Nevadans know there is something fookey with our elections. Something like 80% of people, according to True The Vote, now question the election process. You know what, they’re right to!

Take CRT candidates, they are incredibly unpopular, yet somehow they are winning races?

Take Joey Gilbert; he wins 15 of 17 counties and supposedly loses in two counties. In those two counties Joe Lombardo can’t show his face without being heckled and booed out of the area.

I keep telling people to stop celebrating so soon; you may be winning today and lose tonight. We have election month and change, not election day!

We know it’s compromised; they’ll just keep bringing in ballots until “they” get their desired outcome. We can prove this current election should never be certified.

Many say, Beadles, what are you doing? Tons of your candidates you support won. Look, until we correct our election system, they may win the primaries and then have their race stolen in the generals if this continues. I can’t take a win for some and look the other way for others.

It’s simply wrong, and bottom line, until we can restore our election integrity and care less what compromised or ignorant people say about us, things will only continue to decline.

Will you stand up for your State or turn your back, kick rocks and say, “well, it’s corrupt. I guess they win?”

I, for one, will stand up and say ENOUGH! I hope, for you and your family’s sake, you join us.

Here are a few examples of how this election can not be currently certified.

  • They broke the law! They literally destroyed the secret ballot NRSs by adding the name, party affiliation, precinct number, and voter information right on the envelopes of our ballots for all to see. This alone should disqualify the entire election.
  • No chain of custody. We have hundreds of photos, videos, witnesses, and affidavits of one person bringing the ballots from polling locations, post offices, etc. There is to be a minimum of two people from different parties doing this. We have tens of thousands of ballots that this has happened with! We have the same issues with the digital votes on thumb drives! This alone should disqualify the entire election.
  • Our election is hooked up to the internet! We have direct witness testimony from the assistant registrar of voters, Carmen, confirming this. We have witnessed this in Clark County as well. They constantly tell us the machines can’t connect to the internet, and there is no WIFI. Correct, at the polling locations, it’s called MIFI! They think you and I are stupid. Then the internet is directly plugged into the EMS machine in the vote tally room! CISA just reported the fatal vulnerabilities of these voting machines, yet Nevada is using them, and they are hooked up to the internet! This alone should disqualify the entire election.
  • They violated our court orders. They are working without observation. They lie, say they are going home, then others work the elections out of our view. They lie about the tally rooms and say no one is working in them, yet they are. All of this is fully documented. This alone should disqualify the entire election.
  • The election offices were stacked with mostly single-party workers, many temp workers, tons of ballots, etc., coming from out-of-state vehicles! Again much of this is against the NRS’s.
  • Mysterious workers appear and disappear, many not wearing name badges. One of our observers caught a man with a fake badge working the election!
  • Signature verification isn’t being done properly or at all.
  • No chain of custody on where all the ballots flooding the post office for the ROV are coming from.
  • We have more ballots coming in after the election than we did the day of the election!
  • We have Heather Carmen and Jamie Rodriguez both on video on 6/12/22, saying they started tabulating votes the week prior! So ballots were being tabulated with no outside observation! This, again, should void the entire election!
  • We have hundreds of witnesses and affidavits proving all of these claims.

Folks, we have a banana republic election system. Carter and Baker warned us about these mail-in ballot schemes, and most civilized countries refuse to use the mail-in ballot system.

Ballots keep pouring in, with no chain of custody to where they came from in sight. It appears they will continue to count votes until they get however many “they” need! They called the race quickly for many candidates with 10% of the vote in, yet keep other races going; why?

It’s simple; they are stealing the election. This must not stand! Call these people out, say enough, do it for your candidates, do it for your family, do it for yourself, before we lose our County, State, and Country.

This is not hyperbole. I don’t want to be the guy telling you this, showing you this, and suing these people, but until enough of us say enough, someone has to. It’s sad that my team and I were the only ones in the state to sue. Hopefully, more will soon. My great Uncle Ben Franklin was the first American; I don’t want to be the last.

Do you?

Will you stand up to these people and say enough or let them steal you and your family’s future?


P.S. in a quote from Fred Lokken in an RGJ article, the RGJ finally said something that makes sense when referring to the Washoe County ROV:

“It’s a department that needs an analyst to come in and assess because something is seriously wrong,” he said. “No one registrar’s office should have as many problems as this one has had over the past 10 years. There are some endemic problems to that.”


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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