The Washoe Democrats held their County Convention on Saturday at Hug High School.
The Left, in article after article, court case after court case, says that Voter ID is racist, and that it discriminates against minorities.

Here are a few:

Anyone with an IQ over 60 should stop and say whoa. That’s a really racist claim. They are implying minorities are too stupid to acquire an ID. Yet, minorities use them daily for travel, checking out books, buying alcohol, cigarettes, cashing a check, opening any account, getting a vaccine passport, showing they got their latest bio jab, even entering the Washoe DEMS County Convention.

That’s right, you can’t enter the Washoe County Democrat Convention without an ID! AND, they check the county voter rolls, to make sure you’re a Democrat before they will let you in!

Yes, you heard me, the same Dems who say voter ID is racist, and we must NOT clean the voter rolls, require everyone to SHOW ID, and then CHECK the filthy voter rolls! All of this is done before they let anyone enter their dismally attended convention.

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

I have a ton of Democrat friends who say they want voter ID and saying that minorities are too stupid, lazy, etc., to get one is very racist.

To highlight this, I have numerous Democrat friends, even here in Washoe County. A couple witnessed a woman who tried to enter the Democrat Convention at Hug High. This woman’s ID was taken, then they used her ID to log into the Washoe County ROV website, using her ID’s information, and check what political party she is registered to.

Want to know what they found? The ROV had the voter rolls wrong! Surprise, surprise! They had switched her from Democrat to another party. The gatekeeper at the convention refused her entry and publicly shamed her in front of my friends.

This guy working the registration table as the gatekeeper loudly stated her full name and all of her personal information to the entire room. After, of course, he used her ID, and the broken voter rolls to shame her as not a Democrat.

One of my friends spoke with her outside, and guess what? She’s not changing back to Democrat now after her interaction with this power-hungry little minion.

So, this begs the question: are voter ID laws racist to the Washoe DEMS, or is it just the dude working the registration table who’s racist?

We see this time and time again; the Dems accuse you and I of the very things they do. It’s called projection and a form of gaslighting.

These are the same people who support mass mail-in ballots, no hand counts, no parallel hand counts, no signature verification, no voter ID, machines for everything, and of course, 6-week elections, all the while claiming they are for election integrity.

Folks, if we had fair elections, where the laws are just simply followed, we would have a shift in political office like none has ever seen before.

Is this why they refuse to support any election integrity? Say voter ID is racist while requiring it to enter their little convention?

You decide. Look to the facts yourself, and question Alexis Hill, Beth Smith, and other Dems as to why this is allowed in their party and why they support this lack of integrity. Is it because they are both running for election? With the proper election integrity safeguards in place, they’d be out on the street jobless?

If Alexis Hill would allow just the basic election integrity resolutions to be put on the agenda, we’d see how she votes. However, she refuses to even add them to the agenda, so that tells you exactly how she feels, what she supports, and all the rules and laws she is breaking as the County Chair, running for re-election, while overseeing the very people who count her votes!

Get involved, folks. They think you’re too apathetic, too lazy, or even too stupid to call them out. Do it peacefully. But do it now.



Make sure to peacefully demand that Alexis Hill adds the election integrity resolutions to the County Commissioners’ Agenda here:

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