Nevada Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar is running around the state and to the legislature, trying to tell us all that our elections are the most secure thing since the Vatican Secret Archives in Vatican City.

He goes even further by telling the legislature to back him up and for them to attack anyone who dares question Nevada Elections.

He begs the legislature:

“Please, for the sake of the upcoming presidential election cycle, for election workers across this state, speak out about election misinformation,” “Each elected official in this room is in office because Nevada runs the most secure, fair, and accessible elections in the country.”

In Nevada, we are supposed to blindly trust them that everything is fine while we have zero transparency into our elections all the while, we catch them breaking all the laws, counting our votes in secret, and glitch after hack continues to happen all the while we’re the crazies by simply pointing out what he says doesn’t align with what we all see.

You know me by now I only say what I can prove, so here are a few examples.

They say the “code glitched” with our PPP, that there is nothing to fear, it affected no one’s votes. Yet we see as they are putting it back they are inputting voters’ vote history incorrectly.


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We have an $80,000 undefeated bounty to prove us wrong the “code” is programmed to flip votes, or it was hacked, making Washoe and Clark County, in nearly every precinct vote nearly identically the same, while the other counties did not.

We have proof the election management system is hooked up to the internet, and data flows back and forth, which is completely open to hacking and being altered. Meaning every vote be it by machines or paper ballots, the results can and are being manipulated.

Here on the NV SOS fact vs. myth sheet, they try to say everything is fine with the EMS while never addressing the real problem.

The same people, “The Gaming Control Board,” who certify slot machines, also certify our voting machines! This is shown again by their own fact vs. myth sheet.

The gaming control board was hacked, as seen here:

The casinos were hacked in Vegas several times. Here is the most recent public proof:

Yet every time there is an issue the public is made aware of, they always state there is nothing to fear, no personal information was shared, lost, altered, destroyed, etc.

Yet again, with zero proof to their claims that everything is actually fine.

We are just told to blindly trust and believe them, or we’re the dangerous conspiracy theorists.

What have these people ever done to gain your trust? Why trust what they say when they refuse to prove it?

Why believe them when they refuse to publicly debate me and the team.

I’m ready whenever, wherever, what’s their excuse…

Oh, that’s right, they just lie and call me names while never addressing the damning proof they appear to be covering up of top-down, bottom-up election fraud. Are they doing this out of ignorance or criminal behavior?

How did Cisco get elected? Why was he supported by the Soros crew?

Take our $80,000 challenge. Maybe you’ll see why he continues to seemingly cover this all up versus giving us simple solutions to make our elections more transparent for all voters.

Here’s our resolution, why won’t he implement it?

Our resolution literally just says to follow the law and give us a parallel hand count. Why is he so against it?

Why are Hill and Brown so against it? Why are Hill and Brown using the past Herman resolution SOS memo against the simple parallel hand count resolution?


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Download [91.25 KB]

What are they so afraid of? Why are they lying to the public by using old, undated memos, pretending they apply to the new resolutions put forth when they don’t.

All the while, the legacy media just covers for them. What are they ALL trying to cover up……

I think we all know… “The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.” Augustine of Hippo



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