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This is really going to upset both parties.

This is just a taste of what we found and learned.

We’ll release more evidence, information, etc, in the future.

Let’s dig in.

The USPS is paid postage to deliver the mail.

We trust that when we pay them, they’ll do what we paid them for.



The USPS has been sitting on election mailings since prior to our primaries, and it’s only grown since then to now.

What does that mean?

The USPS was paid to deliver candidate mail to potential voters, but a ton (actually tons of tons) never were delivered.

Why weren’t they delivered?

The postal bosses will say it because they were undeliverable, but we’re told that’s the furthest from the truth.

We have several USPS whistleblowers.

We couldn’t believe what they told us.

To start, we will just release two issues they brought to our attention everyone needs to know.

First, all this undelivered candidate mail we’re told wasn’t delivered mainly because the USPS is too understaffed.

We’re told they work until 7 PM just with the mail they already have to process-deliver.

We’re told they don’t have the capacity for all these candidate mailers.

So they simply throw them in these huge bins and then schedule them to be shredded at a later date!

Again, the whistleblowers say the bosses will say it’s because it came back undeliverable, but again they say that’s not true. The candidate mailers are still banded, still packaged, and never mailed.

They say it’s simply because of one of a couple of reasons why these aren’t mailed out:

  • They don’t have the capacity
  • They don’t like the candidates

Take a look here at some pictures of these huge, filled bins of mailers that never went out and see if you recognize your candidates.

We’re told there are millions and millions of candidate mailers across the state this happens to.

This one location has 10s of thousands of POUNDS of mailers destined for shredding.

If you were a candidate or PAC or party who spent thousands of dollars on mailers, how does this sit with you?

Maybe the votes your candidate needed never came because these exposure pieces never went out?

Now let’s talk ballots!

The whistleblowers tell us there is zero chain of custody on our most precious voice, our votes.

They tell us, They literally have no idea where they come from.

They say 15-20 people handle them at least at EACH location!

They say any worker can grab as many as they want and do whatever they want with them, as no one has to sign anything to take them!

They tell me they can take enough themselves to flip an election.

They say there are hyper-politically charged people that work there that might do nefarious things.

They additionally said they could take thousands at a time if they wanted because they actually label the bags big and bold with the word “ballots” on them!

They add that they can walk right over to all the bags, grab them and take them where ever they want, as no one signs the workers in or out with the ballots.

Additionally, they state that they are the main courier of ballots, so in addition to all the brand new pristine ballots that come in, they also get a majority of the ones from the public!

Stating they again could do whatever they wanted with those as well!

So we’re told the workers have no idea where the new ballots come from, can take them without having to sign anything, and then all the filled-out ballots from the public they have access to do whatever they want there too!

So mailers and ballots, in the hands of one group…

Good God, we are putting a ton of trust in a very blue organization.

Do any of you see a problem with any of this?

AB321 screwed us all and has to go.

I must say thank God for the good and morale workers there who would never do anything to hurt us.

We truly need a chain of custody, security onsite, etc, with our ballots and additionally need to get what we pay for.

What say you?



Tomorrow we’ll share the documents we just dropped in the lap of the AG, SOS, and Supreme Court. Stay tuned and Happy Thanksgiving.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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