Lies have no legs, they need many other lies to carry them away from painful truth to painful truth.

Before we start, please stop, put on your critical thinking hat, forget what the mainstream news has been programming you with propaganda-wise; once you do that, please begin to read.

On 3/22/22, the Washoe County Commissioners voted 4-1 to kill Commissioner Herman’s Election Integrity Resolution.

Commissioner Herman was the only one in favor of it. She also refused to sign the 2020 canvass for certification of the general election due to many concerns, hence this election integrity resolution.

Commissioner Bob Lucey, whose real name was Robert Lingenfelter, talked down to Herman and tried to belittle her, saying it was her resolution and none of the other commissioners were allowed input prior to the final proposal being submitted. (Watch the video here: 7 hours and 20 minutes in)

Herman tells us this is the first time in 7 years she was able to get anything on the agenda, and she had to go through the County manager to do it as none of the other commissioners would ever give her support or even hear her out on any issues she wanted to address.

The whole resolution debacle was covered in a prior letter here, but just a brief summary, she put this resolution forward due to overwhelming election integrity concerns from her constituents.

It addressed her observations, constituent’s concerns, etc., then when submitted to the county, the county manipulated its format, causing it to be kicked off the agenda on 2/22/22. Eventually, it was added back to the agenda on 3/22, where the other 4 commissioners shot it down.

There were 3 times when hundreds of supporters came out to the commissioner’s meetings in support of a voter integrity resolution. At the fourth meeting, there were around 500 people, which were a mix of supporters and protestors against it.

A woman named “Hope” (you can watch her expose it on the commissioner’s youtube video in the public comments here around 6 hours and 59 minutes in) a supporter of the resolution, exposed at least two of the groups that showed who up are directly funded by George Soros—she was on fire, don’t miss it.

Why is George Soros in Washoe?

Supporters received fliers from the protestors where it listed the names of the organizations they work for, and a quick google search later exposed they are backed by Soros. Additionally, many protestors of the resolution were heard saying they were paid $60 an hour to be there, they asked when lunch was being delivered, and some were heard asking who was taking them back to the airport!

There were reports of two buses bringing protesters in, and many people who spoke in opposition got into California-plated vehicles after saying—in the meeting—they were from Reno or Washoe or Nevada.

This was the first opposition of any significance to the resolution. Washoe saw Soros show up. Why?

Why did Planned Parent Hood show up and speak against the resolution?

They basically called the supporters of the resolution racists and fascists. Why?

Watch John Davis destroy their narrative about 6 hours and 55 minutes in here.

Reasonable thought would be that if we don’t have free and fair elections, it hurts the minorities, poor and middle class the most. Have you looked at the price of homes, rent, food, gas lately? Who gets hurt the worst? The elite class or the middle class, poor, minorities?

Free and fair elections are the foundation of any solid Country. Without it, we are doomed to repeat the history of racist, fascist countries.

Why are these groups opposing the resolution? Is it because free and fair elections could create a problem for their objectives here and elsewhere if other Counties had the same resolution?

Just before they shot down the resolution, Vaughn Hartung brought in Heather Carmen, the assistant ROV, and Jaimie Rodriguez County Communications person; they stated there were no issues with their voter rolls. Beadles blurted out what about the 40,000 voters we gave you; Hartung yelled at Beadles to be quiet.

After the two spoke, and during, Mark Wlashin, the Deputy of Elections for the Secretary of State, essentially said the way they check citizen verification to become a voter is through the honor system, essentially taking the word of the person by checking a box that they are a citizen. See a problem there?

The commissioners shot down the resolution; after the break, they came back and read a letter from Eric Brown, the county manager (8 hours 37 minutes, in, listen to who requested it). In where he writes, Mr. Beadles throws around numbers, statistics that can’t be verified, showed issues with the voting machines, but then Brown says the data came from Clark County (not that it was wrong). Brown continues that Beadles states there are issues with the more votes than voters, that Beadles gave information to law enforcement, but nothing was verified to be true. Brown then said he was sent data on 3/21 from Beadles, but they have yet to verify that data yet.

In a nutshell, Brown basically called Beadles a nut, wrong, and not to be listened to.

Interesting. Why? Because it was all Washoe County Registrar of Voters Data Beadles shared with them.

When Beadles met with the County on 3/11/22, he exposed 5% of his team’s findings. None of which they had answers to. Instead, a media hit piece by the RGJ came out, saying he’s wrong. Statements from the County Communications team came out saying Beadles is wrong, and this written letter from Brown came out, all calling Beadles wrong.

Do you know what didn’t come out? Any proof Beadles was wrong, other than them saying so.

Not once have they sat down with Beadles and compared numbers, then showed him he was wrong. Instead, to date, they simply say or use others to say he’s wrong but offer no proof.

