Barely two months ago, on March 28th, 2023, two heroes stood strong on our county commission – Commissioner Clark and Vice Chair Herman. They held the line against Comrade Hill-Insky and Mariluz “Sometimes lives in her district too” Garcia. Refusing to bring onboard The Elections Group – a team entwined with controversy and tied to questionable alliances.

Yet, a fortnight later, the winds had changed. The same controversial group, supposedly rejected, was voted in! This came in thanks to the newly appointed Commisioner Clarabell, The Clown Of Android, Andriola. The intrigue deepens with inconsistent accounts about the group’s involvement, allegations of deceit by County Manager Brownstain, and the curious case of an operational proposal that paints a dismal picture of our Registrar of Voters (ROV).

It’s worth pausing for a moment as Brownstain said The Elections Group was recommended to him by NACO on 3/28, then changed stances on 4/11 and said they weren’t.

We were told the lobby group that is allegedly the shadowy, swampy D.C. hand guiding this county is the one who told Brownstain about them.

Brownstain additionally said the Elections Group was not on site, had not been on site, and wasn’t working onsite. This was a lie confirmed by the Elections Group’s own proposal as well as several witnesses who have told us he lied.

They say he brought on the group without a contract, they started working, and he scrambled to force the board to make it legitimate and save his bacon.

We have numerous witnesses who say this was all done below board.

Brownstain needs to be fired. His BS conduct would fly as far as a pig in the real world.

Now, back to this proposal. In its 85 pages of agenda, red tape, and obscure jargon, it carries an ominous message – our ROV is a flaming trash heap, a dumpster fire, if you will.

It speaks of inadequate standard operating procedures, inexperienced staff, disappearing documents, and deficient software. Yet, paradoxically, this beyond-controversial group – the bearer of such dire news – is poised to be our savior.

Is this rational in your mind? It certainly is not in mine.

Read some of the condensed issues they list here:

Page 10:

  • The report details the process by which The Elections Group (TEG) conducted the operational review, including interviews, site visits, and observations.

Page 12:

  • The document discusses the challenges faced by the Registrar of Voters (ROV) in Washoe County due to rapid population growth. The ROV is struggling to keep up with the increased workload, as the number of registered voters has increased by more than 50% in the past decade. The document also highlights the issue of understaffing and the lack of cross-training, which creates “single points of failure.”

Page 21:

  • The document discusses the importance of ballot proofing and accuracy in order to avoid financial and legal implications. The document specifically addresses the ballot development and proofreading process that led to errors in the 2022 November Election. The ROV lacks adequate standard operating procedures (SOPs) and documentation for ballot development and proofreading. Staff inexperience and lack of institutional knowledge contributed to the issues. The ROV also had issues with their network folders, which caused documents to disappear. The document recommends reviewing the election management system (EMS) for functionality and SOP development.

Page 35:

  • The document discusses the importance of the signature verification process and the need for attention to both people and technology. It notes that the current process is inefficient due to the limitations of the DIMS database. The document recommends implementing a two-tier signature verification process to improve efficiency and quality assurance.

Page 50:

  • The document notes that there is no current staff familiar with how election workers were trained in the past, and that the County was left without a training program when the former assistant registrar of voters left.

Page 53:

  • The document discusses the need to develop a project plan to either retain PollChief or migrate to the State’s new election worker management system.

Page 72:

  • Section 1 discusses the need for a new electronic pollbook solution, as the current one was developed in-house and the developer has retired.

Page 82:

  • The report finds that the office lacks documented SOPs in nearly every instance of important processes or tasks. The lack of SOPs is attributed to the office being under-resourced.

So, TEG says they can write this all up and get them headed in the right direction in 2,618 hours, but the original contract says not to exceed another $500,000.

Now, some key takeaways from above are that there are no adequate standard operating procedures in place. The people are under-experienced and understaffed. The software they are using has been shown to leak data to China, whether on purpose or by accident. Documents have disappeared. There is no current staff familiar with how election workers were trained in the past, and the County was left without a training program when the former assistant registrar of voters left. I could go on for days; there are so many horrific things they point out.

They also say a full-time PIO is needed. Basically, that’s a full-time propaganda disinformation officer to tell us, commoners, everything’s fine and to move along.

Remember, each county can more or less run its elections how they see fit. If they wanted to instill trust and save tens to hundreds of millions, we’d vote where we live and report where we live. We’d fix this overnight.

Bringing everything to one point of failure or corruption is a horrible idea for free and fair elections.

This stuff is not meant to make our elections better; it’s just to make them harder to understand and harder to prove they are being rigged.

There is no reason to pursue this insanity if the goal is safe, trustworthy, and efficient elections.

You should read the proposal and its findings. It’s a dumpster fire, and these are the people who are supposed to save us? Everywhere they’ve been is surrounded by controversy. Look at this website and committee they are also a part of. Just like AB406, they want to scare people into not asking questions and giving up.

Read up here on TEG:

Read up here on this committee:

Look at the committee members. Most of these people come from areas where impossibilities happened in elections, and these people, too, are surrounded by controversy.

We can solve this by going back to what works, not by creating fires and pretending to be the firefighters.

Read their proposal here:

Show up Friday and speak out for 3 minutes about it here:


Commission Chambers

1001 E. 9th St.

Friday, June 9, 2023

10:00 a.m.

If you can’t show up, at least email them here:

Public comments can be submitted via email to The County will make reasonable efforts to include all comments received for public comment by email in the record. Please try to provide comments by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 8, 2023

We don’t need TEG!

We need new voter rolls, precinct-level voting, and reporting and this can be done within the current mess called AB321. They can do this. It would save us countless millions and give us trust in our election process.

This Friday, we need you to rise and make your voice heard. Call or email, but most importantly, show up. Remember, we are not just defending an election process but the very cornerstone of our way of life: our voice on what we want and don’t want, which affects us all and our families.

See you Friday at the dumpster fire. Bring marshmallows, and common sense speak.

You’ll have 3 minutes. Make them count.



Consider this – once upon a time, our ancestors could count paper ballots within a day. Yet today, in the age of unprecedented technology, we take over a month and a half for the same task.

It’s insanity what all this costs and what it offers. Zero trust for Yuge money. If they want, I’ll build it all for free and walk away without a penny asked and zero control over it.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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