It’s hard to tell just how much money we’re spending on elections right now in Nevada. Our state is at the bottom of the list when it comes to running fair and honest elections out of all fifty states. You’d think the people in charge would want to fix this problem. But instead, they’re just doing the same things that aren’t working and throwing even more money at them.

It’s really hard to understand why our Secretary of State is ready to throw another $30 million into a centralized voter roll system. The Washoe County Election Office is also planning to spend an extra $12.6 million on our county’s elections. Yet, our elections are still far from being trustworthy.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out these reports. Rasmussen ranks our state as the worst in the nation. The PLIF study reveals that we lost track of about 1.2 million ballots from our last election. And here, we have our own election staff admitting they counted our votes in secret, which breaks all kinds of election laws. Remind me again what there is we can trust here with our elections.

We still don’t have the 2022 Election EAV report that the election office is supposed to send to the Secretary of State. But if you want to see how messed up things were in 2020, check out this report.

We’ve been informed that the individual currently overseeing our elections is arguably the least qualified for the role. Word is there’s been a complete staff turnover at the election office, allegedly because no one wishes to work with her. The last ROV supposedly quit because she felt threatened, but yet there’s no proof. And if she was really scared, why did she immediately start working for the Secretary of State, managing the election processes in October last year?

It’s hard to trust these people because they don’t give us any reasons to trust them. They use the local media to cover themselves rather than cover the issues. The press seems to just repeat the election office’s side of the story, never covering the real issues or using the data we’ve given them.

The funny thing is, there is an incredible person who could do a great job as our ROV, Tracy Hilton-Thomas. She’s got more than 25 years of experience, and she’s amazing when it comes to her knowledge and ethics. But every time there’s a job opening, her application gets thrown out. Could it be because she’d actually do the job right and ethically?

You know, Stalin once said that it doesn’t matter who we vote for – ”what matters is who counts the votes.” For more than 140 years, we had no problems voting in our own neighborhoods. It was quick, easy, convenient, and trustworthy. But ever since we started using machines and brought in out-of-state consultants, everything’s gone downhill. Now, it takes us a month and a half to finish an election, when we used to know the results on the same day.

Are “they” messing up our elections on purpose because they’re a big-money game? Not just because it now costs who knows how many hundreds of millions of dollars to run them in Nevada, but also because whoever controls the elections controls the power that comes with the office “they” win-control.

It’s time we simplify things. Let’s favor low-tech solutions over high-tech ones that few people understand or have access to. Remember, this is about counting paper, folks, not rocket science. We don’t need hundreds of millions of dollars and all power centralized under one roof. It’s straightforward. We should reclaim the power within our own neighborhoods. Let’s vote on election day, with ID, right in our own neighborhoods, with votes counted by our neighbors and reported from our neighborhoods. We could save tens to hundreds of millions of dollars while greatly boosting our confidence and trust in our elections to nearly 100%.

If we can save our elections, we can save our county.

People everywhere are starting to realize that our elections have major problems. About 80% of us now agree on this. The only ones who don’t see it are the true election deniers.

Just look at what was uncovered in Arizona. Don’t you think the same thing could’ve happened here too?



Why won’t Eric Brown-Stain give us a proper Registrar of Voters? Is it true he only appoints puppets who do his bidding? Why did he bring in these out-of-state consultants to “work” on our elections? Why did he allegedly lie about why or how he found these consultants? Why did he say they wouldn’t be working in the Registrar of Voters’ office when they already were? We have people who say they know. Stay tuned.

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