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Have you ever seen the movie Idiocracy?

Every day, it feels more and more like we’re living through the movie.

In a nutshell, the movie is about the total demise of law, order, and common sense. It moves to the dumbest of reasoning and the total destruction of the United States, with absurdities like “the plants crave Brawndo.” Similar to Gatorade, Brando, instead of water, is fed to the lawns, plants, etc., and they’re all dead, yet they continue to, “because it’s what the plants crave.” Absurd, but the movie continues down the road of total idiocracy.

That’s where I see us today.

With our so-called servants pushing wokeness over constitutional rights, ESG nonsense over human rights, global warming instead of truthful facts, selections over elections, war over peace, printing of currency vs. preservation of money, promotion of self-censorship over speaking truth to power, pushing multiple genders when God made only two, pushing drag queens and sexual predators on kids vs. protecting them from sexual predators and teaching them the fundamentals of learning they need to succeed, teaching communism vs. constitutionalism, the media covering meaningless things vs. the things that matter, servants and media working together vs. working for we the people, and so much more – I could go on forever.

We are at the idiocracy stage. We see Jill Dickman and the assembly pushing AB 356 to keep licensed professionals from tracking and investigating public servants instead of holding them accountable. People should really question, what are they hiding? Law enforcement should do their job, so others don’t have to. And for the haters out there, I never paid anyone to track, stalk, or follow anyone. It’s idiocracy at work as common sense to a child would tell us if public servants can no longer be investigated, and they’re corrupt now, imagine how much worse it will get.

Which brings me to our elections. The county has appeared to bring on another far-left organization to ensure our election process is “Democratic.” We all know the problems with this. We have a constitutional republic, not a democracy; we need a bipartisan group from within each county to oversee the elections, not people from Chicago, etc.

On Tuesday, the board will be voting on whether or not to bring on “The Elections Group.” The two main players in it are Noah Praetz and Jennifer Morrell, based in Illinois.

Noah ran the elections in Illinois, and Jennifer in Colorado. Feel free to dig into them and call their past constituents. I want to see all the bids that came in for this service for our county. I’m told there were none! I want to see all the additional people that will be hired to help on the ground and support Jaimie Rodriguez and others due to this. Im told its going to be very expensive! I can go on and on about their ties to CISA, DOJ, Biden, etc., but I feel others will be doing this soon for us. What you need to know is that on Tuesday, the county will be voting on whether to implement these people and their far-left funded and run organization. Is that what you want? Is that what we need? What’s wrong with using people here in Washoe? If we had a simple election system, we wouldn’t need any of this.

Is that why they want it so complicated? So we can’t follow all the moving parts and millions of dollars people are raking in? Why do we spend tens of millions of dollars on 300,000 voters? Does that sound normal to you? It’s idiocracy! I can code a program and run the elections locally for less than a million dollars every four years! Hell, I’d just donate it to the County. Why must we spend tens of millions and have zero transparency and control? Look who is authorizing this, you sure as hell never voted for them! Why should they run our elections? It goes back to idiocracy – don’t be an idiot. Speak truth to power. Enough is enough.


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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