We’ve had thousands tell us they don’t have printers or know how to screenshot and sign the legal paper presented to you earlier this week. So we have created an easier way for you-them.

Washoe County, click here

Simply fill out the legal paper online and hit the send button. It will automatically be sent to Washoe County and State servants.

Clark County, click here

Simply fill out the legal paper online and hit the send button. It will automatically be sent to Clark County and State servants.

Carson City, click here

Churchill County, click here

Douglas County, click here

Elko County, click here

Esmeralda County, click here

Eureka County, click here

Humboldt County, click here

Lander County, click here

Lincoln County, click here

Lyon County, click here

Mineral County, click here

Nye County, click here

Pershing County, click here

Storey County, click here

White Pine County, click here

Folks, there is zero reason why public servants would not implement what the legal paper says to do, unless they are corrupt. Give them no quarter for excuses. It’s all lies if they say they can’t do it.

Currently, there is no transparency in the counting of our votes, which is illegal according to the NRS and my court orders. This simple legal paper would ensure signature verification is done as the law demands and adds checks and balances alongside the machine counts to hand counts, ensuring they match. If they don’t match, the board will adjudicate the results as to whichever method of counting was correct.

It’s very simple, and there is no reason not to do this.

People have asked what they can do; here you go. Now it’s so easy, you can do this in less than 60 seconds. There are no more excuses. If we can’t get people to do this, we’re all wasting our time and mine.

Currently, we have zero trust in our elections or the people running them.

This adopted legal paper would:

  • Force signature verification to be done properly as required by law.
  • Parallel hand count to the machine count.
  • Ensure proper chain of custody is followed.
  • Provide transparency and accountability into the entire process, which currently we have none of now.
  • Legal consequences for anyone breaking the law(s).

In Washoe, Commissioner Mike Clark could put this forward, and the commissioners could vote on this. Giving all legal voters in Washoe more trust in their elections.

So again, fill out the online form, send it off, then in Washoe County, peacefully demand Commissioners Mike Clark add this to the agenda, then peacefully demand Herman and Adriola to vote in favor of it.

For Clark and other counties, do the same with your county commissioners there too.

If we can’t do at least this one easy thing, I don’t want to hear any more complaints about how our votes don’t count legitimately and how no one did anything, as you could do something right now.

Fill it out, send it off now, and share this with all you know.

Links to the Individual County Forms are above.



For any public servant who says the results of our elections are legitimate, remind them of this video where they are shown breaking all the laws and my court orders, counting all our votes in secret, then telling us who won, without us ever being able to verify what they say is true.

Anyone against transparency and accountability of our most sacred voice, our vote, which is the only peaceful way to affect change in our state, is corrupt or an idiot.

This video proves they are corrupt.

Send off this legal paper now, peacefully demand they adopt it, the time is now.

100% proof you can’t trust them:


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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