Hey folks!

It’s that time again; we need to peacefully observe our election process. If you want to get involved and help safeguard the vote, please reach out to me and I’ll get you plugged in with the team.

This will be specifically for observing at polling locations, and at the ROV Headquarters in the areas they designate us to observe from.

If you would like to work directly for the ROV, fill out their forms here:


If you would like to volunteer with us, simply email us at OperationSunlight@protonmail.com, and we will get you trained up and plugged in.

It’s up to us all to do what we peacefully can to help ensure our voting process is lawful.



Don’t forget to RSVP for The Washoe County Senate Debate, it’s on 5/9/24 in BoomTown. It’s $35 per person, but if ole Biden has you strapped for cash, I’ll personally cover your and your guest’s ticket. You need to meet the people who may end up representing you and your family. RSVP here today:


If you need me to pay for your ticket, just email me directly at RobertBeadles@Protonmail.com. Send me your name and your guest’s name, and I’ll buy you both dinner. You won’t want to miss it!

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