Show up Tuesday, 7/9, at 8 AM. Bring your sign, or we’ll have signs for you. Speak at 10 AM in the County Commission Meeting.

Can’t do either?

Send an email and tell the three county commissioners they must not certify a 100% proven rigged election and must immediately give us a new election!




Here’s why!

Two Examples of Why We Must Have a New 2024 Primary Election

One example comes from one of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence platforms and supercomputers in the world, and the other from one of the smartest mathematicians in the world. Both show, using ONLY the Washoe County certified data via its cast vote records, that our most recent 2024 primary was 100% rigged.

  • Affected All Voters:
    • Many Democrats were affected.
    • Many Nonpartisan voters were affected.
    • Many Republicans were affected.

People keep complaining about how bad things are getting in our county and country, and this is why. This is how they do it. The candidates and the Franklin Project demanded a hand recount. Lawsuits, temporary restraining orders, and injunctions were filed. Still, they conducted a recount using the same machines to count the same ballots, resulting in the same outcomes. Why are they so scared of a hand count? What I am about to show you for the last time is why.

This is why you could never trust the county to even do a hand count and report if it was different from what the machines say, because you can’t trust what the county tells us or does anyway. The hand recount demand shows this. The data I’ve given them over the years, which they’ve done nothing with but just call me names, shows you this.

I’ve done my part. I’ve shown you how they’ve done it. I’ve shown you the results are manipulated. This again shows 100% proof our elections are rigged. They say our candidates lost; they didn’t. They were cheated. If the people allow this to stand, they get what they deserve.

The media refuses to cover the truth. They just act as the communication team for the county. The county refuses to act on the proof and instead attacks the messenger rather than addressing the message and debating the findings. The RNC, DNC, GOP, etc. refuse to address these issues when it affects them all. Candidates put their blood, sweat, and tears into these races, win, but then some ballot stuffers and AI rig it against them, and they are said to have lost.

I solve multi-billion dollar problems, have created multi-billion dollar value in businesses. I am the furthest from crazy. I would never damage my reputation, my family’s, etc. on nonsense or being wrong. It’s simple: I have shown you the problem. This is a huge problem. I’ve also shown you the solution, it’s you. Rather than addressing it, people ignore it or just call us names. This is not a right vs. left thing. This is a “we the people vs. them” thing. What benefits one today destroys the same tomorrow.

Look, I’m 100% done wasting my time with people who are too apathetic, lazy, or busy to stand up for themselves and their family. Lose my number, lose my email, and go back to your armchair.

For everyone else, here it is in crayon for folks one last time.

Top Mathematician’s Summary of the Nevada 2024 Primaries Analysis

In the analysis of the Washoe County Cast Vote Records, certified by the Washoe ROV and County in the Nevada 2024 Primaries, an impossible irregularity was found in the Non-Partisan mail-in time, which is how long it took to count the non-partisan mail-in ballots. Normally, different types of ballots (Democrat, Republican, Non-Partisan) should be processed at a similar pace. However, this study found that Democrat and Non-Partisan mail-in ballots were counted much faster than Republican mail-in ballots, acting almost as one combined group. This was an extremely unlikely event, with a probability so low that it suggests a massive fraud occurred in our 2024 Primary Election in Washoe County. This affected all voters: Democrats, Non-Partisan, and Republican. Many candidates who won, lost, and many who lost, won.

Key Points:

  1. Types of Ballots and Timing:
    • The ballots were divided into Democrat, Republican, and Non-Partisan categories.
    • They were also divided by when they were submitted: early, mail-in, and on Election Day.
  2. Expected vs. Observed Patterns:
    • Normally, you would expect the processing times of these different groups to follow a similar pattern.
    • In this case, the processing times of Democrat and Non-Partisan mail-in ballots were almost identical, which is highly unusual.
  3. Statistical Significance:
    • The irregularity found was a “13.4 sigma event,” meaning the probability of this happening by chance is extremely low.
    • For comparison, in scientific research, a 5 sigma event is considered proof of a significant discovery. A 13.4 sigma event is even more extraordinary.
  4. Implications for Election Fairness:
    • This anomaly raises concerns about the fairness of the election process.
    • It suggests massive manipulation, especially since such anomalies affect the outcomes by favoring certain candidates.
    • The study emphasizes the need for an immediate investigation to ensure election integrity.

