What are Washoe County Commissioner Alexis Hill and Washoe County Manager Eric Brown so scared of? What do they have against paper ballots and counting ballots by hand?

We know it takes 6 weeks for them to use the machines to count 100,000 or so ballots, but by hand, we can do it in the same night.

We know they spend at least 12.6 million dollars on these machines.

We know we can use local registered voters as volunteers, vote locally, in our own neighborhoods, for little to no cost to the county.

Hell, we just successfully conducted our caucus across all of Washoe County in 2.5 hours! With little to no cost to the taxpayers or the County! Think of the millions we’d save, think of the trust we would have in our elections, if they allowed us to simply do it right as we did in the caucus.

What are they so afraid of? Why won’t they let us?

We see all the glitches in our PPP election, we see them cover-up the glitches, we see the Secretary of State running around telling everyone if they believe there are election issues, we’re insane and right-wing conspiracy theorists.

Why are these people so against paper ballots and counting by hand? What are they so concerned about?

So concerned it appears Comrade Alexis Hill-Inski and County Manager Eric BrownStain, lied to the commissioners’ board and to every one of us.

What am I talking about?

First, Hill and Brown used a Secretary of State letter that was in regards to VC Commissioner Herman’s initial, lengthy Election Integrity Resolution. Her first resolution asked for a lot of items to be cleaned up, and rightfully so. Even the District Attorney’s office said it most likely all could be done, but in the end, it was more than the Secretary of State wanted done.

This Secretary of State letter was for that initial resolution, not the newest resolution. It appears Hill and Brown conspired to shoot down Commissioner Herman’s and Commissioner Clark’s newest one-item election integrity resolution using this inapplicable Secretary of State letter from the first resolution. This new resolution is just one item; it asks for a parallel hand count.

Meaning that all the ballots counted by machines would also be counted by hand. It’s called checks and balances, every business does it, but here in Washoe County with our most precious votes, we have to trust people who break the law, by counting our votes in secret behind locked doors, with what the results are, without us ever being able to double-check their reporting. It’s disgusting.

So anyways, Hill and Brown appear to have used the Secretary of State’s letter against the new resolution for parallel hand counting! Crazy, right? Again, what are these people so scared of? Including the crooked Secretary of State.

Back to the proof, you can tell they used the old letter that had nothing to do with the new resolution because, number one, it’s not dated, and number two, it talks about using paper ballots! The new resolution ONLY asks for a parallel hand count. These two are caught red-handed lying to us again! This is criminal! Can you imagine if you or I did this?

Next, we have a treasure trove of internal documents, I want you all to read and decipher. You will see things like what’s called the Draft Staff Report, and in it, you will see things that state they are very pro-paper ballots and pro-hand counting. The Staff Recommendation at the conclusion states: “It is recommended that the Board accept this resolution.”

So why would Alexis Hill say on the record, it can’t be done, was questionably illegal, and she would not put it on the agenda for a vote?

Again, what is Alexis Hill-Inski so damn scared of she has to go to these measures of apparent deception and disservice to we the people?

These internal documents were not meant for you to see or know. Read them, see how what they state is the opposite of what Alexis Hill and our crooked Secretary of State say.

What are these people so scared of……

Why can’t we have the same level of transparency that a grocery store has with its register?

How is it we have no checks and balances we the people can verify in our most sacred voice, our vote?

Read these documents, call out this utter B.S. and destruction of our rights and our only peaceful means of affecting change in our community, our vote.

Enough of this crap, Alexis Hill and Eric Brown, and anyone else a part of this must be investigated. In the meantime, we need at least one of these two resolutions added to the agenda to see if sellout Clara the Clown Andriola will finally vote with the conservatives for transparency into our elections, or if she will yet again side with the Soros Cabal.

Peacefully demand the resolutions be added to the County Commissioners’ agenda for the next board meeting.

Support Commissioners Jeanne Herman and Mike Clark in their desire to get these added to the agenda, speak up for them, call this crap out, and peacefully demand these resolutions be added to the agenda.

You can clearly see from these 25 pages at the bottom of this post, that the first lengthy resolution should be added for a vote, but they refused to do it because it added too much clarity into our elections. However, there is zero reason these other 2 election resolutions, with as little as they ask for, shouldn’t be added to the agenda for a vote.

So again, what is Alexis Hill and Eric Brown hiding….

Here are the resolutions, and here are the commissioners’ email addresses.

Electronic Resolution that asks for chain of custody, signature verification, transparent vote counting all dictated by existing law, and a parallel hand count:


Here is the one-item resolution.

Here are the County Commissioners email addresses:


These resolutions must be added to the agenda. These two have now been caught; this is 100% proof that they used a memo that had nothing to do with the newest resolution to keep the resolution from being added to the agenda! If you’ve had enough of this crap, get involved. Peacefully demand to the Governor, AG, Legislature, Commissioners, etc., that these resolutions be added to the agenda and Alexis Hill and Eric Brown be criminally investigated.


Here are the 25 pages of internal docs they don’t want you reading. Dig in!

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