Who would have thought we’d have to sue to view our election process?

We The People, our most precious voice—our vote—is counted in secret—by machines—and by the few we didn’t elect.

We literally have to take the word of one to a few people as to who wins and who loses our elections…

This is not hyperbole.

In a nutshell, in Nevada, due to AB321, mailout ballots are basically sent to every human in the state, then mules, harvesters or poll workers, etc., bring all the ballots from an entire County to usually one location.

All the ballots are then run through machines by usually temp workers, and the machines count the bubbles and the ballots. Finally, the machines tell us how many ballots were counted and how many bubbles were filled-in.

The physical voting machines that are voted on have thumb drives. The votes from the thumb drives are plugged into a machine where it tells “them” who received how many votes.

We The People are not allowed to be a part of or view this process meaningfully.

We simply have to take the word of a few and trust the machine is programmed to be fair.

That the machine is not using a weighted race feature that most, if not all, come with.

Simply put, it gives more votes to one candidate over another.

Simply put, again, we can’t be there when they count the ballots, we can’t be there when the thumb drives are plugged in, and we can’t check the machine’s code to see what it’s programmed to do.

We can’t physically count the ballots, and we literally have to take the word of temp workers and unelected people in Washoe and Clark County, the two largest counties in Nevada, as to who wins and who loses.

Now I could care less whether you’re a Democrat, Independent, Republican, or whatever; what I do care about is your vote to count legitimately for all legal voters. I would think you would too?

We literally had to sue Clark and Washoe County so a judge could decide our fate as to what the laws actually mean.

You see, one election worker can say meaningful observation into the election process is to stand 100 feet away, look through cardboard, a chain-link fence, the back of the temp worker and see if the ballot they are running through the machine is actually legitimate.

Now for everyone freaking out saying Beadles, I don’t want you to see who I voted for!

Fear not, we wouldn’t; your name and info are not on the ballot in Nevada. It’s on the envelope that a human removes your ballot from, does God knows what with, then slides your ballots and dozens of others through a go-fast scanning machine to read who you voted for and report it to another machine.

What we want is for all who want to be a part of the process to be able to view it meaningfully, where meaningfully is defined by a moral judge.

You see, I don’t care what party you’re with or who you vote for; we just want to make sure someone or something isn’t voting for you in a way you didn’t intend.

Do you want your vote to be legitimately counted?

Do you want the processes in place to count your vote to be in secret or open for scrutiny to see if someone is stealing from you?

This benefits every legal voter. Anyone against this is either uneducated about the fact people steal, people make mistakes, or they are simply a thief wanting to steal under cover of secrecy with as few witnesses as possible.

Our lawsuits force a judge to define what meaningful means and add additional safeguards to ensure your vote legitimately counts. Would you be opposed to your vote counting the way you intended?

Our cases are already under attack, and an organization apparently wants to intervene and most likely kill our lawsuits.

They say:

Proposed Intervenor-Defendant Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (“PLAN”) moves to intervene as a defendant in this lawsuit under Nevada Rule of Civil Procedure 24. Plaintiffs’ lawsuit aims to upend election processes in Clark County in ways that threaten to interfere with an orderly election based on nothing more than disproven allegations and conspiracy theories. If the Court grants the detailed relief Plaintiffs seek, many individuals and entities—including PLAN, an organization dedicated to ensuring that every voter in Nevada has a meaningful opportunity to cast a ballot and have that ballot counted—will be harmed.

How is visual observation harming Nevadans? I-we say not having it does!

I say the people being harmed would be the thieves; what say you?

We must all be for free and fair elections. If we can’t have that, we have nothing, and we’ll lose everything.

