In an article written like a 4th estate op-ed, the Reno Gazette-Journal (RGJ) & County posted, published, and wrote the story stating Beadles is wrong.

Does anyone here remember the Incline Village scandal? The County and paper defending the County, who ended up being wrong—paying some $50 million dollars or so? That’s right, the County.

People really need to fact-check the so-called fact-checkers, so we’ll do a bit here for you.

The County and RGJ say Beadles only relied on one disk received on 2/14/22 from the Registrar of voters, so there is no way for him to be able to go back in time and see accurate numbers because people have been removed from the rolls since then. That would be true.

What’s left out?

When you add the disk received on 3/2/22 from the ROV, it shows us ALL the removed voters for the past 36 months. So when you combine the TWO disks, you have an accurate (according to the ROV) representation of the past 36 months.

What does this tell us?

If you rely ONLY on ROV data, the ROV’s official numbers from 11/3/2020 state there were 304,224 REGISTERED VOTERS, and 252,563 TOTAL votes with an 83.02% voter turn out.

Now when you look at the official disk from the ROV, it says at the end of 12/20 we had 217,927 REGISTERED VOTERS, then when you look at the official disk on 3/2/22 from the ROV on removed voters for the past 36 months and put the 56,518 they say they removed back in, it brings you to 274,445 REGISTERED VOTERS! They reported 304,224!

Where are the missing nearly 30,000 voters? Remember, this is ONLY their data!

Now here’s where it gets really interesting, and the ROV still has yet to address:
They report 304,224 REGISTERED VOTERS on 11/3/2020 and 307,449 on 2/14/22 but have added 100,920 NEW registered voters since then; they have also removed 58,667 registered voters from 11/3/2020 to 3/2/2022, which brings us to 346,477 REGISTERED VOTERS!

Where again are the other 39,028 almost 40,000 REGISTERED VOTERS?

Here is where it’s beyond interesting:
This means on 11/3/2020, we either had 346,477 registered voters OR we had 265,196 Registered voters. So again, where are the other nearly 40,000 registered voters, AND where are their votes?

Wait for it; it is HIGHLY more likely we had ONLY 265,196 registered voters on 11/3/2020, AND when you take into account their reported 83.02% voter turnout, that means the most votes we could have had on 11/3/20 would have been 220,165! So, where are the missing 32,398 missing votes?

This is ALL their data! So when you consider the fraudulent votes, the machines cutting each vote to .63 out of 1… the inactive voters possibly being flipped to actives and voted… the bloated voter rolls… we have a train wreck of an election here in Washoe that looks to have disenfranchised the entire State.

Why would the paper or County try to cover this up? Try to discredit Beadles?

See what the County did when we shared some of this with them. Read the article and watch the Video here:

It’s all going to come out; who was right with Incline Village? The County or the People? Stay tuned… Fact check that!

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