Questions to ask individuals running for office or wishing to stay in office.

All answers should be YES.

1. Will you support and defend the Constitution and all its amendments?

2. Will you support a full forensic audit in all 50 States for the 11/3/2020 election?

3. Will you support a new voting system to be used in all 50 States, requiring voter ID, no machines, paper ballots only, full transparency to all parties involved?

4. Will you support the abolishment of all vax-mask mandates and lockdowns?

5. Will you support removing the protection of vaccine manufacturers and holding them accountable for the harm caused to individuals?

6. Will you support real data, real science, real doctors, and their counter views to the CCP controlled WHO, Fauci-controlled CDC, and FDA?

7. Will you support the firing of Dr. Facui and holding CDC, FDA, WHO accountable for their harm on individuals and covering up crimes?

8. Will you support the abolishment of CRT?

9. Will you support the America First agenda?

10. Will you support a $6,000 school voucher system for all children in all States, so they can go to a school that best fits their needs?

11. Will you support fining on an individual basis, big tech/media for canceling, or censoring 1st amendment rights?

12. Will you support reducing the size and power of the government?

13. Will you support the 10th amendment and its true meaning in giving back the power to the States?

14. Will you support impeaching and recalling any official with ties to the CCP?

15. Will you support buying American products and services only?

16. Will you support auditing and, if needed, abolishing the private banking network known as the Federal Reserve?

17. Will you support abolishing all taxes and instituting a flat 10% tax evenly across the board?

18. Will you support the removal of all federal-state funding from ANY institution taking money from the CCP?

19. Will you support law enforcement and bring back the rule of law?

20. Will you support an audit of all leaders and immediate family members of those suspected to have ties to CCP or enemies of the State?

21. Will you support NEVER taking donations-contributions from big pharma, big tech, big media, big government?

22. Will you support ending most foreign aid and spending the money in the US?

23. Will you support bringing our troops home?

24. Will you support finishing the wall?

25. Will you support deporting all individuals in the US here illegally?

26. Will you support ending the welfare state system agenda?

27. Will you support all lives matter?

28. Will you support adding term limits?

29. Will you support criminal investigations into leaders who have broken the law?

30. Will you support the Precinct Committeeman Strategy?

31. Will you support patriotic platforms like and Gab?

32. Will you place prominently on your campaign website a short video stating you support the Precinct Committeeman Strategy as outlined at and you will be recruiting all your campaign donors, supporters, and volunteers to become Precinct Committeemen?

33.Will you publicly state you believe the November 3, 2020 presidential election was fraudulent?

34. Will you lead an effort to lobby the state legislators to pass the required legislation as soon as possible to (a) outlaw the use of electronic ballot tabulation machines, (b) return to paper ballots that are hand-counted before the ballots are boxed and leave the polling places, and (c) greatly limit the use of mail-in ballots to only those voters who have had their identities verified and have a compelling reason for not voting in person, such as for military service members or those with verified health disabilities, making in-person voting very difficult or impossible?