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“Despite growing opposition and frustration from Nevada’s congressional delegation and other elected officials, as part of the USPS’ $40 billion investment project, a letter sent locally will be rerouted through West Sacramento first before coming back to Northern Nevada.”

Supposedly Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, Rep. Mark Amodei, Governor Joe Lombardo, and Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar are against the plan.

What does this mean?

Well, pump the brakes for a second.

At yesterday’s County Commission Meeting, where Alexis Hillinski ran over anyone trying to speak, a BDR was voted on — Item 13: Bill Draft Requests (BDR) Amendments.

Point #3: in item 13 — Amending Chapter 239, ROV Signature Verifications to prohibit those records from being public to “prevent identity theft” was passed.

This means that we will now have zero legitimate chain of custody on our ballots as they will be sent to another state, even though they may have been processed and sent two blocks away from your home.

This is the furthest from efficient, as it makes zero sense to send a piece of mail to another state only to send it right back, but this also promotes illegal ballot dumps, zero oversight on chain of custody, and zero trust in our vote-by-mail scheme.

It’s worth mentioning that the press is reporting this won’t take effect until 2025, but nowhere in the USPS press release does it say that.

The press is quoting a loose statement made in a hearing, not what the press release states.

I don’t put anything past these people. It’s also worth mentioning that the Washoe County ROV has Amber McReynolds, the queen of mail-out ballots, on the payroll, and her company, Strategy Rose. She also sits on the USPS board. None of this seems like a coincidence to me. None of this seems like strictly a business decision for efficiency.

Common sense tells you that more people and stops touching the same piece of mail and sending that mail 300 miles round trip out of the way is not efficient.

The post office is always broke; they are not known for smart business decisions. This is definitely not that. This will cost the taxpayers more dollars and definitely destroy any trust in our elections.

If all these so-called servants are against this, they could stop this. Will they? Will you ask them?

This is horrible for thousands of other reasons, but why do this so close to the elections?

WHY do this 30 days before the ballots hit your mailbox?

What’s the absolute need to do this NOW?

They truly think you’re stupid.

They truly think there are NO consequences to them running over our rights.

We now will have NO chain of custody, we will have NO signature verifications done as we saw in the past election, in upcoming elections with the new BDR we WON’T even be able to check signatures for authenticity after the election, and of course, they count all our votes IN SECRET as shown here:


Folks, when will you say enough?

What is it going to take?

Does your vote count so little, your desire for your family’s well-being mean so little to you, you just let this happen without speaking out en masse?

Reach out to these so-called servants and tell them to serve us, we have no faith in our elections in Washoe as they count our votes in secret, breaking all the laws, and my court orders, then tell us who wins, and now this.

They think you’re stupid, they think you’re lazy, they think they can just run you over. Look at our country and our county, you know I’m right. I haven’t been wrong once, that’s why they lie about me, and try to keep me out of court. The facts speak for themselves.


Don’t be silent, peacefully demand our representatives represent us, and if they won’t keep our ballots in our own state, then we can’t trust our elections. They must print them locally, and mail them in-state using DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc. to ensure the chain of custody is followed PER THE LAW!

If they WON’T do that, then the legislature can simply undo their COVID pandemic voting scheme and print ballots locally, have people vote in person, and have the votes counted and reported in the voters’ own precinct.

This is not a big deal to do.

The Legislature could pass an emergency vote; hell, the governor could use executive powers to do this.

We can do this for a few hundred thousand dollars in Northern Nevada, and I’d happily pay for it!

So if they are serious about your vote counting legitimately, and the laws being followed, what would keep them from doing this for us ALL?

Don’t let them say the money, because I’ll cover it.

We can print the ballots locally, we can have volunteers in every precinct or district count and report the votes; we can have Election Day; we can do as we did in the caucus and know who won the same night and with 99% faith in our election!

If they really are for free and fair elections, who would be against this?

Ask them, ask them all, peacefully demand they fight for us and do this.

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto


Rep. Mark Amodei


Governor Joe Lombardo


Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar



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