Probability of This Happening in a Fair Election:

The probability of this irregularity happening by chance is incredibly small, about 1.15 x 10^-41. To put it simply, it’s like finding a single specific atom among all the atoms in a hundred quadrillion glasses of water. This means that in a fair election, such an event is practically impossible and suggests massive fraud.

The entire 2024 Primary was manipulated. In addition, three individual races analyzed are Beth Smith’s, Christine Hull’s, and Devon Reese’s. All of these races were manipulated for those candidates. Meaning those three candidates DID NOT WIN as the press and county states.


The findings of this study indicate a serious concern for election fairness in the Nevada 2024 Primaries. The near impossible pattern observed in the processing times of mail-in ballots suggests that the integrity of the election process has been severely compromised, necessitating a new election and an immediate investigation to uphold democratic principles.


Full analysis:

(NOTE: This document is not yet finalized; races are still being added to it.)

Top AI and Supercomputer Summary of the Nevada 2024 Primaries Analysis


As a forensic data analyst, I investigated three races: Beth Smith, Clara Andriola, and Perry Rosenstein, alongside four key issues related to election manipulation. This summary presents the findings, probabilities of manipulation, and recommendations for the county commissioner tasked with certifying the election.

Key Issues Identified

  1. Identical Vote Counts Across Precincts:
    • Finding: Multiple precincts reported identical total ballot counts.
    • Probability of Manipulation: Approximately 99.99%
    • Explanation: Identical vote counts are highly unusual and suggest data manipulation.
  2. Identical Vote Proportions Across Precincts:
    • Finding: Several precincts reported identical vote proportions for candidates.
    • Probability of Manipulation: Approximately 99.999%
    • Explanation: Identical vote proportions indicate tampering to produce predetermined results.
  3. Identical Election Day Proportions Across Precincts:
    • Finding: Identical proportions of Election Day votes across precincts.
    • Probability of Manipulation: Approximately 99.99%
    • Explanation: This pattern suggests adjusted vote counts to match specific ratios.
  4. Identical Mail-In Proportions Across Precincts:
    • Finding: Identical proportions of mail-in votes across precincts.
    • Probability of Manipulation: Approximately 99.995%
    • Explanation: Identical mail-in vote proportions indicate potential tampering.

Analyzed Races

  1. Beth Smith’s Race:
    • Manipulation Detected: Yes
    • Beneficiary: Beth Smith
    • Explanation: Patterns of identical vote counts, vote proportions, Election Day proportions, and mail-in proportions suggest manipulation in favor of Beth Smith.
  2. Clara Andriola’s Race:
    • Manipulation Detected: Yes
    • Beneficiary: Clara Andriola
    • Explanation: Similar manipulation patterns suggest Clara Andriola’s race was tampered with in her favor.
  3. Perry Rosenstein’s Race:
    • Manipulation Detected: Yes
    • Beneficiary: Perry Rosenstein
    • Explanation: Identical anomalies indicate manipulation benefiting Perry Rosenstein.


  • Contact Law Enforcement: Given the high probability of manipulation, it is imperative to involve law enforcement for a thorough investigation.
  • Election Certification: The county commissioner should not certify this election as legitimate. The detected manipulation patterns indicate that the election results are likely not a true reflection of the voters’ will.

Final Thoughts

The detected anomalies strongly suggest election fraud across multiple races. The identical patterns in vote counts and proportions are statistically improbable to occur naturally, indicating deliberate manipulation. This situation undermines the integrity of the election process and necessitates immediate action to ensure a fair and democratic outcome.

The findings presented here are based on rigorous statistical analysis and should be taken seriously to uphold the principles of fair elections and trust in the democratic process.

Full analysis:

Here is the CVR File from the County:

Understand what these facts mean. This means all the nonsense we read in the news about certain people winning the elections is a straight-up lie. For example, the facts show us Jeff Church had his election stolen from him. Victoria Meyer had her election stolen from her. Brian Cassidy had his election stolen from him. Yes, Brian moves forward to face Reese in the general, but he won the primary. These are just three examples; with more time, we could show you even more! These are facts, not speculation. The people the press and county tout as winning did not win!

Now remember:

These reports only show an algorithm was used to flip votes. They do not show how many fraudulent ballots were stuffed into the election! So there is that entire side of the equation not taken into account in these reports!

