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Friday, come hang out with the awesome Pastor Craig Dyson, his incredible wife Cara, and the rest of us, who are doing our best, at Convo Church just before 7 PM. They will be airing the movie called “Letter to the American Church.”

This film draws comparisons between the oppressive regimes of early 1930s Germany and similar authoritarian governments to what’s unfolding in the United States today, noting the concerning silence of the church in confronting these issues.

Eric, alongside key conservative figures, discusses the spread of cultural Marxism within the United States, affecting even the church.

The documentary acts as a wake-up call for the church, urging it to rise, speak out, and stand against the negative forces emerging in our nation.

It’s not one to miss!

We have some incredible pastors here in Reno and Sparks, standing up and doing the right things, not the easy things; we truly are blessed. I love to brag about them! Come support and learn at the same time; it’s free, and no RSVP is needed.

Friday, April 5th
Movie at 7:00 PM

CONVO Church
1365 Corporate Blvd, Reno, 89502


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