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Have you noticed the coordinated attack on free thinkers?

The media and political parties alike perpetuate the notion that anyone who believes there are election issues are “Big Lie” conspiracy theorists.

So why, then, is it that 83% of ALL AMERICANS have concerns with our elections?

Are we all nuts, or are these people showing us who they really are?

We see the media-parties telling us to move on, they’ll fix it later, but my and our question to them is, how can we “fix it later” if the fix is in now?

I could literally attach hundreds of affidavits showing the glaring issues we had with just our primaries here in Nevada, but to spare your eyes the bleed in reading them all, how about just these two?

One comes directly from Heather Carmen, the assistant registrar of voters’ own mouth, while Jaimie Rodriguez, her equal, their top tech guy, and two voting machine employees count our votes in secret.

Yes, in secret. Behind closed doors.

They broke the court orders

They broke the law

Yet, we’re to believe they somehow did right by us and made sure all our votes counted as we intended?

Don’t take it from me; listen and watch with your own ears and eyes here: (1:50 Timestamp)

And I quote as close as I can…

“I spoke to Jaime, and she also concurs with my decision…because we did not have this open during the regular election when we were doing the tabulation, so we are doing consistently what we did previously. We’re actually doing the exact same thing we did in the election. We’re not going to deviate from what we did before.”

So where’s the justice?

Could you imagine if you or I got caught possibly defrauding an entire county of anything, let alone their votes? What do you think would happen to us?

Are we all nuts for hearing and seeing that they count our votes in secret and expect us to believe them?

How can the Secretary of State, knowing this, certify the election? On this one gigantic injustice alone?

Would you trust your boss if you turned in time cards for your hours worked, and he just paid you whatever and claimed you really “meant” by what you put on your time card?

If you turned in your boss, don’t you think he might actually get in trouble?

Here’s one more example, Tracey Hilton Thomas, who has been involved in our elections in Washoe for around 20 years at almost every level, explains to us how, again, they are breaking the NRSs in the way they even run our elections.

So, if we can’t see them count our vote and the people counting our votes shouldn’t be, isn’t the Big Lie really the media and parties who say we’re nuts?

These two examples alone, I believe, prove without a shadow of a doubt we have serious election issues—and the people saying we’re nuts are either benefiting from the issues or are simply too stupid or lazy to look outside their bubble.

What else do you need to see that the Big Lie is a Big Lie by them?

This affects ALL Nevadans!

Well, there’s more. Joey Gilbert won the primary election, and it’s as simple as 2 plus 2 equals 4. They can say it makes you crazy or a racist for believing 2 plus 2 equals 4, but, again, it’s just a big lie that 2 plus 2 doesn’t equal 4.

The math doesn’t lie. The media loves to print or point to one sentence in the contest and try to poke holes, but they don’t quote or print the proceeding sentences. So, where’s the real journalism?

What do I mean? We found correlating vote issues as probable cause to look into the election, not as proof the election was rigged. They leave that truth out. Once we looked into the county’s data, we quickly found that there is a formula-algo in use that gives “their” candidates a predetermined outcome, which means that it’s rigged for “their” candidates.

It’s simple math. They refuse to point that out and instead keep talking about Ed Solomon, who found the formula, not the three official experts who wrote opinions and papers on the County’s data—who, guess what—proved there is a formula-algo in place rigging our elections!

If we get our day in court and the judge does what’s right, not what’s easy, we’ll all have that proof as well.

Please pray for the judge that he has the courage to do what’s right, not easy, and cave to Soros-type pressures.

Bottom line, think for yourself, what do just those two videos show you?

Do you believe we’re crazy for simply showing you what they do and say?

Do you believe these same people who say there’s nothing to see?

Well, I guess there isn’t, as they do it behind doors and secret!

Think for yourself and peacefully push back against these people trying to lie about the Big Lie and program YOU with propaganda vs giving you the truth and unbiased news.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t vote; it means we must do the following:

  • Push back peacefully on their propaganda
  • Push our candidates
  • Push for our votes to count correctly
  • Show up and vote



The Big Lie is the Big Lie, don’t be scared to peacefully call out these people.

We save our elections, and we save our state.

Pray for the judge to keep his oath and do what’s right, not what’s easy.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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