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In this post today, we’ve received word from insiders at the County that stolen election Alexis Hill, AKA Alexis Hill’Insky, or her campaign team may have stolen the county email list for campaign purposes.

Hill’Insky, after inviting her Soros associates from out-of-state to claim support for Reno, used the County email platform extensively post opposition to the Herman Election Resolution early in ’22. Alexis Hill’Insky sent emails to convey her position that Herman’s resolution posed a threat to democracy and grift about her stolen election.

Notably, on the 24th of March, it was suggested that I reached out to her, which is total B.S. That would be like reaching out to a hooker asking for a case of herpes, I’d never do it.

It’s apparent what happened, Hill’Insky seized the opportunity to leverage the county email list and appeal for support, and pretend she is who the people actually voted for.

We are all aware that Alexis Hill, AKA Comrade Alexis Hill’Inski, did not legitimately defeat Marsha Berkbigler in 2020. The election was stolen from Marsha. The evidence is all around, and there’s still $80,000 out there to prove us wrong.

If Hill or her team did indeed use the county email list for campaign purposes, as insiders suggest, it reeks of desperation. In a fair election, she WILL face a resounding rejection. She has little to no favor within her district or the community at large. I’ve yet to find a single individual who can vouch for her in a positive light. Those who publicly express any support for her seem to be on the same team evil, exploiting taxpayer money at our expense.

She has removed the provision for public comment due to the backlash she faces. Soon, she plans to introduce a virtual, anonymous public commenting system, likely to have her army of Soros bots fake support as real people. We will discuss this further later.

To further prove what the County insiders say could be true, is that I found myself on her campaign email list when I never subscribed to it! On July 21st, I received an email from her asking for me to support her campaign and go to her fundraiser! Hahahahahahaaaa could you imagine me showing up at her fundraiser 🙂

Smoking gun proof these insiders are most likely telling the truth in which they say she or her team stole the county email list!

What’s certain is that REAL people will campaign tirelessly to ensure she is removed from office. They WILL NOT be able to rig the votes enough this time around. Soon enough, Hill’Insky will be heading to the unemployment line and maybe (likely) prison.

The critical issue here pertains to the penalties for such unauthorized use of the email list. 

Some potential violations are:

Computer fraud and abuse: This federal crime prohibits unauthorized access to a computer system.

Misuse of public records: This is a Nevada state law that bars the unauthorized use of public records for personal or political gain.

Electioneering: This Nevada state law forbids the use of government resources for political ends.

If convicted, the penalties can be substantial:

Fines: For computer fraud and abuse or misuse of public records, the fines can reach up to $250,000.

Imprisonment: The maximum sentence for computer fraud and abuse is ten years, while the misuse of public records can lead to two years.

Restitution: The commissioner could be ordered to pay restitution to the county for the costs of investigating the crime and retrieving the email list.

Moreover, there could be political ramifications. Hill could be ousted from office by the Washoe County Board of Commissioners or through a recall election by the voters.

As I’ve never subscribed to her email list, it seems that the county insiders might be onto something. Let’s see how this unfolds.



We can prove Hill never won legitimately in the first place, someone broke the law for her. Here it sure appears someone is doing it again. Commies do what commies do, time to call this commie out.

We will win!

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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