Huge thank you to everyone who emailed and came out to support the candidates and the citizens of Washoe County today!

Today, Commissioners Herman, Clark, and Andriola voted against certifying the recount!

Due to all the support, what should have been a 30- or 45-minute meeting lasted 4 1/2 hours.

So many incredible patriots and citizens spoke truth to power, bringing evidence and receipts, and sharing their experiences with the commissioners really paid off.

I presented two reports showing the entire election was completely manipulated based on the county’s own certified data.

Read the reports here:

By not certifying the recount, this buys time for the courts to rule on whether or not a hand count should be done. It additionally allows time for them to investigate the massive manipulation of our election as the two reports show.

Today was a victory, well-deserved and well-earned for the people of Washoe County and the candidates! It’s all due to God, and all of you who wrote or showed up and spoke truth to power. Thank you.

Now we will watch the media spin this into something crazy that it’s not and try to make it all about a hand count that they will say the county cannot do, which is absurd because, of course, they can.

All any of these candidates have to do is either have the judge rule in their favor or take the next step, which is an election contest, which would then force a hand count if it’s ordered by the judge.

Additionally, we will wait and see what the Secretary of State does since this is uncharted waters for Washoe County not certifying a recount. I believe this is the first ever, if I’m not mistaken?

So while we are far from winning the war, enjoy this victory; the candidates and you deserve it!



Huge thank you to Commissioners Herman, Clark and Andriola for doing what was right, not easy.

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