On March 18th, I issued a $30,000 challenge to WCSD President Beth Smith, AKA Death Smith, to publicly debate the great Paul White.

She chickened out.

So now I re-issue the challenge but also include the other two school board trustees running for re-election, Alex Woodley and Diane Nicolet.

This way, ALL the voters can see these four candidates in action.

So for easy math for people on the WCSD trustee board, it went from a 1 vs 1 debate to now a 3 vs 1 debate. The odds would be in their favor, right?

This time, instead of $30,000 going to the charity of Beth Smith’s choice, it would be split three ways between the three candidates for charities of their own choosing.

Who could say no to that?

What are they scared of?

Let the whole world and country see them defend their records, their actions, and one of the most failed and corrupt school systems in the country.

We’ll have special guests and witnesses pop by; it will be awesome.

What do they have to fear if they’re doing as great of a job as they tell us they are?

I’d pay money to see that, wouldn’t you? Oh wait, I will—$30k 🙂

Folks, peacefully call them out, ask them to debate.




Beth Smith chickened out of the one-on-one debate with Paul, so maybe with 3 against Paul, she’ll gather up the courage to defend her record and how she possibly framed Jeff Church for sexual harassment. That would be great to get on the record, right? Maybe all three of them know something about it? Maybe that’s why they voted against investigating Beth Smith and themselves?

It will be great, I’ll pack the place, moderate it, have 8 media outlets cover it, set up a bar, and bring popcorn for everyone. It will be one heck of a show.

What do you say, Beth, are you going to chicken out again?

Beth: Let us all know publicly on your X page by the week’s end, 4/19, 5 pm PST. If you don’t post and accept the challenge, we’ll all know you’re everything they accuse you of, and possibly a lot more.

Paul White vs. Beth Smith, Alex Woodley, and Diane Nicolet. $30,000 on the line. I’ll set everything up; all they have to do is show up. Let’s see what Beth says, or doesn’t…



Share this far and wide, and don’t forget:

Peacefully call them out, and ask them to debate.




These people might consider you a domestic terrorist AND have power over your kids and grandkids. What are they hiding if they’re doing such a great job?

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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