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The 20%

In my last post, I showed you how to save 80% of our elections. It can’t be said enough: unless we save our elections, we can’t save anything. 

We all have our passions, and our causes we fight for, but none are really successful when you need political action, are they? 

If you have been fighting for our kids at school board meetings, trying to stop the needless printing of money, sending funds to rogue groups-nations, closing the border, and on and on, none of what you’re doing has really worked, has it? 

The elections are the root cause of our issues. If we can save them, we can save it all. If you were President, or Governor, or Mayor, you’d end the nonsense day one, so why don’t our servants? You know why: it’s rigged. 

The people we go to for help aren’t helping We The People; they’re helping themselves. In Washoe, we have 2 commissioners who are helping us, but we need one more vote to save our County. Andriola is the third vote; she could save our county with one vote. Why won’t she? Who does she really work for? I suggest you peacefully start asking.

We must put saving our elections first, then our causes, second. Or it’s a wrap.

This brings me to the 20%. 

Yesterday, I showed you how we can save 80% of elections today, which would get most of our candidates through. Over the next 4-12 months, we’ll focus on the 20%.

We must get rid of the mailing of ballots to everyone nonsense, the lack of voter ID, the drop box idiocracy, and, of course, the straight-up insanity of ballot harvesting. I have a plan to do this.

This will get us the other 20%, but without the first 80%, it won’t be enough.

Focus on the 80% today, and know you’ll soon see what I’ll be doing for all Nevadans to get us the other 20%.

Unless we have free and fair elections for all Nevadans, we’ll lose it all.

No one who is virtuous and cares about liberty and justice would be against free and fair elections.

Stay tuned. Watch who comes after me, us, and this proposal once launched into action. They will show themselves for who they are, and how they have been stealing power and money through this rigged scheme that was all in the name of “safety,” “inclusivity,” and “accessibility,” when it is the furthest thing from those, or trustworthy.



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