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The incredible Tracy Hilton Thomas had worked for Washoe County for over 15 years. She retired in 2015 but continued working the elections processes, including training staff and advisory roles. What she reported in 2021 has fallen on deaf ears. Only Commissioner Herman has acted, the other 4, silent, the County Manager, silent. Why are they actively making sure the 2022 elections are potentially even more issue-ridden at best, corrupt at worst?

Thomas reported gross violations of the County’s own election procedures, yet no action we’re aware of has been taken to remedy these violations for our upcoming 2022 elections.

The email attached was sent to all of the County Commissioners; none of the commissioners bothered to respond except for the incredible mighty mouse Jeanne Herman.

Commissioner Herman fought for fair and free elections during the 2020 elections and ever since! She is the one commissioner who refused to certify the 2020 election; she is the only commissioner currently pushing for election integrity. Herman put forward an election integrity resolution for the 2022 elections that the County then manipulated and threw off the agenda for discussion and possible passage!

What is the County doing?

Thomas met with Jeanie and county manager Eric Brown over one year ago and discussed all the glaring issues she saw with our county election process. She gave all the information to Eric Brown, and one year later, we are worse off than we were in 2020!

Please read her email. Her attempt was made to educate and pray for change to ensure every legal vote counted. Unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears; please don’t do the same. Please share this message and make sure you become an election worker or an election volunteer in the upcoming 2022 primary and the general 2022 election. Hold these people accountable—ensure only legal votes and processes are applied.

It’s also worth noting that we are recalling the chair of the county commissioners Vaughn Hartung, the man who appears he can sexually harass women at will and actively work to ensure our elections stay broken or corrupt.

Thomas has been nominated to run against Vaughn Hartung, the election integrity sellout, Read her email here she sent to him and the other commissioners over one year ago!


Tracey Thomas’ Email To The Washoe County Commissioners:
Support Tracey Hilton Thomas, her website is here:

After reading Thomas’s plea, after knowing the commissioners have failed to address, do you feel Washoe’s elections will be legitimate if changes aren’t immediately enacted?

Why did the commissioners just vote to outsource temp agency work for our elections to a firm out of South Florida and Las Vegas when they have 4,000 local volunteers?

Why did they just outsource the printing of all ballots to firms in Georgia and Washington State when they could be done in County?

Why are they actively working against transparent, local, and legitimate elections?

What are they hiding? What is their plan for 2022?

Stay tuned….

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