Folks, I’m not sure if you’ve been keeping up with our “Election Glitch” saga. This glitch showed Nevadans across the state that they voted in the PPP when they hadn’t. In many cases, they even had their ballots still in their possession.

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Then, the Secretary of State accessed the voter database and attempted to alter records in an effort to hide or “fix” the problem, only to worsen the situation. This led to records showing people voting in all kinds of erroneous ways for the past several elections, from changing party affiliations to altering when people first registered to vote. Examples of such errors are scattered across the web. Take, for example, Roger, who has been a registered Republican for over 50 years. He lost all voting history and is now simply shown as a registered voter from the last cycle. It’s a disgraceful mess with our most precious vote, our voice.

In this post, just read Cisco’s words, what he tells Congress, and all of us. Observe how he points to the boogeyman of election worker harassment without ever citing a single example. The same occurs across Washoe County, where the Commissioners and County Manager claim election workers have quit due to harassment but can’t demonstrate a single case. However, we can show cases of employees leaving due to harassment by the county itself!

Cisco proceeds to entirely gloss over the “glitch” issue in his conversation with the Congressman, stating that they simply need more funding, must keep their workers safe, and then concludes with what I believe to be the most nonsensical sentence I’ve ever heard:

Then when we go to the Congressman’s response to Cisco, he states, ‘While I am pleased to hear that the errors likely had no impact on the reported results of the primary election, incidents like these not only undermine public trust but also jeopardize the foundational principles of freedom, fairness, and security of our electoral systems.’”

Words matter. So, did these errors affect our votes or not?

They did or didn’t? We all saw what happened, yet they label us crazy for calling them out. Read these letters, see how they disregard our concerns.

Remember, the caucus proved we can conduct elections in a day with nearly no expense to taxpayers and the county. Why won’t they save potentially hundreds of millions of dollars and do what’s fair, trustworthy, cost-effective, and gives people what they want: free and fair elections? What are they hiding? I think we all know.

I went through 7 judges in my lawsuit because they knew my case exposed it all, and they didn’t want to be the one to admit we were right all along. Now, we look to the Supreme Court to simply do the right thing and give us justice.

Take our 80,000 challenge. Cisco is illegitimate as well and gained his seat through this incompetence or corruption. How can we trust anything that comes out of his mouth?

Ok, maybe I’m being a tad harsh, I actually do believe one thing he says:

Yes, Cisco, our votes are how we make our voices known, and yes, their security is of paramount importance.

Yet, I don’t believe you actually believe what you said, Cisco, as your actions speak in direct contradiction to those words.

Read Cisco’s Letter Here:

Read the Congressman’s Letter Here:

So what is it? Did the “glitch” affect our votes or not? “Likely didn’t” doesn’t cut it with their track record.



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