Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. Our ballots from 2022 are now coming back to us as undeliverable. That’s right, the election from 2 years ago; the ballots from then are coming back to us now!!!
Did you see that the USPS is trying to send our mail to California, then back to Nevada?

Here are some past posts on that:

Imagine if you sent your neighbor a postcard. That postcard would go down the hill through all our crazy weather, to Sacramento, to be processed, then back up the hill in all our crazy weather to your next-door neighbor’s house. They say this is efficient and will save costs? How delusional are they? Is this one of many reasons we’re pushing 40 trillion dollars in debt? Could you imagine running your business that way? You’d be out of business in no time!

So why are we now getting ballots from 2 years ago, just now returned to us? Is this how long it takes them to sort and process our most precious voices, our votes?

Most all first-world countries banned mass mail-out of ballots. Why the hell is Nevada leaning in and sending them to everyone? Our elections here are a joke.

They mail ballots to everyone, with postage-paid envelopes so people can sign any name they want. It then goes to the Registrar of Voters (ROV) where workers are instructed NOT to check the signatures for legitimacy against the law. Then, machines count every bubble and ballot, and people behind closed doors come out and tell us who they say the machines say won the elections… It’s an illegal disgrace, and no one is doing a damn thing about it.

Then, of course, we can prove using just the counties’ own certified data that the two largest counties, separated on opposite sides of the state, Clark and Washoe, every precinct in those two counties, voted nearly identically the same, while the other 15 counties and Carson did NOT!

Folks, when will you say enough? This is only happening and allowed because you and others have not peacefully gone in person to the legislature, county commissioners, ROV, AG, SOS, city council, etc., and demanded they simply follow the existing laws and do a parallel hand count alongside the machines counting our ballots. There is no reason in a 6-week election, we can’t have free volunteers work at the ROV office, and count alongside the machines. There is little to zero expense for this and would give us far more trust and transparency into our elections.

The way they are running our elections right now is illegal. They cannot accurately guarantee the results, they are not following the law with the chain of custody and with signature verification, our elections are a disgrace to every man and woman who served and died for our country to give us this right to legitimately choose our representatives.

Stop being apathetic, don’t stay home and not vote, peacefully demand they follow the laws, and do a parallel hand count. This way, even in this broken system, we will have a better shot at a legitimate election.

Get involved yourself, and additionally, make sure to forward this to the RNC and GOP. They may not know about these issues, so now there will be zero reasons they can’t get involved and help make this happen.

Here are resolutions that already exist that Commissioner Hill and Andriola REFUSE to put on the agenda. These could give us all far more faith in our elections. Why won’t they do it?


Hill and Brown Caught covering it up…

Regardless, peacefully call these people all out, stand up for our elections, and MAKE SURE TO VOTE!

Your family and yourself are counting on you!


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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