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Next year, we will have the opportunity to unseat the illegitimately (s)elected commie Comrade Alexis Hill’Insky, if we can’t legally get her out beforehand.

For those of you who are not frequent readers, you might ask why such a sharp tongue? If you read the past posts on Hill’Insky, you’ll see her communist actions and agenda have no place in our county. Additionally, we can prove someone stole the election for her in 2020 to steal Berkbigler’s seat. I don’t say this casually; I come bearing facts, evidence, and truth. Take our $80,000 challenge, if we’re wrong, it’s yours!

So back to Marsha Berkbigler, she was a very beloved sitting county commissioner. She is still quite loved as well. She wasn’t perfect, none of us are, but she was lightyears better than anyone else on the board then except Vice Chairman County Commissioner Herman.

Fast forward to today, Marsha has thrown her hat back in the ring to unseat Hill. You better believe We The People will be supporting her. I can’t find anyone who supports Hill except people grifting off our tax dollars. This isn’t because I live in a conservative bubble either; a huge portion of my closest friends are Democrats, but not communists, and they can’t stand Comrade Hill’Insky. They all want her gone.

Rather than spend the next 100 pages of this post on all the reasons why Hill’Insky is a horrible public servant, I’ll just keep it simple.

Marsha Berkbigler, with Commissioners Mike Clark and Jeanne Herman, will end the insanity in our county in the first month. If you’re tired of watching your money, your life, and your county circle the drain, vote for Marsha Berkbigler for County Commissioner District 1.

She is always available to you, and you can meet her this Thursday:

4 pm – 7 pm

2090 Allen Street

Reno, Nevada

See the flyer below:

Read more about her at:

While Hill continues to silence us, whether it’s through her E-Bot comment system, removing public comment, and even allegedly stealing the county’s own data for her campaign purposes, Berkbigler will give you your voice back and do what is needed in the county to take it back from this communist agenda Hill’Insky and iron fist is so determined to enslave us with.

This is not hyperbole. Follow Hill’s actions, not words.

Berkbigler has had enough and can no longer stand by and watch Alexis Hill destroy our county. If you thought she was good in her last terms, wait until you see Berkbigler in 2024 with our two other superheroes, Commissioners Clark and Herman, and we’ll take it ALL back!

For those saying my vote didn’t count in 2020, and it didn’t in 2022, stay tuned; this week is the start of something epic. I promise.



Whistleblowers tell us Alexis Hill or her campaign team stole all the county’s email addresses for her to grift donations and votes from Washoe County citizens. This is very illegal if true, and it sure looks like it is. If you received emails from Hill and never subscribed to her propaganda email list, forward them to me here:

Lastly, to learn more about Comrade Alexis Hill’Isky and why she must be unseated, here are a few reasons:

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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