Become a Precinct Committeeman or Woman

Find your local Republican Central Committee, call or email the secretary and let them know you want to see if they have any vacancies in YOUR precinct where you live. You can ask them to tell you your precinct based on your address or with a quick search engine query you can determine for yourself.

Tell the clerk if there is a vacancy to be a committeeman, (or whatever they call it as some States call it by different names) you want to be nominated to fill it, and have them help you with the process, it is super simple. For tons of video footage, instruction, etc from Dan Schultz feel free to watch here:

It is a super easy process, requiring 2 hours or so each or every month of your time depending on you, as well as 3-4 hours each general or primary election.

Your voice will finally count! Have everyone in your family, friends, co-workers, etc do it. For people who want to help but don’t have the time, (as silly as that seems) have them make you their proxy! You can vote for them or they for you! This is arguably the most powerful position in all the US, your voice will finally matter, you can finally affect real change!

We will announce our communication platform soon where PC’s from all over the US can safely communicate, organize and start to drain the swamp! Be a part of it!