One just has to look at my past post, where I said I told’ja so.

We all know if you use the same machines, to count the same votes, you’ll get the same results. Duh!

That’s why the three candidates and Franklin Project demanded a hand count, to verify what the machines reported.

They were never given that hand count.

The county refused to do a hand count.

The Franklin Project paid for the hand count, why wouldn’t they do one? It cost the county or taxpayer nothing.

They say it’s too inefficient to count by hand. That’s ridiculous, as using the machines over the three days to do the recount works out to checking 50 ballots an hour!

If we had the same amount of workers, instead of using machines, count by hand, on average they should be able to hand count the same election in 1 day. I know we counted 60,000 ballots in 2.5 hours, so 80,000 wouldn’t take us much longer.

Regardless, we all knew we would see the same results, that’s why a machine count was not to be done under any circumstance, yet the county did it.

Paul White’s lawyer went in front of Judge Drakulich today. We’re told she will rule soon on what happens next. It’s clear the county didn’t follow the statutes on how to do the recount; it’s clear they bulldozed over all the filed temporary restraining orders, injunctions, and lawsuits, to do this recount.

Even the Democrats are wanting a hand count. I mean who wouldn’t? What is there to hide right?

Even if you knew nothing about the county and the corruption here, a normal person would question why the county is doing this. Why add fuel to the fire of distrust? How can we trust them when they do these things?

Regardless, we’ll all wait now to see if the judge does anything about it or if they let this crap stand too.

Welcome to Washoe folks, where they call you crazy, and every other name under the sun if you just simply point out the crap they do to our elections in broad daylight.

It’s wild that citizens would attack people exposing the election issues, rather than question the people doing the shady election stuff.

It’s truly the shaken ant experiment. If you forgot what it was, watch it here again, and remember if we come together, if we all say enough, this all stops. Until then, enjoy more of the same.


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