Thank you, I am so truly honored you want to help us peacefully take back our Republic for our children, families, and fellow Countrymen-women. God Bless you.

America and our great Constitutional Republic is under attack and it’s up to US to peacefully take it back!

No matter how much time you have available to help restore the Republic, there is something here you can do to make a difference!

There are action steps here for you, please do at least one and share this website with 10 people so they can finally make a difference as well.

Have them share it with 10 others do as well!

The network effect will be astounding and it’s SUPER EASY!

Your family, your City, your Republic is worth it!


Become a Precinct Committeeman or Woman

Find your local Republican Central Committee, call or email the secretary and let them know you want to see if they have any vacancies in YOUR precinct where you live. You can ask them to tell you your precinct based on your address or with a quick search engine query you can determine for yourself.

Tell the clerk if there is a vacancy to be a committeeman, (or whatever they call it as some States call it by different names) you want to be nominated to fill it, and have them help you with the process, it is super simple. For tons of video footage, instruction, etc from Dan Schultz feel free to watch here:

It is a super easy process, requiring 2 hours or so each or every month of your time depending on you, as well as 3-4 hours each general or primary election.

Your voice will finally count! Have everyone in your family, friends, co-workers, etc do it. For people who want to help but don’t have the time, (as silly as that seems) have them make you their proxy! You can vote for them or they for you! This is arguably the most powerful position in all the US, your voice will finally matter, you can finally affect real change!


Join Our Precinct Strategy Group on

Click the Link here to Join:

Simply fill out the form to apply to join our Precinct Strategy Group. This is a group where America First Republicans who have decided to get into the voting member slots of the local Republican committee positions, usually referred to as precinct committeemen (terminology varies by state) to elect greater numbers of America First Republicans to public servant offices and to Party committee offices, including all the way up to the 168 Republican National Committee member positions.


Send your County Voter Info To Dr. Shiva

You can find your county clerk in charge of election data with a quick search engine tool, find your clerk and email the following to that person: 


Public Records Request for Participating Voters List and Ballots Cast 


Good Afternoon,

I would like to formally request the following two (2) items:

I) List of voters. Please provide me the list of those who participated in the recent November 3, 2020 elections, broken down by method of voting which is either Early, Absentee/Mail-In, At the Polls, Provisional. Please send me this electronically as a Microsoft .xls or .csv formatted file, to my email address above; and,

II) Ballots cast (also known as Cast Vote Record) – This document should provide me with the total number of ballots cast in the recent November 3, 2020 election for each candidate, write-in, undervotes (blank votes), overvotes (for example if some voted for BOTH Trump and Biden), and broken down by method of voting: Early, Absentee/Mail-In, At the Polls, Provisional. Please send me this electronically as a Microsoft .xls or .csv formatted file, to my email address above.

Please provide these lists in accordance with open records request pursuant to State Law within 10 days.


Once they send you the data or reason they can’t or don’t get back to you after 10 working days, email the results to:


Tell Us who your precinct committee person is

Find out who all of your Precinct Committeemen and or women are, (they may be called by a different name in your State) you may have to do some web surfing, reach out to your Republican Central Committee, etc but get their names, email addresses and then go to and enter the data there.

We are building a platform for ALL Precinct Committeepeople to be able to speak freely with EACH OTHER and US! Imagine, if they can all speak freely how quickly we could take back the GOP and our Republic with God fearing Constitutionalists! This is HUGE and so important. To date, this can’t be done, the left can do it, but we can’t! This must change! Please do your part and help us, help US.

Find their info and put it here please:


Join Bobby Piton

Do you have time to do some research? Help crunch data? Work with spreadsheets? All for the greater good of restoring our Republic and voter integrity?

Join Bobby Piton and his team to show the truth behind what happened and is happening with our votes.



For over two years, Joey has been fighting for all of Nevada on his time and dime! He helped open all the churches in 2020, has been fighting against these tyrannical mandates, election fraud, suing the government for us and so much more! The whole Country needs Joey, every state needs a Joey as governor, unfortunately there is only one. Please support him as he helps us all. Donate your time, how ever much or little you can here:


Full Proof & Evidence

Edward Solomon, Roger Fuller and Bobby Piton’s 100% proof of election issues with spreadsheets, formulas and documentation. All seats gained by both parties in at least the 2020 election must be voided. Download the proof here:

Share with your representatives, friends and family ASAP


Find out if your representatives under Biden are in Bed with CCP!

You can search your representatives names with the search bar at and see if your rep’s are in bed with the CCP!

This can help you gain more information to share with others and help wake even more people up to the truth!



Had enough of your life, liberty, pursuit of happiness being trampled by the government?
Had enough of our votes not counting?
Had enough of no transparency?
Had enough of CRT forced on our kids?
Had enough of mask mandates?
Had enough of vax mandates?
Had enough of lockdowns?
Had enough of no term limits?
Had enough of a corrupt media?
Had enough of big tech corruption?
Had enough of corrupt institutions?
Had enough of failed monetary policies?
Had enough of failed leaders?
Had enough of failed policies?
Had enough of being sold out?
Had enough taxes?
Had enough of endless wars?
Had enough of your voice not being heard?
Had enough of unelected officials controlling your lives?
Had enough of our Constitution being trampled?

Had enough?

If so join, look for our email, we’ll start organizing peaceful demonstrations in each State and ask you to come and bring out like minded Americans.

Let’s peacefully tell them we’ve had ENOUGH!


Are you willing to lead?

Let us know if you’re willing to LEAD or follow in your State, let us know what State you are in as well!

We will have a website soon with even more information, we’ll also start video calls where we can ALL connect and talk through victories and struggles.

We will be adding more actions here in the future to help rebuild and make our Republic better than ever again too! Lookout California—details to follow 🙂

For Updates:
For news and thoughts follow Robert Beadles on GAB here:

For video updates, follow Robert Beadles on Pilled.Net here:

Let’s peacefully shine the sunlight on these leaders, Operation Sunlight.

God Bless you and yours, talk soon.

Robert Beadles