So below, we’ll list some facts, not feelings, not unfounded statements, just facts. If Beadles is wrong, show us! Have a debate! In an open forum for the whole County to watch. What are they hiding? After all, it is their own data. Let’s dive in a bit.

All this data came directly from the Registrar Of Voters disks provided to Beadles:

Let’s start with the voter rolls, we either had 304,224 voters on election night 11/3/2020, or we had 265,196 voters. Why does this matter? Well, there were only 252,563 votes and a voter turnout of 83.02%. So what is 265,196 voters less an 83.02% turnout? You would end up with 220,165 votes, NOT 252,563, so where did the 32,397 votes come from?

How did we come to this math? The ROV reported 304,224 voters on 11/3/2020 but their own data shows they added 100,920 people from 11/3/2020 to 2/14/22 and also removed 58,667 voters in that time frame which brings you to 346,477. Yet on 2/14/22, they reported only 307,449 registered voters! That’s off by 39,028 from their own internal data!

Now on a separate note, for some perspective, in just over the past three years, they have added almost 200,000 new registered voters. I asked them how this was possible, they said because a lot of people moved to Washoe. Now if that’s the case, why does the new census not show such a huge increase in people? Washoe has around a 4.5% increase in population in that time frame but more than a 60% increase in new voters. It simply doesn’t pencil out.

So it stands to reason, we would have 265,196 registered voters, not 346,477 based on census data.

Ok, so let’s get back into it. Now, if on 11/3/2020, they had 304,224 registered voters, but they added 100,920 voters and removed 58,667 voters through 2/14/22—the missing 39,028 voters most likely due to the census data and a typical registered voter percentage across the US—would put the number at the 265,196 mark NOT the 346,477 mark. Either way, they have some explaining to do as this is ALL their data. It simply does not pencil out.

We could get very granular here and show irregularities in votes, like Biden getting 1196 sets of 10 votes at a time and Trump getting zero, or show you how it’s impossible for the in-person vote and early vote to favor Trump 60% to Biden in the 30s, then when mail-ins hit the percentages completely flip to 60% Biden to Trump in 30s.

Anyone who understands polls knows when you have huge samples, you can predict the outcomes. This is almost a mathematical impossibility in which the huge samples show one direction, then a mysterious flip to the other direction.

We don’t need to keep going; just the 32k missing votes or 39k missing voters shows a huge issue the County refuses to address. Other than simply saying Beadles is wrong. Well, if he’s wrong, why won’t they debate him in public?

Let’s talk about the machines.

On 3/11/22, Beadles met with Eric Brown, the County Manager, Communication officer Rodriguez, and the ROV team.

For just over a half-hour, the brilliant Edward Solomon exposed the same impossibility that happened in Clark and Washoe, where all precincts who used the machines had the Trump vote shaved to .63% from 1%

Ed showed both counties both being mathematically impossible.

Here is the video from the meeting. Skip to the end if you don’t like math, you will hear the conclusion, and you will hear Aaron ask them if they wanted a copy of the meeting, and he basically had to beg them to take it. The entire presentation video was posted on 3/11/22, and since Eric said he didn’t receive the information, it was emailed to him on 3/23/22.

Here is the video:

In addition, Beadles shared the issues with the voter rolls, missing voters, voters who should be off the rolls etc.

Beadles sent them the first list of 30,000 to remove on 3/17/22 see below:

Then another email with another 12k or so to be removed on 3/21/22

Beadles has tens of thousands more but wanted to see if they did anything with these “voters” first.

Notice in Brown’s comments that were read, he only mentions the 3/21/22 email?

Notice Beadles bring facts and proof; they just simply say Beadles is wrong?

If Beadles is wrong, prove it! Don’t use the media to say Beadles is wrong, don’t just say he’s wrong in a one-sided public hearing, hold an open debate, and televise it for the whole county to see.

The commissioners say there’s no proof, really?

Beadles gave them proof in every 3-minute chance he got during every public comment opportunity as well. Guess how many times the Commissioners asked to sit down with him and see the data? Once, after being pressured on 2/22/22 by citizens in the attendance of the meeting. What happened? The email never came from them for that meeting. Beadles did get to sit down with the County Manager and ROV team—watch the video. Did they prove him wrong? Nope.

How about they simply just explain this one? With data and facts, not just simply say he’s wrong.

Beadles emailed proof. Showed proof in person, gave proof to law enforcement, etc.; if Beadles is wrong, show us.

Questions everyone should have, how do the elections in Washoe work?

In a nutshell, the County Commissioners appoint a county manager who typically appoints the ROV, the manager, and ROV, and they both work for the Commissioners or at least can be fired by them. Do you see a conflict?

What happened when Bob Lucey, the Chair of The Commissioners during the 2020 election, threatened the beloved Marsha Berkbigler, the sitting D2 Commissioner?

