Folks, this is what real law enforcement looks like. It’s in California of all places. A county called San Joaquin, a city called Stockton.

The Sheriff, Pat Withrow, and the District Attorney Ron Freitas investigated the President of the Stockton Unified School District, she was dethroned, and removed from office.

Now, the DA has formally charged her with 3 felonies.

Can you imagine if our law enforcement here actually investigated our School Board Trustees, our City Council, our County Commissioners, what they would find?

If they simply just used Operation Sunlight and what people have shared with us, and what we have shared with you, they more than have probable cause to investigate.

I wonder what they would find on just Beth “Death” Smith, the WCSD President alone? The whistleblower and Jeff Church state she orchestrated a fraudulent sexual harassment claim against trustee Jeff Church.

That alone could land her in prison if proven true. Imagine if they followed the money, the servants, the servants’ families, what they would find…

I wonder why they won’t.

Have you asked them lately why they won’t investigate or bring in a special investigator?

You should.



Here’s what law enforcement should look like in Washoe County:



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