In this letter, I want to share with you the findings from our team’s extensive research and analysis, as we aim to shed more Sunlight on corruption for you. Amidst the media’s continuous praise for the efficiency of our elections, we have uncovered a different story. Using their own reported data to the Federal Government, we will examine the disturbing implications of the universal mail-in ballot system. Buckle up, as we navigate through the numbers and shed light on the disingenuous claims surrounding our right to suffrage.

The EAV Report: Deceptive Praise or Hidden Truth?

The media and officials’ deceptive tactics have become all too apparent when it comes to the EAV (Election Administration and Voting Survey) report. While they boast about its efficiency, I refuse to lend them my clicks and views. It seems they grant the latest EAV report five stars, creating a façade of excellence in our elections. However, we are about to expose their lies by delving into this very report.

A Colorful Approach to Data Analysis:

To make it easier for you to comprehend the intricate data, I’ll take the crayon route and focus on the basics while presenting conclusive evidence of the deception surrounding the universal mail-in ballot system. Brace yourself for a journey filled with numbers, percentages, and shocking revelations.

Revealing the Inconsistencies:

Let’s kick off with some eye-opening data sourced from the Washoe ROV provided by the ROV directly to the Federal Government’s data repository:

Duplicate and Invalid Registrations: 

A staggering 67.8% of new voter registrations (233,360) were rejected for being duplicates (136,666) or invalid (21,531). Are they truly catching fraudulent voters, or is voter suppression at play? And what’s with the unsettling number 666?

Unexplained Increase in Registrations: 

Despite a population growth rate of 1 to 1.5% annually, according to Census data, there were 68,849 net new registrations, causing the total registration to increase by only 13,339 from 2020. Where did all these people come from, then where did they go? Why the huge gap between numbers? What legally explains this anomaly?

Active vs. Inactive Voter Registrations: 

Out of a total registration of 349,857 voters, 300,337 (85.85%) are considered active voters, while 49,520 (14.15%) remain inactive. Why keep inactive voters on the rolls, hiding behind conflicting statutes? Imagine if they treated our tax records the same way!

Alarming Active and Inactive Voter Trends: 

Active voter registration decreased from 308,363 in 2020 to 300,337 in 2022, marking a concerning 2.6% decrease. Inactive voter registration went up from 28,155 in 2020 to 49,520 in 2022, an increase of 21,365. What accounts for this significant shift just before the elections? Is there a more sinister agenda at play within our voter rolls?

Rejected FPCA and Provisional Ballots: 

Disturbingly, 42.3% of non-military FPCA and 23.4% of provisional ballots were rejected due to faulty registration data or missing forms. With such high rejection rates, an urgent need for investigation arises, wouldn’t you agree?

The Shocking Waste of Universal Mail-In Ballots:

Hold onto your seat for this revelation: according to the 2022 EAV Survey, a staggering 69.7% of universal mail-in ballots were wasted in Washoe County during the 2022 general election. That’s a total of 235,714 mail ballots and/or ballot packages categorized as undeliverable, unreturned, voided, or rejected. Statewide, approximately 71.5% of universal mail-in ballots were wasted during the same election, amounting to an ultra-conservative approximate cost of $2.27 million, as per the research provided by the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

Hold the phone, stop the presses! They are telling us here that 71.5% of universal mail-in ballots were wasted! Even third-world countries conduct in-person voting, and yet, we find ourselves drowning in a sea of misplaced and discarded ballots. Most first-world countries have banned mail-in voting. Even Amazon refused to let their employees vote by mail!

The Compromised Right to Suffrage:

With a staggering 71.5% of all these wasted ballots, it becomes evident that the universal mail-in ballot system is anything but commendable, despite what the media and election officials claim. It’s a distressing fact that our right to suffrage is being compromised. The absence of a required chain of custody and the potential for bad actors to unlawfully manipulate these excess ballots should not be overlooked. We must acknowledge that AB321, which enforced this universal mail-in ballot scheme under the guise of convenience and safety, has become a haven for fraud, waste, and abuse. It must be repealed, as this data alone shows.

Addressing the Root Cause:

I firmly believe that we cannot solve any of our societal issues until we address our election problems. Every aspect of our society stems from our elections. If you were in a position of leadership and received reports of child trafficking, open borders, or other alarming issues, you would take immediate action to end such atrocities. Wouldn’t you? The same should apply to our elected officials. Why don’t or won’t they? It’s simple, if we had morale people in leadership, all this crap we see daily worsening would immediately end. The design of our elections in Nevada enables fraud, (s)elections, and in the near future, I will provide a crash course on conflicting NRSs (Nevada Revised Statutes) to shed light on the battle we face. 

In Conclusion:

The reality is crystal clear: 71.5% of wasted ballots, as revealed by their own reporting, are far from praiseworthy. Our right to suffrage is being compromised, and legitimate elections require an end to this charade. Will our so-called leaders end this disaster or continue to hide it and destroy our right to suffrage?


Oh, by the way…

For the full EAV Report and all the data, you can dig into it here:

Just a reminder, we still have the worst elections in the U.S:

Even Amazon says vote by mail isn’t trustworthy:

Washoe ROV admits the election system must be torn down to the studs:

Fun fact: Look at all the states that have adopted universal mail-in ballot systems. You’ll notice that they are all universally Democrat now. Coincidence? Of course not! It’s all rigged by design, that’s why it’s all circling the drain. Stay tuned.

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