Vote for Anyone But “These” Candidates

Enough is Enough!

We’ve endured too long under leaders who put their interests above ours, pretending to serve us, but only serving themselves. It’s time we remind them: they work for us, the people.

This Election, Make Your Voice Heard

They Have Failed Us: Time and again, these so-called leaders have turned a deaf ear to our needs, choosing self over service.

Our Decline Under Their Watch: Our community has suffered, deteriorating more in the past 2-4 years than ever before. It’s undeniable—we’re far worse off with them in charge.

Broken Promises: Their time in office is marked by disappointment and deception. They’ve lied before; they will lie again, and we can not trust them to do right by us finally.

We MUST vote them out NOW!

Unchosen Representatives: Many of them assumed their positions without our vote, they were appointed! But this time, we hold the power to choose, and we will vote them out.

We Have Many Worthy Candidates: This June, we have a golden opportunity. Among the many candidates vying for your vote, each is light years ahead of the incumbents.

Even the Underdogs Shine: Comparatively, any alternative to our current situation feels like a breath of fresh air. Every option on the table is a leap in the right direction.

This June, Let’s Unite for Change

We stand at a crossroads: continue with the sellouts or usher in a new era of genuine representation. The only wrong choice is NOT voting at all or voting for the same old sellouts.

Vote Smart. Vote For Change. Vote for Anyone But “Them.”

Together, we can redefine our future. This election, let’s rally behind the leaders who promise to put us first. Let’s vote for integrity, for progress, for us.

Your Vote is Your Voice—Make It Heard Loud and Clear This June!

The only way you can go wrong is if you don’t vote OR if you vote for these same sellouts!

Vote for ANYONE but them!

To Start, vote for Anyone But Alexis Hill and Clara Andriola

Who is running against Clara Andriola?

Tracey Hilton Thomas

Mark Lawson

Who is running against Alexis Hill?

Marsha Berkbigler

Eugene Hoover

Need a reminder on why we need to vote out Comrade Hill-Insky and Clara The Clown Andriola?

Dive in!

Clara The Clown

Comrade Hill-Inski

Fear not, folks, this list will be expanding shortly! From school board to city council, you name it, we’ll name them too, coming soon!



Hit the digital streets, team! We’ve crafted an arsenal of images tailor-made for your feed – from pocket-sized to panoramic. Time to paint the town in pixels. Share, overshare, and then dare your friends to do the same. Let’s make this thing go viral – not just a sneeze in the crowd, but full-blown contagion. Spread the word faster than gossip in the County elevator. Let’s get this show on every screen, from the corner office to County Manager Eric Brown’s favorite dive bar’s back booth.

Here is a link to a zip file with images, they are the same 5 shown on this post:

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