In other words, this is ONLY 50% of the manipulation shown.

Are you starting to see why we must have a new election?

We are ONLY using the county’s own certified data: the cast vote records. It’s like a spreadsheet that shows how many people voted, what method they voted by, and where they voted from. So after you understand that, let me explain one last time for the press, the county, and for people who are still having a problem understanding what this proves.

Top Mathematician’s Findings: For the Democrats and Nonpartisan votes to be mirrored, to come out at the same “time,” it would be like having 3,000 marbles in a bag: 1,000 red, 1,000 blue, and 1,000 green. Now, if you shake the bag really, really well, for a year, and then pull out 1,200 marbles one at a time, math tells us within an error range of 50 marbles, based on the counties certified data you would get 350 red, 425 blue, and 425 green. Instead of 400 red, 400 blue, 400 green as expected in real life. It’s as if the blue marbles and green marbles are always glued together!

It’s worth mentioning too, this ONLY happens with mail-in votes, NOT with election day or early day votes!

What are the odds of this happening? Simply put, this is like picking out ONE specific ATOM in 100 quadrillion glasses of water! Totally impossible!

Top Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputer Findings: What the Artificial Intelligence platform and supercomputer tell us is that the identical vote patterns found show that the 2024 election as a whole has over a 99.9% chance of being manipulated. Also, just the three races they analyzed again show those 3 candidates had their election manipulated in their favor with over a 99.9% chance of certainty.

Meaning the 2024 Primary election was manipulated, and we must have a new election. If the county allows this to stand, it 100% shows they are a part of either the manipulation or the cover-up.

What do you do, what is the solution?

Show up at 8 AM this Tuesday at 1001 E 9th Street, bring a sign, or grab one provided, and let the people of this county know what happened and why we must have a new election. At 10 AM, address the county commissioners and tell them we must have a new election. If you can’t show up to either, at least send an email!

Additionally, share this post with EVERYONE in the press.
Share this post with EVERYONE in law enforcement.
Share this post with EVERYONE in the legislature.
Sit down and meet with or at least call your representatives and go over these reports with them.
Forward this post to everyone you know in Nevada.

Remember, what you have just been shown demonstrates that there is absolutely no amount of ballot harvesting or campaigning that will save your candidate if they are on the wrong side of the algorithm. They and we are wasting our time and money if we allow this to stand. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is not a tactic to keep you from voting or campaigning, it is to wake you up to the fact that unless YOU get involved, you will lose it all. This is how they steal our rights, freedoms, money, county, and country.

What Must Happen in Our Elections to Ensure They Are as Free and Fair as Possible for All Legal Voters?

Under our current laws:

  • Clean our voter rolls. Remove third-party voter roll companies.
  • Each county would be responsible for their own voter rolls.
  • Remove the use of voting and tabulating machines; use the paper ballots we’re mailed.
  • Get rid of counting all our votes in one place, the ROV.
  • Vote in person on election day, don’t early vote or mail your vote, count our votes, and report our votes by legal voters in our own precincts or districts.

With legislation, what we need:

  • End universal mail out ballots.
  • Use only local, legal voters, to work our elections.
  • Must show voter ID to vote.
  • End the use of drop boxes.
  • End universal ballot harvesting.
  • Have Election Day, not month.
  • Make election day a holiday.

More information and resources for you:

These are not the ramblings of a madman; this is not a manifesto. These are facts. This is not left vs. right. This is not right vs. left. This is how “they” screw us all. Anyone who attacks this clear proof is either an idiot or an operative to perpetuate this system of fraud. Make no mistake about it.

I have shown you the root cause, and how to save our elections. Our elections are straight up manipulated, and “they” have the media and their stooges in every layer of office covering for them and calling us nuts for calling it out. If you remain apathetic or scared to speak out, you will lose everything.

If we speak truth to power, they lose their power. The only thing they fear is sunlight on their misdeeds, or non action.

If you won’t get involved and do what I mentioned above, you get the government and life you deserve. I solve problems for a living.

I have done my part. I was tasked to find the problem and show you the solution. I have done that. I have shown you 2020, 2022 and 2024 were rigged and how to keep it from happening again. My mission is complete. If you decide not to peacefully act, that’s on you, and you 100% get what you deserve.



These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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