We see County Manager Eric Brown and Commissioner Alexis Hill doing everything they possibly can to get The Elections Group (TEG) in Washoe County.

We have seen them lose the vote to bring them into the county fold on 3/28/22, to then the Governor appointing Commissioner Andriola and TEG being brought in officially on 4/11/22.

We’ve exposed much about TEG and how they weren’t even legal to work in Nevada, yet working for Eric Brown with our tax money anyway. 

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This brings us to our questions. Forget the obvious, like why are we bringing in far-left-aligned people to do jobs we locals can easily do. Forget the common sense questions which answers defy logic, let’s just look at Eric Brown’s statements and the timeline for just this one issue. We have so many issues with the TEG process, but let’s examine just one issue right here and now.

Through NRS public records requests, we received internal emails from the Secretary of State’s office, TEG, and the County.

We see the contract’s creation was at least on or before 2/17/23.

We see Eric Brown on 3/9/23 tell the County ROV team and TEG that TEG has been retained to work for the county and that within a week, they will be reaching out to interview County Election workers.

Here, we see on 3/28/23 that TEG was working with insufficient insurance; yet, the county then appears to have waived their requirements. How many others have or would they do this for?

We know the board of 3 liberals, Hill, Garcia, and Andriola, voted on 4/11/23 to bring TEG on, yet we have an invoice request from 3/17/23.
We then see Eric Brown’s assistant say the invoice was submitted for payment on 4/5/23.
Here we see they executed the contract on 4/12/23.
Rewind a bit to the beginning, and we see the Deputy Secretary of State for the Elections on 12/14/22 introduce TEG to Eric Brown. Notice Mark Wlaschin calls Chris Piper of TEG (also part of ERIC) his “counterpart in Virginia until recently.

What does that even mean? Why would the Deputy Secretary of State for the Elections for Nevada be counterparts with the dude from ERIC and now TEG in Virginia?

Ok, so I told you I would keep this just to one issue, and I’m doing my best to do so. That way, we don’t go diving down a very, very deep rabbit hole that I need the courts to be a part of. So let’s just focus on the simplicity of the dates for this issue.

Wlashin introduced Eric Brown to TEG, his “counterpart”, on 12/14/22, which Brown did not mention on 3/28 or 4/11, as seen in the County meeting videos below. I wonder why that is?



Eric Brown also told us there would be no TEG boots on the ground, yet on the week of 3/14/23, they were crawling all over the county grounds and ROV offices, according to Washoe workers.

On 4/11/23 is when TEG was voted in by the 3 liberals, Hill, Garcia, and Andriola. Why were they then invoicing payments on 3/17/23 as shown above?

I have heard the county say Brown has the authority to spend $300,000 now without board approval. I have seen the code that says it as well, but it is very murky and arguably illegal as the code is not superior to the NRS, which points out the ability to spend $100,000, NOT $300,000.

The even murkier story that has come to light from courageous Washoe workers is that Brown has already promised TEG the $500,000 additional money, which of course, is in excess of his spending amount under any rule.

So we have questions, Mr. Brown:

  • Why did you say TEG wouldn’t have boots on the ground, yet they did?
  • Why was TEG allowed to be working illegally without being registered with the Nevada Secretary of State when you hold every other vendor that wants to work with the county to those standards?
  • Why was TEG already invoicing on 3/17/23 when the contract wasn’t signed until 4/12/23?
  • Why was TEG working for Washoe without the proper insurance Washoe requires?
  • Have you gone rogue, or is someone pulling your strings? If so, who?

I could keep going, but you get the idea for this one topic, in this one post. Let’s see if Eric Brown will answer “our” questions.


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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