I hope you had a wonderful Easter and remembered what it’s truly all about.

Today, I wanted to address an issue many ask me about. It’s in regards to negotiating with the inherently bad or corrupt. In a sentence, it never works out well for the good or the just.

An example of this is Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler in the late 1930s. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain attempted to appease Adolf Hitler by allowing him to annex the Sudetenland, part of Czechoslovakia, hoping it would satisfy Hitler’s territorial ambitions and prevent a larger conflict. Despite Chamberlain’s efforts and the Munich Agreement of 1938, Hitler continued his aggressive expansion, invading Poland in 1939 and triggering World War II. Chamberlain’s attempts to negotiate peace with Hitler failed as the latter had no intention of stopping his expansionist agenda, highlighting the dangers of appeasing a determined aggressor with fixed objectives.

What am I specifically referring to, you might be asking yourself?

It’s simple, many keep looking to the corrupt for justice. The same people destroying our county and country, people are looking to suddenly do the right thing and follow the law, the constitution, turn away from their evil ways, etc. This seldom happens until you and we stand up to them.

Simply sending out mean tweets, resharing tweets, and sending emails is not enough with these people.

These people must be peacefully exposed for who they are and what they have done and are doing, to make this stop. There’s no other peaceful way. We must be peaceful.

People ask me what do we do and how do we do it?

To start, we start locally. We know that if we can clean up our county, we could then clean up our state, then our federal government, as all the Feds live in our counties.

We start with our elections, as that’s our only peaceful way to effect change in our county. We know our elections are not being done legally or ethically. We know the people in charge of them are doing everything they can to paint any naysayer as crazy, when all the facts and evidence are on the naysayers’ side.

Take County Commissioner Chair Alexis Hill, the county data shows in 2020 she should have lost the election, instead, the certified results say Marsha Berkbigler lost.

Hill, who is in direct conflict of being the Chair of the Commission while running for re-election, should step down, but refuses to.

Hill is refusing to even add items to the agenda that could add some level of election integrity for all legal voters, while running for re-election. Hill cancels commissioner meetings, disenfranchising every single one of us in Washoe County when the Vice Chair could run the meetings. She does this because she’s afraid VC Herman might add election integrity measures to the agenda for the people to hear and the commissioners to vote on.

By canceling these meetings, none of your business, none of your family’s business is being heard or helped. She is acting as a tyrant, breaking numerous codes, regulations, statutes, etc. All the while with little opposition or even the DA’s office forcing her to comply as the County is now liable for her tyrannical acts. The DA’s office’s purpose in this instance is to protect the commissioners, the board, and the county, not you, remember that, and they are allowing this to happen, opening the county up to all kinds of legal liability.

Each one of us, including you, as we live in Washoe County, have standing to sue the crap out of Hill personally, the commission board, and the county as a whole, for what they are doing. We are also entitled to special prosecutors as the DA’s office cannot possibly, ethically, investigate these violations of law, and then represent the lawbreakers.

We are seeing this across the country, we see 10,000 ballots appear out of thin air when a cabal candidate is losing:


We see 1.8 million ballots out of thin air appear when a cabal candidate is losing:


We see the 2 largest counties in Nevada, separated on opposite sides of the state, vote nearly identically the same in every precinct, while the other counties do not, this is impossible in a fair election.


We see our votes counted in secret, we have no way to verify what they report, but we are told to trust their results or we’re racists or antisemites or dangerous people harassing election officials.


Stalin told us, that it matters not who you vote for, it matters who counts the votes.

The same is true today as it was then.

The legislature in the dark of night introduced these insane election measures via AB321 and others, during the pandemic that are still insanely enforced today.

They attack me because I expose how they get their money and power, it’s through stolen elections.

If they weren’t stealing our elections, they would debate me, they would let us count the anonymous ballots and see if what they report is legit, instead, they label us as crazy, and continue at every opportunity to destroy what’s left of our elections.

It’s very simple: I only say things I or others can prove. If I’m wrong, and they’re right, why won’t they publicly debate me and show the world if I’m crazy?

Instead, they passed into law SB 406, which could land us in jail for 4 years for simply writing you this letter! Innocent people don’t do these things. People who are supposed to be serving us, not themselves, don’t do these things. Yet, here we are.

If you don’t stand up to these people, they will run you and your family over, they will take what they want, and what they want won’t benefit you or your family. A simple test of this is: are you better off now, or were you better off 4 years ago? Was our country better off 4 years ago or now?

Approximately 80% of Americans believe we have election issues, yet the people who are in charge of our elections libel and slander us as conspiracy theorists, racists, antisemites, and deniers when we are the majority and all the facts are on our side, and we call them out.

We see the courts, defending these corrupt servants, which tells us we are nearly out of time, as our founders’ greatest fears were the perversion of the courts. So again, what must you do while there’s still time?

Get involved, stop complaining from the armchair, stop being apathetic and saying it’s too late or it’s all over, and instead start showing up. If you go door to door, walk for candidates, and tell people what’s happening, show up to commissioners’ meetings and let them know you know what they are doing, if you let all your family and friends know Alexis Hill is keeping our election issues and ALL county business off the agenda tyrannically, unlawfully, and tell them to expose her and others peacefully as well. These people will stop, they hate the sunlight, they hate being exposed.

When you look at people like appointed Commissioner Andriola, she thinks you’re stupid. She, at the last meeting, tried to pretend she wants election integrity by holding a “mock” election and verifying what they report in a “mock” election. She’s MOCKING you. She literally thinks you’re stupid. She has voted somewhere around 90% of the time with the cabal to further their agenda, not yours. Remember that!

Folks, the time is now, you need to call out these people peacefully, publicly, to everyone you know, show up at their fundraisers, show up at the county meetings, peacefully protest, and petition our servants, while we still can.

If you don’t, you and your family will suffer greatly.

Where to start:

  • Protest and petition Alexis Hill and her tyrannical rule of the County Commission, she should step down as chair, and she should not decide what goes on the agenda, we should. They represent us.
  • The DA’s office should be telling her to, why aren’t they? Ask the DA.
  • Start a class action lawsuit in Federal Court, sue the crap out of these people and entities.
  • Protest how our elections are being held, what they’ve done, by counting all our votes in secret, how there are no checks and balances that show what the machines report vs what a parallel headcount reports. How we must have that. How they must add the two election integrity measures to the agenda for the commissioners to vote on.

Just doing those simple things could get our county back. We are only one vote away at the county commission from saving our county from this downward spiral we are heading down.

Will you stand up for yourself and your family, or let them take it all from you? You don’t have to be a psychic to see how this ends if you do nothing.

Get involved, involve everyone you know, now, before it’s too late.

Here are the election integrity resolutions they must add to the agenda:

1. https://operationsunlight.com/2024/03/14/hill-and-brown-caught-covering-it-up/
2. https://operationsunlight.com/2024/02/22/no-excuses-heres-what-you-do-now/
3. https://operationsunlight.com/2024/03/15/voter-id-in-nevada-is-up-to-you/

Here are the county commissioner board dates, show up:


Here is Alexis Hill’s website:


Here is Clara Andriola’s website:


Join their email lists, show up at their fundraisers, and peacefully protest.

Remember, there’s no negotiating with these people. Stop being apathetic, stop complaining, get involved, start doing; this will only continue for as long as YOU allow.

Enough is enough, peacefully get involved.


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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