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The Election Group was brought in unethically, as witnessed in the two county commission board meetings. We have testimonies stating that BrownStain lied to bring them in, had them work without a contract, and lied about it. We were informed that the shadowy hand of the lobbyist group was the one who instructed BrownStain, Comrade Hill-Insky, Mariluz, “Sometimes lives in her district too,” Garcia and Clarabelle the Clown to bring in The Elections Group.

Here’s the kicker: If true, The Elections Group must be immediately removed based on our research and the controversies surrounding them. Furthermore, the county’s own guidelines, as well as the NRS, outline the requirements that a business must fulfill to be awarded a contract with the county. Despite this, TEG has been awarded the contract and has been working, but our research indicates that they are in breach of these requirements. It appears that BrownStain failed to properly put this job out to bid and has discriminated against every business that was rejected or turned away for failing to meet the requirement of being licensed by the Nevada Secretary of State!

Here are the requirements!


The selected Proposer, prior to doing business in the State of Nevada, must be appropriately licensed by the Office of the Secretary of State pursuant to NRS 76.100. Information regarding the Nevada State Business License can be located at

Additionally, if the Proposer is a corporation, LLC, LP, LLP, LLLP, or non-profit corporation based out of state, it must be registered as a foreign business entity equivalent in Nevada, in active status, and in good standing with the Nevada Secretary of State.

Award of any Contract is contingent on a Proposer having and holding an active and valid Nevada State Business License. The successful Proposer must satisfy this requirement within five (5) business days of issuance of the Notice of Intent. If a Proposer is unable or unwilling to adhere to this requirement, the County will deem the Proposer to be non-responsive, and the County will proceed to negotiate with the next most qualified firm, and so on, until a Contract, that is acceptable to the County, is negotiated.


As you can see, we searched under The Elections Group.

Look here, all the businesses in Nevada with Election(s) in their name, none of them are The Elections Group!

Noah Praetz, The Signer of the contract, and just his last name as well.

Jennifer Morrell, the cofounder, and just her last name as well.
We found nothing, and if you notice, we tried several different ways of searching just to cover the bases. Partial business name, partial actual names, still nothing!

Here is proof the contract is under “The Elections Group” Name and their information.

If this is true, if TEG has failed to meet these requirements and BrownStain overlooked this egregious error, at best, BrownStain must be fired, and the Elections Group must be terminated TODAY! How much incompetence, at best, are you willing to tolerate?


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