Do you wonder why so many of our leaders do the opposite of what We The People want?

How they look at us like zoo animals when we address them?

How our pleas for help fall upon deaf ears?

How they continually vote for things We The People do not want?

Well, I bet you $30,000 that at least two of the so-called leaders, one, the chair of the Washoe County school board, Angela Taylor, and two, Vaughn Hartung, the chair of the county commission, DID NOT WIN the 2020 election!

This is not hyperbole nor a publicity stunt, we have the proof, yet our leaders refuse to look at the evidence or just simply say we’re wrong but never say how.

So I challenge you and your best and brightest, your Ph.D.’s, your mathematicians, your scholars, your detectives, etc., to prove us wrong.

Vaughn Hartung did not win his election of 2020; Maria Baker, the Democrat, did!

Angela Taylor did not win the Washoe county school board trustee seat; Michael Montengnese did!

At the end of this challenge, you will find links to analytical data, spreadsheets, equations, and the data to absolutely confirm this.

Where did investigative reporting go vs programming and propaganda?

I digress…

In addition to this 15-0 challenged by Ph.D. data, we did a canvass!

When you knock on the doors of those that supposedly voted for these people, you’ll quickly find out they’re just as amazed that they voted for them! Just as we are that these people are now our supposed leaders!

You’ll also quickly find out how bad our voter rolls actually are.

But here’s the thing, how come every precinct in Washoe and every precinct in Clark County voted the exact same way?

It’s simple; our elections are rigged.

Why do you think the county commissioners didn’t want any kind of overhaul to our election process at all? They benefit from it, at least Hill and Hartung did! (see previous posts)

Why do you think we have the dark money and the DC machine trying to intervene in our observation lawsuits against Clark County and Washoe County? (Expose it here, expose it EVERYWHERE!)

The only people who don’t want free and fair elections are cheaters!

So my challenge to all is $30,000 to prove me-us wrong.

The first person that can show undeniable proof that our findings are incorrect, and enough to where Hartung or Taylor still wins, not just say it, receives $30,000, exact details are at the end of this post.

(UPDATED-The 4 Ph.D. challenge was too much for people, so just prove Edward wrong)

90 something percent of Republicans and 40 something percent of Democrats believe 2020 was rigged.

Here’s the proof they are right!

Do you wonder why our leaders seem so out of touch and continue to do what we don’t want?

Occams Razor tells us the most likely conclusion is typically the correct answer. Case in point, our elections are rigged.

We must have transparency in our election process, or they will continue to steal from us.

Why can’t we see the ballots, envelopes, and access to the rooms where the votes are tabulated via machines?

#RiggedElections are why.

We must call out these so-called leaders for the traitors they are.

If we’re wrong, then how come they can’t prove it?

How come they won’t even discuss it?

Why am I censored and removed from so many social media platforms? I’m not showing decapitations of humans, just our votes. Why the bans?

It’s because we’re right, and I’m betting $30,000 on the first person who can prove us wrong.

The main point of this letter is simple. How in the world can you possibly have a successful recall when the voters simply don’t exist?

You’ll quickly find recall volunteer fatigue when they go to voters after voters who don’t exist, vacant lots who vote en masse, voters after voters that didn’t vote in the election, and funnier yet, try to track down people that actually voted for Taylor or Hartung.

You will quickly see that using our existing voting rolls, then knocking on doors, how many issues there are and how it’s nearly impossible to recall anyone with this current election system in place.

To further this point, we gave 42,000 names and addresses of people who should not be on Washoe county voter rolls, yet they have failed to do a damn thing with the information.


They need bloated voter rolls so all these fake people can vote for their selections, not elections.

We can prove this again.

But the question everyone, regardless of party, should ask is, how can we trust one to a handful of people to officially call our elections?

That’s right, the most important part of our elections is done in secret, and we simply have to take these un-elected people’s word for the outcome.

Hopefully, our lawsuits, God willing, will put an end to this, but I digress.

Back on point, it’s quite simple; we have selections, not elections.

The outcome is predetermined.

It doesn’t matter how many votes there are. They simply have the winning and losing percentages figured out ahead of time.

An algorithm is in use to keep everything as they desire.

A simple way to know is to look at the County’s own data, and if you know their formula, you’ll quickly see and know who wins with only two factors, which is impossible.

This means that if you needed to know 4 parts of a mathematical problem and can solve it every time, only knowing 2 parts of the problem, not 4, it would be impossible.

Yet, we can do this and show this in every precinct across Washoe and Clark County!

You’ll also quickly see every Precinct in Washoe and Clark voted this EXACT same way. Again, impossible.

15 PHDs have concurred. Our findings are below; the challenge is simple.

Prove us wrong, show us how we’re wrong, show the correct formula, use only the County’s data, Edward Solomon must concur with you, and lastly, show how we’re wrong enough to where Taylor or Hartung would still have won!

After all, we’re only using the County’s own data, so if we have any data errors, it’s the County’s.

Remember, too; this is just the algorithm; this doesn’t include the ballot fraud!

So, in other words, the steal was so much worse than we show below!

Restored Election Results:
(Real results, use tabs at the bottom)

Scientific paper:

PowerPoint showing 300 random precincts all voting the SAME! Regardless of being a Democrat or Republican Precinct. Spoiler alert, every precinct voted this exact same way in Clark and Washoe!

Taylor File

Hartung File

God bless,



We can’t wait to see how the media will try to spin this if they cover it all… sad.

If you look at the restored election results, you’ll see they did this for numerous candidates, not just these two! It doesn’t matter the party; they steal from us all!

Far more to come; stay tuned!


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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