The Tuesday meeting appears illegal. I’ll explain further towards the end of this post after I provide the back story.

Now, repeatedly, figures such as Eric Brown, Alexis Hill, Mariluz Garcia, and the controversial token conservative Clara Andriola have been pushing for the reinstatement of the highly contentious “The Elections Group” (TEG).

It’s become unmistakably evident that the public does not want TEG. During its initial proposal at the county commission board meeting, the proposal was effectively shot down by the efforts of our civic superheroes, Commissioner Clark and Vice Chair Commissioner Herman. However, the game changed when Governor Lombardo made the decision to appoint a token conservative, Clara Andriola, to fill the vacancy left by Commissioner Vaughn Hartung. One of Andriola’s first official acts was to align with the liberal stalwarts Garcia and Hill to re-introduce TEG.

This process, rife with controversy, raised several eyebrows. Many even questioned its legality. What became clear quite quickly was that County Manager Eric Brown lied to the commissioners and the public. He falsely claimed that TEG had never had a presence in the County or the ROV offices, an assertion that was proven to be a lie. It emerged later that TEG had been operating in the area since December of the previous year!

In an apparent deviation from protocol, Brown seems to have brought TEG on board without prior approval from the commissioners. Following the vote where TEG’s reinstatement was shot down by Herman and Clark, panic reportedly set in for Brown, as he lacked the authority to make such a move. The TEG contract, as it is written, has two phases: the first part includes a $100,000 assessment fee for advising the county on issues, and the second entails another $500,000 fee for implementing the recommended changes.

Despite promises from Andriola and others that they would not proceed to phase 2, and thus the additional $500,000, without intense debate, whistleblowers have reported that Brown had already committed to giving TEG this additional sum, again without the board’s approval.

Despite the public’s consistent opposition to TEG, Brown and the three liberal members on the board are persisting in keeping TEG operational against the wishes of the community. This resistance will cost Andriola and Hill dearly in the upcoming elections, with their chances of reelection in 2024 being less than zero, unless the elections are rigged again. I should note, God willing, my pending lawsuit aims to expose and rectify the issues within the county, so they won’t be able to rig it enough this time.

What you should bear in mind is that the audit committee will be hearing a presentation by County Manager Eric Brown this coming Tuesday, where he will make a case for pushing ahead with TEG, against the will of the people. We need to rally, and remind the commission that we do not want TEG. We want our local citizens to manage our elections, not some out-of-state and highly controversial company and their team.

I urge you to review the past posts regarding TEG, reflect on their implications, and then ask yourself, do you genuinely want these individuals managing or running our elections?

Moreover, I warned the audit committee that I would file a lawsuit against Eric Brown and the county if they didn’t terminate him. As you might have guessed, I did. This is not an empty threat; I’m suing him personally and in his professional capacity. The lawsuit I’ve filed is no joke, and given the evidence I’ve gathered, he stands a real chance of being found guilty and potentially facing jail time.

It’s time for these individuals to remember that they serve us, not their interests. The deals they are making do not benefit us, and that’s more than clear. We need to ensure TEG does not have a role in our elections; instead, we should rely on local talent, which we have in abundance. Unfortunately, Brown is insistent on keeping TEG in Washoe and appears to be resisting the appointment of a qualified assistant ROV or ROV.

I wonder why that is….

Re-read the posts here:

At the beginning of this post, I stated that the Tuesday audit committee potentially operates illegally. Legal experts, well-versed in the county ordinances and charters, assert that the audit committee has been functioning unlawfully since 2019. It appears there has never been a legitimate vote to select a Chair and Vice Chair for this board, meaning, every meeting since 2019 appears to be illegally held. The proceedings have been managed by the “auditor,” a non-voting member who lacks the authority to conduct these meetings.

Adding to the illegitimacy, Alexis Hill, merely an Alternate on this board, has been both managing it alongside the auditor and voting on the matters under consideration. These actions are clear breaches of the County Ordinances and County Charter. It seems these individuals are openly flipping us, and the law, off in full view of the public at every meeting, and it has gone unchallenged until now.

Highlighting their blatant disregard for the County, its citizens, and the laws, there are currently two vacant positions on the board! It seems they were banking on the idea that the two conservative members wouldn’t be allowed to vote if the vacancies remained unfilled, thus facilitating the approval of TEG. What they’ve overlooked is that the two conservatives who have been ousted from the board remain voting members until the county commissioners appoint new board members!

So, the two conservative individuals continue to be voting members of this arguably illegitimate board!

Are you beginning to grasp the inner workings of this system? They silence our voices during meetings by eliminating public comments. They devise an E-Bot, E-Comment system, allowing their allies to flood the meeting with bot-generated emails, giving a false impression of public support for their communist agendas. They run illicit boards to bulldoze their pet projects through. County board meetings are essentially just a way to distribute millions of ARPA funds to their friends, and the elections are rigged to ensure their puppet masters continue this game.

Enough is enough! Make your voice heard this Tuesday and expose this B.S!

Join us at the meeting on Tuesday here:

Tuesday, 8/1/23 10 AM

County Commission Chambers (Big Room)

1001 East 9th Street

Reno, NV 89512



They’re baaaack….. so let’s send them packing.

See you there.



This meeting has no business occurring. Let’s point that out on Tuesday, if legal doesn’t point that out to the board sooner and they cancel it.

Here’s PROOF:

15.545 – Establishment of audit committee

  1. The audit committee shall elect one member of the audit committee to be the chairperson and one member to be the vice-chairperson. It will be the responsibility of the chairperson to schedule all meetings of the committee and to provide the committee members with a written agenda for each meeting.

Read it here:

Commissioner Jeanne Herman
Alt. Commissioner Alexis Hill
Barbara Kinnison
Charlene Hart

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