Today’s rant is straightforward: Pull your kids out of college, or better yet, don’t send them at all. Let’s dive into this mess. I’ve got a huge family and a boatload of friends, and here’s the deal: their kids, spanning from Ivy Leagues to your average Joe universities, come out with a common caution to us all—an education bloated with discussions on pronouns, racism, transgender issues, and white privilege, steering miles away from what should be the crux of higher education. Now, what I’m saying is they were smart enough to recognize it, not fall victim to it, but many do fall victim to it. So why risk it?

Now, don’t get me wrong. If you’re aiming to slice open hearts as a surgeon, defend the accused in court, or build bridges (literally), college could be your runway. But here’s the kicker: the majority wander into these institutions because society’s got a gun to their heads screaming, “It’s college or bust!” So they drift, accumulating a mountain of debt, only to learn squat about thriving in the real world.

What we’re witnessing is a generation groomed to be perfect little employees, shackled to the state, ready to further propagate the cycle of indoctrination they were spoon-fed.

The solution?

More vocational schools and Christian colleges, please.

Picture this: a platform showcasing these havens by county and state, ranked by their real-world results – job placements, salary trajectories, you name it.

Meanwhile, the college scene has gone off the deep end with wokeness. Send off your son, and there’s a chance he comes back questioning more than just his major. Ditto for your daughter. We’re not forking over our life savings for this circus.

We aim for success for our kids, not a front-row ticket to watch them get indoctrinated and saddled with debt, courtesy of these twisted educational clowns.

It’s sheer lunacy. We’ve got to slam the brakes on supporting these brainwash factories masquerading as colleges.

For specific facts and examples beyond the nightmarish stories my family and friends share with me, look to Charlie Kirk’s book titled “The College Scam: How America’s Universities Are Bankrupting and Brainwashing Away the Future of America’s Youth.”

Seriously folks, look into Christian colleges, vocational training, or hey, self-education. Anything but feeding the beast that’s devouring the essence of our youth and spitting out individuals who can’t fathom the damage they’re doing to themselves, let alone our county and country.



Maybe you, or perhaps someone within your network, help in crafting a pivotal resource? Envision a website dedicated to spotlighting vocational schools and Christian colleges, meticulously organized by county and state. This platform would not only list these educational havens but also rank them based on tangible outcomes—such as job placement rates and salary trajectories post-graduation. This initiative could serve as an invaluable tool, potentially benefiting millions by guiding them towards meaningful and fruitful educational paths.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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