As I posted on X Saturday before the “machine recount.”

Like I said from the start, a machine recount is a waste of time and Franklin Project money. It will just say what it said when Clara Andriola certified it and her own election.

The question is, why is the county so against a hand count recount? It was paid for in full, costs the county or taxpayers nothing, the three candidates demanded it, Franklin Project demanded it, and the law requires it, yet the county refuses to do it.

There are 3 lawsuits, 3 injunctions, and 3 temporary restraining orders filed by the candidates. The recount should have waited until a judge ruled on the method in which the recount is to be done.

Yet the county blazed forward on a Sunday to do it.

We know running the same ballots through the same machines will give us the same result, which is why the Franklin Project demanded and paid for a hand recount.

It’s called checks and balances. It’s called accountability, it’s called transparency, yet the county will not give it to any of us.

Instead, what they do is tell the media what to say and only cover their “side” of the issue. They will say a “recount” was done, and the candidates and Franklin Project are fools, as there’s no issue. All is as was previously reported, the same winners, same losers.

This crap has to end, but will only end when you all say it does.

Show up Tuesday and call this crap out peacefully. They will be certifying the recount Tuesday at 8 am at the Board of County Commissioners meeting location.

Peacefully show up and speak out. This affects every voter. The three candidates are Democrat, Republican, and Nonpartisan, yet all three candidates and all three parties were just disenfranchised.


What is the county so scared of?

They want us to trust them but do everything in the world to make it impossible, just like this.

They call anyone who questions their actions conspiracy theorists and say they are damaging the perception of free elections. Yet they are the ones who do these things to make all parties now say it’s them who are damaging the integrity of our elections and perception of free and fair elections.

What are they hiding?

Why won’t they do what they are paid to do and required by law to do, a hand recount?

Why won’t they give us the same level of checks and balances as a grocery store cash register?

How can we trust, but not verify what they say?

How can we trust them at all when they do this crap, even in broad daylight?

The County says if we don’t like what they do, to sue them. That’s reassuring, right? What a great use of tax payer money, right?

Well, guess what? The three candidates already did, yet here we are…

Show up Tuesday and peacefully ask them not to certify, and to give the candidates and county the hand count that was paid for and demanded.

Tuesday, 8 am
1001 E 9th, Reno


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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