Marsha tells us that Bob said he’d make sure she didn’t win the re-election; he was going to get even with her for voting in Eric Brown as the new County Manager and not Bob’s alleged girlfriend, Kate Thomas. Bob’s married too btw.

What happened?

Marsha had a huge lead over the unknown liberal Alexis Hill, yet the counting stopped late at night. When the counting resumed, Alexis was now the leader and then won! How does an unknown liberal beat a beloved commissioner in a Republican district? Hill was Bob Lucey’s candidate, we’re told. Do you think Bob made sure Hill won? Did Bob make good on his threat? Does Bob have the power to rig an election?

Again, how did the unknown Alexis Hill, a liberal, beat a beloved sitting Republican commissioner in a Republican district? We’re told Bob and Hill’s family are friends. How did Bob and when did Bob become friends with Hill or her family?

How does the “Republican” Bob Lucey and HIll seem to vote so similarly so often?

Next head-scratcher, how did Vaugn Hartung beat Marie Baker in 2020? Vaughn never knocked doors or did events we’re told, yet Baker knocked doors, did tons of events, and had incredible support, and again, was winning on election night, until the pause. After the pause, Vaughn won, and the rest is history.
Why does Vaughn vote in lockstep with Lucey on everything? Did Bob rig it for Vaughn to win this election?

Have you looked into the math in district 4 where Vaughn allegedly won?

The population in 2020 was around 90,000 people. So when you remove 21.3% of the population who Washoe County says is under 18, you end up with around 70,000 people who WOULD be eligible to vote.

How many registered voters did district 4 have during the Hartung election? Almost 70,000 registered voters! This is mathematically impossible again. This means around 95.5% of the eligible population was registered to vote! Folks, this is all the ROV data; it simply defies reality.

How does Vaughn, a wedding photographer who is found in violation of sexual harassment charges, win against Baker and become the commission’s chair?

How does a Robert Lingenfelter become a Bob Lucey who becomes a chair of the commissioners, who appears to control the county from what we’re told?

Who controls the elections in Washoe? The commissioners? Sure looks that way.

Who has been told countless times about the election issues in Washoe? The commissioners.

Who is the only commissioner we can tell who has done or tried to do anything about it? Jeanne Herman.

Are foxes guarding the henhouse? Occalms Razor comes to mind.

Why did they say the resolution was illegal or couldn’t be enforced?

Did they read the rebuttal crafted by Beadles, the legal team, and experts?

View The Rebuttal Here

How did they get the math so wrong? If you look, you’ll see they say the resolution would cost over 5 million dollars per election, but the rough estimate shows the resolution saving over 5-6 million dollars while adding more transparency and trust to the election system.

View The Breakdown Here

Why was the 5-page email the 20 year ROV elections veteran Tracy Hilton Thomas sent disregarded?
Why were there no actions visibly taken to safeguard the 2022 primaries after all the issues she so eloquently breaks down in her email to the commissioners?

View The Email Here

Again, why do these commissioners want this resolution to fail so badly? Does it interfere with their control? Their way to rig the vote?

Why was Herman the only one not to certify the 2020 election?

Why are 4 of the 5 commissioners saying they’ve seen no evidence of election issues when they have been told and shown numerous times?

In Venezuela, they don’t allow the public or even elected officials to be present when County tallies the votes. The public can’t be present when the thumb drives are taken from the voting machines, and the votes are then plugged into the EMS machine. They don’t allow audits of the machines’ source code, nor do they allow the public to be present to see the ballots during a recount or audit.
No, wait, that’s not Venezuela; that’s Washoe County.

We must simply trust the ROVs and commissioner’s word on who wins.

See a problem here? Again, how is Beadles wrong?


Side note, the average used to be around 42%-58% of the country’s population who were registered to vote.

This was pre-ERIC. ERIC stands for Electronic Registration Information System.

There are many articles, lawsuits, etc., alleging tremendous claims against ERIC.

We’re told ERIC was designed to clean the voter rolls of dead people, people who move, etc., yet it appears to have cleaned 0-4 people in total from the rolls in certain states.

It also is said ERIC registers people automatically to vote. It was founded by Eric Becker, a liberal who is said to hate conservatives. See a conflict there?

It’s said ERIC is a 3 man team that knows ALL our data in at least 30+ states. So the question we have is, are they really automatically registering people who don’t want to be registered to vote? AND are they purposely not cleaning the rolls so people on the inside can vote the unknowingly registered voters?

Another question, are they not cleaning the rolls on purpose? If they are in charge of roll cleaning, what do the SOS and ROV do in the cleansing of rolls where ERIC is used?

Is this why registered voters jumped from 42% to 62% since ERIC was implemented?

Do Washoe and Nevada use ERIC? Yes.

Should we be concerned? I’ll leave that to you to decide.

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