kids!

What in the world does this look like to you the reader? Are you ok with your children being programmed with this Marxist propaganda versus learning about things that will make them successful young people, then adults?

Why are we ranked last in education in Nevada? (Don’t bother saying we’re number forty-something now simply because most states lowered their learning standards versus raising them)

Explain to me how Angie Taylor is still in office after she knew or should have known all of the following:

• Repeated child abuse of a disabled student that took place over a 6-month period resulting in a
disclosed $4,400,000.00 settlement for the victim;
• The Professional Equity Lens and Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) taught to teachers, who teach our children.
• The handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and relief funding;
• Removal of the first public comment, future agenda items, and approval of agenda items;
• Quality of education of WCSD students, including student proficiency in English, Math, Science,
and preparing WCSD students for higher education;
• Decrease in ACT and SAT scores in WCSD and failure to address the quality of education of
WCSD students;
• Prior knowledge of former-Trustee Jackie Calvert living outside of her district and tax-payer funds
used during the investigation;
• Actions resulting in a lawsuit filed in the Second Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada in
and for the County of Washoe, entitled Fiannaca v. Washoe County School District, Case No. CV21-02232;
• WCSD meeting rooms and venues too small for the public wishing to attend
• Misuse of taxpayer funds to attempt to censure Trustee Jeffrey Church;
• Requiring WCSD students to declare a gender pronoun; and
• Encouraging teachers to not inform parents of information students tell them.

She is apparently running for Assembly District 24 as well, God help us if she is in charge of our kids and us! Both must be stopped.

It’s clear Angie should not be in charge of anyone’s children and that’s why we the people are recalling her.

It’s also clear she’s lying, our kids and teachers are absolutely being taught CRT-based curriculum, as shown above, period!

Join the recall effort by signing the petition to recall Taylor and Nominate Christian, Mom, Grandma, and super advocate for our kids Bev Stenehjem. You must be from district E and be registered to vote.

Look for our kiosks and walkers all over your district, sign the petition!

This has zero to do with politics and 100% to do with our kids!

It’s incredible how the media puts a biased spin on things as important as our children. I personally did a 15-minute interview with KOLO and they chopped it down to essentially a few sentences and covered very little to none of the evidence I presented.

Look into the Cares Act SR 3. It’s a pay-to-play scheme, the schools get money from the Fed to destroy the lives of our children according to most unbiased experts. It goes against all the science and becomes all about money. Has anyone looked into where the WCSD spent all the SR 3 monies? You should. Also, look into what they must do to our kids to get it!

It’s pure evil.

Angie Taylor must be recalled, Bev must be nominated and elected.

Our kids must come first.

God Bless,

Robert Beadles


Help with the recall, get Angie out and Bev in! Let’s save our kids!
Look for us all over District E!


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