Folks, what the hell is wrong with our courts here in Nevada?

We just saw judge Wilson throw out the Gilbert contest, in where I quote,

“That The Math Calculations Whether They Are Correct For The Purpose Of This Assuming That They Are Correct I Agree With Mr. Williams Argument That Is Not Enough”

Rather than looking into the election issues and the algorithm in place, he dismissed the case.

This same Judge Wilson then dismissed Sigal Chattah’s case in which she showed the third party candidate is not qualified to run for Attorney General.

In fact, John T. Kennedy actually asked to be removed from the ballot!

The secretary of state failed to remove him from the ballot.

He’s not an attorney, and we’re told it’s illegal for him to run for office as he’s not an attorney,

So let’s get this straight, Kennedy asks to be removed from the ballot, as he’s not legally qualified to be on the ballot, yet the secretary of state and judge, leave him on it.

The ballots haven’t even been printed yet!

There is always some legal loophole the courts use to punt these super important election cases. This time they say it was up to Sigal in April to contest this candidate.

Why is that her job? Shouldn’t the SOS know he’s not an attorney?

Well, Ford only won in 2018 by half a point, we’re told. If an ineligible candidate stays on the ballot, and he will, how many votes will the Libertarian take from Republican Sigal Chattah?

What’s worse?

The Supreme Court of Nevada just ruled against Sigal as well and kept the ineligible candidate on the ballot!

This is common sense stuff the courts could easily remedy but don’t.

Folks, what the hell is wrong with our courts here in Nevada?



What the hell is wrong with Lefty Lungar Lyngar?

He says,

I view the sexual fetish of Jesus hanging half naked on the cross as Crucifixion Porn, exemplified in movies such as The Passion of the Christ by delightful Christian Mel Gibson. Somewhere in the world someone is masturbating to this image at this exact moment. The worst part is the incessant demand by Christians that we all stare at this ghastly fiction and feel bad! Jesus suffered, and we should all give a flying fuck. But I do not.”

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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