Welcome to the Jeff Church saga, where the only thing thicker than the board’s rulebook is the fog of misinformation they’re peddling. In one corner, we have Jeff Church, a man so fed up with bureaucratic bull that he’s practically become the unofficial whistleblower of the Washoe County School District. In the opposite corner, CGC Rombardo and crew, doling out misinformation like it’s Halloween candy.

Now at the bottom of this post, make sure and watch what Trustee Jeff Church saws about WCSD President Beth Smith aka Death Smith.

Read his power point presentation, see for yourself what he is accusing Beth Smith and others of, you won’t want to miss it!

Here is JUST a taste of what’s in the presentation:

The Misinformation Olympics: The board is spinning stories that make conspiracy theories look like child’s play. Jeff’s on a mission to call out the BS, suggesting maybe stick to fiction writing.

Defamation Dodgeball: The school district’s legal threats are like playing dodgeball blindfolded. They aim to intimidate, but Jeff ducks and weaves with the skill of a verbal ninja, unphased by their throw.

The Missing PowerPoint Mystery: Denied access to crucial evidence, Jeff’s facing a PowerPoint so secret, it must hold the meaning of life. Or, you know, just more district BS he’s been calling out.

Ghost Lawsuits and Phantom Costs: The board is conjuring lawsuits from thin air, assigning costs that would make a Hollywood blockbuster budget blush. Jeff’s response? Show me the receipts.

The Transparency Mirage: The quest for transparency has Jeff navigating a labyrinth more complex than an M.C. Escher drawing, fighting for a glimpse of honesty in a world where straight answers are rarer than a quiet classroom.

The Harassment Hoax Chronicles: If true, someone named Beth Smith could be going to prison…

So, strap in for a tale not of heroics, but of a man’s dogged pursuit of truth in the face of a school board’s love affair with opacity. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you challenge the status quo with a stick of dynamite made of facts, you’re in the right place. Jeff Church isn’t just rocking the boat; he’s aiming to capsize it.

Jeff Church is accusing Beth Smith of conspiring to frame him with sexual misconduct:


Jeff Church’s PowerPoint Presentation:

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Share this far and wide—this should be national news! If Beth Smith literally put two women up to lying and falsely accusing Church of sexual misconduct, she could be facing prison time. She’s running for re-election; make sure everyone knows what Jeff is telling us about her!

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