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Most of the world never stops and asks:

  • Why is inflation roaring?
  • Why is my fuel 100% or more expensive?
  • Why is housing unaffordable?
  • Why can’t we afford groceries?
  • Why is rent now unaffordable?
  • Why is everything going up but not our wages?
  • Why do we care about Ukraine or Russia’s issues?
  • Why are we heading into war…

I’m a critical thinker, and I personally like to know the root causes of issues.

For instance, if you get shot in the gut, would you simply keep covering the wound with bandaids or operate by removing the bullet and stitching the wound shut?

Would you hire a junkie bankrupt person to do the operation or hire a competent surgeon?

Well, most don’t realize that this all leads back to our elections. Our elections are corrupt and illegitimate, and I offer you $30,000 to prove me wrong.

Our team is the best in the world, and we’ve proved to everyone who tested us that we’re right. The press likes to speak in half-truths and lies, so if you believe them, well, there’s your first problem.

I’m personally suing Mark Robison and the RGJ for their misreporting on us being wrong about 40,000 additional voters. Gannett, who owns the RGJ, was just bought for around 1.3 Billion, so I guess we’ll sue them for around 1.3 billion. We gave them numerous chances to cover the truth. Instead, they continue to ignore the facts or simply misreport, then point back to their misreporting from previous articles as facts. See how CBS does it here.

We have the truth and facts on our side; what do they have?…

These so-called fact-checkers have as much experience checking facts as does our apparent new acting Registrar of Voter, Jamie Rodriguez being the Registrar of Voter.

Jamie is the Government Affairs Manager for Washoe County. How does that got anything to do with running our elections? For anyone that says we’re wrong, we have numerous people who all went to Heather Carmen, the assistant ROV, who constantly told them she had to check with Jamie on everything. Jamie has a very interesting past, and we’ll share that soon as well.

The big question is, where is our real ROV? Where is Deanna Spikula? She has been MIA since 3/8/22, it appears. Why is Jamie or Carmen running our elections?

This is a huge problem! This alone should disqualify the entire election.

For the purpose of just keeping this brief, saving the goods for court, and not turning this into a book, here are 4 reasons why no one can honestly certify Washoe or Clark elections.

Now I could give you far more, but again, this is just the no-brainer reasons it appears illegal to certify the election now. It’s literally a sham. We all need to show up and vote on election day because we see how little accountability there is in this state, so we have to play their corrupt game until Tuesday, but to prove it once more, here’s why this election can not be certified.

  • They broke the law! They literally destroyed the secret ballot NRSs by adding the name, party affiliation, precinct number, and voter information right on the envelopes of our ballots for all to see. This alone should disqualify the entire election.
  • No chain of custody. We have hundreds of photos, videos, witnesses, and affidavits of one person bringing the ballots from polling locations, post offices, etc. There is to be a minimum of two people from different parties doing this. We have over 55,000 ballots that this has happened with! This alone should disqualify the entire election.
  • Our election is hooked up to the internet! We have direct witness testimony from the assistant registrar of voters, Carmen, confirming this. They constantly tell us the machines can’t connect to the internet, and there is no WIFI. Correct, at the polling locations, it’s called MIFI! They think you and I are stupid. Then the internet is directly plugged into the EMS machine in the vote tally room! CISA just reported the fatal vulnerabilities of these voting machines, yet Nevada is using them, and they are hooked up to the internet! This alone should disqualify the entire election.
  • They violated our court orders. They are working without observation. They lie, say they are going home, then others work the elections out of our view. They lie about the tally rooms and say no one is working in them, yet they are. All of this is fully documented. This alone should disqualify the entire election.

Folks, this election is a total sham. It absolutely can not be trusted. You would have to be an idiot to think we need over one month to count 250,000 votes! Right now, a single ballot under this corrupt system is costing the taxpayer $50 minimum! Each ballot! Not to mention your freedoms! This we’ll explain in another post more thoroughly.

Folks, it’s simple, we need election day, worked by people who live in their precinct, voted by people who live in that precinct, and you would have the election results on election day, two hours after the polls close. It would also save We The People millions of dollars and, of course, add trust to our elections.

What we have now is a grossly complicated, fraudulent system that is completely designed to rob you of your voice, your vote. This is not hyperbole. This is a fact. Think we’re wrong?
Take our $30,000 challenge.

They always say ignoramus things like, it has to be this way, it’s racist if not, it disenfranchises minorities, it’s in the name of inclusivity and transparency—all lies.

Their corrupt system is racist, does discriminate, does disenfranchise, and lacks all transparency and inclusivity.

Remember what Goebbels said, “accuse those of what you are guilty of.” That’s what “they” do.
You know I’m right, or you should at least look into it yourself to see if we are.

Go back to the root cause to solve an issue, and it’s our elections. They are rigged; I just gave you 4 reasons this election in Nevada is dead on arrival.

Are you tired of your life getting harder and harder? Then, stand up for free and fair elections, and say ENOUGH!

Look for our lawsuits and get involved. It’s time we give all these comprised and corrupt SERVANTS the finger and tell them they’re all fired!



You MUST vote. It’s best to take your mail-in ballot directly to the ROV on election day, have them confirm you have not voted yet, then hand them your ballot.

It’s critical we have as many legitimate ballots as possible in the mix.

We know they are already flooding the zone with real ballots, but not REAL participating voters. This means people are being voted vs voting themselves. We must counter this by voting for real. Then we leave it to God and the courts. You MUST vote. Don’t let them win by simply sitting it out.


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.


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