These lawsuits, if successful would allow every legal voting Nevadan the following:

  1. Observers must be able to personally view that every step of the election is handled with transparency, integrity, and is done lawfully;
  2. Observers must be allowed to visually inspect each ballot to ensure each ballot is legally counted and processed by the Registrar of Voters’ (“ROV”) personnel. Observers be permitted within a two (2) foot radius of any ballot counting system or machine. For example, the signature(s) must match on the envelope, the ballot must be filled out properly, the correct form of ballot must be completed, each ballot must be counted and tallied properly and reported properly. Observers must be able to do this at the ROV headquarters, and any remote or central counting location through the entire election process;
  3. Two (2) Observers to be present at each drop box location from each political party to ensure there are no unauthorized dumping of ballots or illegal ballots processed;
  4. Two (2) Observers from each political party to be present at the EMS machine or any machine in where electronic votes are being tabulated or uploaded;
  5. There must be paper records showing the data and content on each thumb drive and the upload to any tabulating machine must match what is documented to ensure accuracy;
  6. If any of the Two (2) Observers from each political party address any issue and cannot resolve the issue, he or she may ask the ROV staff to stop processing. The Observer must then address his/her challenge to the manager, supervisor, or lead;
  7. If for any reason, if an Observer from either political party is forced to be removed, they must be immediately replaced with another Observer from their respective political party to ensure each party is properly represented;
  8. All Observers must pass background checks, be a resident of the Clark County, Nevada, be registered to vote in Clark County, Nevada, and/or seek to participate in meaningful voter observation in Clark County, Nevada;
  9. Each political party must submit a list of their Observers for each location and alternates regarding the same within seven (7) days before the 2022 Primary Election;
  10. Any independent political party shall be entitled to the aforementioned;
  11. Each party, is defined as the chair of the respected parties central committee (ex: Clark County Republican Central Committee would be responsible for the Republican observers);
  12. The ROV personnel will issue a badge to Observers, which they must wear while observing. Observers must return their badges each day before leaving the ROV;
  13. The ROV will accommodate requests for observation and requests to enter and leave subject to the availability of ROV personnel;
  14. All drop box locations, all counting areas, EMS areas, and all board rooms used for the 2022 Primary Election must be video-taped using video surveillance at all times. The video-surveillance must be of high quality and stored in a manner mutually agreed upon the ROV and both political parties;
  15. Provide the layout(s) of the ballot counting facility(ies) that depicts where the observers will be allowed to observe from;
  16. Ensure that residents of Clark County be given preference to observe over non-residents of the County or even the State; and
  17. Any additional relief the Court deems necessary and appropriate.

This is from our Clark County lawsuit; Washoe is very similar. What in here scares an honest person?

We will not interfere; by God, we now have almost 30 days for our elections in Nevada; there is time. So what will their excuse be now? No, it’s racist? They always seem to fall back to that argument when they have no coherent, rational response. The truth is, illegitimate elections ARE racist as it disenfranchises and robs the minorities most harshly of their way of life.

$10 per gallon of gas, $10,000 monthly rent, $10 per gallon of milk, triple-quadruple utility costs, homeownership totally out of reach, WAR doesn’t scare the elites, but it should scare the hell out of us all. That’s what’s coming. We didn’t vote for that, did you? Or if we did! Shouldn’t we at least be able to verify it visually?

Shouldn’t our election system be transparent, shouldn’t there be equality in it, and shouldn’t there be accountability in it?

I tell you now, the only people who would be against this are either ignorant or thieves.

This is fair for all legal voters.

Please spread the word and support the judges; they have a tough decision to make, freedom or tyranny for all Nevadans now and in the future.

Share this with 3 people now; keep up to date here as to what’s going on with the case.

Share with local media, show up on our court dates; our families are counting on us, our State is counting on us.

All we want to do is be able to make sure the processes described by law are defined by law and allow us all a legitimate election process.

Again, for the people who say this will take too much time! Well, in Nevada, they consider this still a COVID “affected” election, so we literally have a month, not a day, to do this.

View the lawsuits here: Clark | Washoe (Will Post When Court Does)

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May God give these judges the strength they need to simply uphold their oath and rule constitutionally.

God bless,

Disclaimer: These views are my own and not of any organization, committee, or party.

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